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What is Client in SAP terminology?

As per the SAP Glossary, a Client is defined as follows:

In commercial, organizational, and technical terms, a self-contained unit in
an SAP system with separate master records and its own set of tables.

A maximum of 1000 clients (000-999) can be created in SAP system, by

default most of the versions of SAP come with 000,001,066 clients.

A client is simply the first field of every data record in tables that are not
overall system-related. It is a way to have different groupings of data
within one database. Originally multiple companies ran SAP from one
system and database in a time sharing fashion. The 'client' was the
company they were doing business with. They added more companies
and they became more clients in the system. The design created to
separate one company's information from another a dded a 'client' or
mandt field to each client-related data table. Behind the scenes any data
access additionally specifies the client number that the user logged into.
Using the MARA table (general material data) as an example, the first
data field is mandt followed by material number and other material
fields. If you logged into client 300 and in an ABAP program did a
database query like select * from mara SAP in the backgreound is
actually querying the database as select * from mara where mandt
= 300.

Clients can be used for separating data for multiple companies or

multiple divisions or just created for testing a process or dataload.
Clients can be created, copied and deleted.

A client is a indipendent business entity in the SAP system,which

represents organization or a company
A client is a field in the database
CLIENTS with field ‘mandt’ are called client specific
CLIENTS without field ‘mandt’ are called cross client customizing
A client is data seperator
SAP Provides 3 default clients 000 001 066
000 is called a template,
other clients are defined by copying client 000
to define the client roles for an organization like cust client, test client,
sand client, qty client prd client we shoudl define our own clients.
SAP provides the client mechanism for the company or orgaization to
maintain uniquenes in the sysem.

Table T000 holds the client information in SAP system. However post
activities, the table T000 will be protected so that no changes will be
made in the system such as creation of clients, deletion, modification of
the existing client.

NOTE: This take will be only performed by the Basis administrator.

Authorization to S_ADMI_FCD object with access to transactions
SCC4, SM30 and SM31, SE16 are required.

The client independent maintenance field for the authorization object

S_TABU_CLI should be set to the value X.