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Future of flight

Ideas that will change the future

First idea:

making flying as easy as possible

If you can operate a cellphone, you can run the systems to fly.

Passengers feel more safe and eventually more willing to fly.

The pilots will need less skills leading to reduction is education costs.


Augmented reality Mediated reality

Augmented reality in aerospace:

1- Head UP Display/HUD:

conceptual designs for future cabins:

Highways in the sky

All you have to do is to follow the virtual trails:

Problem: There is an aircraft accident Due to terrains in south Alaska every 9 days

- After using this system there has not been a single accident due to that reason for the last five years.

The world's deadliest aviation disaster took place on a foggy airport runway rather than in the air. That's why NASA is offering augmented reality glasses that would allow commercial airline pilots to see a virtualversion of runways in even the worst weather conditions.

Synthetic Vision Would Give Pilots Clear Skies All the Time

Imagine you could fly just like playing a computer game.

Second idea:
Smart planes, Independent planes

The next generation of air transportation system

There are around 7000 thousand aircraft above U.S at any given time.

What will this picture look like in 20 years?!!

Todays air traffic control (radar based)

Futures air traffic control (satellite based)

Solution: nextgen air transportation system

- 40% reduction in aircraft accidents in Alaska - UPS cargo aircraft are having a 30 percent reduction in noise and a 34 percent decline in emissions for ADS-B-equipped aircraft, FAA officials say.

cut fuel consumption by 2.1 million gallons annually

reduce carbon emissions by 22,000 metric tons

the equivalent of taking 4,100 cars off the road every year

they will reduce overflight noise exposure for an estimated 750,000 people living within the affected flight corridor.

Broadening the skies

if we could make air traffic that smart, pilots dont have to be.

Third idea:

Developing very light jets (private jets,microjets)

-Small and cheap to operate

-approximate range of 1500 miles

-400 miles an hour velocity

-Designed to land in short runways so you could go wherever you like.

you could go to places no airliner would take you.

enjoying the privacy

with the most efficient, greener aircrafts.

Briefing the main three ideas: Highways in the skies Satellite based smart navigation(nexgen) using efficient low price private aircrafts

Guess how the future would look like?

Who is the winner?