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BusinessObjects Entreprise XI 3.

0 Administration and Security

Anthony Waite Business Objects, an SAP Company


1. What is BusinessObjects Entreprise?

2. Managing BusinessObjects Entreprise Content. 3. Securing BusinessObjects Entreprise Content. 4. Application Security. 5. Scheduling. 6. Publishing and Publications. 7. Federation.

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What is BusinessObjects Entreprise?


is BusinessObjects Enterprise? What is BusinessObjects Enterprise? Use Infoview and the CMC to view content

the CMC

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Managing BusinessObjects Enterprise Content


is BusinessObjects Enterprise? What is BusinessObjects Enterprise? Use Infoview and the CMC to view content

the CMC

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Where Information Management is Mission Critical

Business intelligence (BI) Aggregate and align data for operational analytics, performance management, etc. Master data management (MDM) Support master data stores, publish master data changes to all consumers Data migrations/consolidations Single-time or ongoing translation, delivery, etc., of data from legacy environments/applications/databases Synchronization of data between operational applications Ensure database-level consistency across applications, uni- or bi-directional, intra- or inter-enterprise

Creation of a single view of "X" Aggregating from multiple sources, often in real time, for operational purposes
Delivery of data services Providing data access, transformation, etc., as services within service-oriented architecture (SOA) Unification of structured and unstructured data Extend data integration practices and tools across the content continuum
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Has Your Experience with Data Management Tools Been Frustrating?

Common Issues with Enterprise-Class Tools

Months of training required

Common Issues with Entry-Level Tools

Coding required Weak data quality features Many product interfaces Change management is not easy

Expensive, specialized skills needed

Many product interfaces Lengthy development cycles

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Information Management Offering

Provides open and agnostic information management capabilities with the richest integration for both SAP and Business Objects environments
Business Intelligence Performance Management


Data Migration Synchronization

Data Integration Data Federation Data Quality Master Data Management Metadata Management Text Analytics

Structured Data

Unstructured Data
Docs Notes Web

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DW = Data Warehousing


1. Why Information Management (IM)? 2. Data Integration and Data Quality Management with BusinessObjects Data Services 3. Wrap-up

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Addressing Data Integration and Data Quality Challenges

How are you resourced to address data integration and data quality challenges today? Majority of organizations have separate development teams for data integration and data quality
Separate Development Teams Same Development Team Not Addressing at the Moment




Source: Data collected from data management professionals in recent Web seminars hosted by Business Objects, April 2008
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Importance of Having a Single Application for Both Data Quality and Data Integration

How important is having a single application for both data quality and data integration for your organization? Over 93% agree that is important to have a single application for both data quality and data integration

Very Important


Somewhat Important


Not Important


Source: Data collected from data management professionals in recent Web seminars hosted by Business Objects, April 2008
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One Platform: BusinessObjects Data Services

Data Quality (DQ) And Data Integration (DI)

One development user interface One runtime engine to process both DI and DQ functionalities One metadata repository One administration, security, data connectivity, and Web services environment


BusinessObjects Data Services XI 3.0

Service-Oriented Architecture

One Development UI

One Metadata Repository

Access Transform Cleanse

One Runtime Engine


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BusinessObjects Data Services Architecture

SAP ERP, SAP CRM, SAP NetWeaver MDM, SAP NetWeaver BI,

SAP ERP, SAP NetWeaver BI Oracle, SQL, DB2, etc.

Data profiling

Data Cleansing

Data Migration, Synchronization,

Real Time

Data Services Engine

PSFT, Oracle Apps, Siebel, etc. Files, XML, Mainframe, Excel, etc.
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Data Validation Data Auditing


Query, Reporting, Analysis & Dashboards SAP NetWeaver BI

Impact Analysis

Shared Metadata

Data Lineage

Enterprise-Wide Data Access

Support for structured and unstructured data

Databases Oracle DB2 Sybase ASE & IQ SQL Server Informix Teradata ODBC MySQL Netezza HP NeoView Applications JD Edwards Oracle Apps PeopleSoft Siebel SAP BI SAP ERP ABAP BAPI IDoc Files and transport Text delimited Text fixed width EBCDIC XML Cobol Excel HTTP JMS SOAP (Web services) Mainframe
(with partner)

Unstructured data Any text file type 32 languages

ADABAS ISAM VSAM Enscribe IMS/DB RMS Both direct and change data

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Data Entry and Inconsistent Definitions

Sources of Data Quality Problems

Data entry by employees Inconsistent definitions for common terms Data migration or conversion projects Mixed expectations by users External data Data entry by customers System errors Changes to source systems Other
7% 26% 46% 40% 75% 75%



Source: TDWI, March 2006, based on 399 respondents

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What Type of Data is Most Problematic?

