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Born in Dublin capital of ireland


Breif history of his works:

(1914)Dubliners (1916) A portrait of the artist as a young man (1922) ulysses (1939) Finnegan wake

About JOYCE :
His whole education was catholic from the age 6 to 16 he was in jesuit (roman catholic religious group) institutions that were normal roads to the priesthood He then studied modern languages at the university ,Dublin In his early youth he was very religious but in his last year at Belvedere he began to reject his catholic faith in favor of literary mission that he saw as involving rebellion and exile He created some stir (arouse) by his outspoken articles

He taught him self NORVEGIAN to be able to read Ibsen and write to him

Henrick Ibsen :norvegian playwrite

The day of the Rabblement is the name of his articles that was refused but he had it printed privately By 1902 he received his A.B degree He went abroad ,he went to Paris after graduation .and then was recalled to Dublin by his mothers fatal illness and then returned to the continent in 1904 as a english teacher at Triste & Zurich(switzerland)

He took himself NORA BARNACLE an ordinary and uneducated girl ,her peasant wit charmed Joyce and they lived in devoted companionship until Joyce s death although they were not married until 1913 He died in Zurich

His patronages :
At first he had a little money ,his financial position was much improved by the patronage of Ms.Harold Mc Cormick from march 1917 until 1919 Then Ezra Pound also helped him financially A more permanent benefactor was the english feminist and editor Harriet Shaw Weaven who helped him from 1917 to the end of his life ..

Inspite of doing most of his writing in other places he always wrote about Dublin Joyce began his career by writing a series of stories published as Dubliners in 1914 and are more than sharp realistic sketches . Dubliners is a book about human fate as well as series of sketch of Dublin, the stories are presented in particular order so that new meaning arise from the relation between them The last story in Dubliners the dead was added later

Ulysses is his masterpiece Is account of one day in the lives of citizens of Dublin in the year 1904 But he make his action into a microcosm of all human experience The most obvious devices that Joyce employs to make clear the microcosmic is the parallell with homer s Odyssey


FINNEGANS WAKE published in 1939 It took more than 14 years to write and Joyce considered it his masterpiece Many readers find it difficult to understand The title is from an Irish American ballad Theme: death and resurrection (rastakhiz)

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