The types of data most susceptible to data quality problems

Customer data Product data Financial data Sales contact data Data from ERP systems Employee data International data in a MNC* Other :
*MNC = multinational corporation
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74% 43% 36% 27% 25% 16% 12% 10%

Increase value of data assets with Data Quality

Increase the value of data assets

and analyze data through data assessment and continuous monitoring and enhance customer and operational data anywhere across the enterprise and consolidate data at multiple levels within a single pass for individuals, households, or corporations and automate the delivery of direct mail and goods




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Data Profiling in Data Services

Need to understand the data before creating an ETL process

Check for missing values (NULL) Get possible list of values Visualize the data distribution Find patterns Get data ranges (min, max, average) Identify data domain outliers Uniqueness of data (distinct values) Referential integrity Understand relationships Verify results of an ETL load during development Analyze data for system migrations Loading additional data such as potential leads or purchased lists

Can also be used to:

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Data Cleansing


and standardizes party data such as names/addresses, emails, phone numbers, Social Security Numbers (SSNs), and dates


international data for over 190 countries and reads and writes Unicode data
errors to uncover the true content of the database



integrity of data to identify matches and ultimately create a single customer view
and standardizes non-party data


Such as account numbers, product codes, product descriptions, purchase dates, part numbers, SKUs, etc.


a rule-based parsing and rule editing architecture for even greater customized results

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Data Cleansing (Party Data)

Input record Output record

Margaret Smith-Kline phd

FUTURE Electronics 5/23/03 101 6th ave manhattan ny 10012 001124367

Salutation: Ms. First name: Margaret Last name: Smith-Kline Postname: Ph. D. Match standards: Maggie, Peg, Peggy Gender: Strong Female Company name: Future Electronics Address 1: 101 Avenue of the Americas City: New York State: NY ZIP+4: 10013-1933 Email: SSN: 001-12-4367 Date May 23, 2003

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Data Cleansing (Product Data)

Input Description Kallkyle screw test steel plate 20 x 35 mm wire 23.33 x 40.50 cm 34 x 60 mm steel plate steel plate 34,0 60 mm 34.0 x 60,0 mm steel plate 34 x 60 mm steel plate ? plate steel plate Product screw plate wire plate plate plate plate plate plate steel 20x35 mm 23.33 x 40.50 cm 34 x 60 mm 34 x 60 mm 34 x 60 mm 34 X 60 mm steel steel steel steel steel Parsed output Dimension Type Form Kallkyle test

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Data Enhancement

records with directory information by appending name, address, phone number, or email address geocoding capabilities for geographic and demographic marketing initiatives geo-spatial assignment of customer addresses for tax jurisdictions, insurance rating territories, and insurance hazards, etc.



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Data Enhancement

Input Margaret Smith-Kline, Ph.D. Future Electronics 101 Avenue of the Americas New York, NY 10013-1933

Appended information: Phone: (222) 922-9922 Latitude: 40.722970 Longitude: -74.005035 Match quality: Highest quality address FIPS Code: State: 36 - New York FIPS Code: County: 061 - New York FIPS Code: Place: 51000 - New York Special District: No City Type: City Class Code: C1 Incorporation Flag: 1 Taxing Authority Name: New York Taxing Authority FIPS Code: 3606151000 Taxing Authority Remittance: 3600000000 Census Tract ID: 360610051001.01 Block Group ID: 360610051001012

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Matching and Consolidation

Unlocking the relationships between distinctly different sets of data


data to identify members of same household, corporation, or any other hierarchy Identifying snowbirds I.e., individuals or households with multiple residences Creating a panoramic single best record

firms from doing business with entities on government watch lists Providing identity resolution to uncover non-obvious relationships for fraud detection

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Matching and Consolidation

Ms Margaret Smith-Kline Ph.D. Future Electronics 101 Avenue of the Americas New York NY 10013-1933 May 23, 2003

Consolidated record
Name: Ms. Margaret Smith-Kline Ph.D. Company name: Future Electronics Co. LLC SSN: 001-12-4367

Input records

Maggie Smith Future Electronics Co. LLC 101 6th Ave. Manhattan, NY 10012 001-12-4367

Purchase date: 5/23/2003 Address: 101 Avenue of the Americas New York, NY 10013-1933 Latitude: 40.722970

Longitude: -74.005035
Ms. Peg Kline

Future Elect. Co.

101 6th Ave. New York NY 10013 001-12-4367 (222) 922-9922 5/23/03
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Fed code: 36061 Phone: (222) 922-9922 Email:

Demo: Data Quality

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Thank you!

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