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Imagine a bus that was headed toward a cliff at

80 km/hr,, but which is now: (a) far, far more

crowded than it was before, (b) is far, far closer
to the cliff, and (c) is now headed toward the
cliff at 89 km/hr.

Is that ‘slowing down’?

For viewers who wish to review the ‘Supporting math’ for the three 99.998% unoccupied examples
cited in this section, those assessments are outlined in three slides in presentation addenda.
Imagine then that any of the three populations constituted a
sentient and intelligent species.

Next imagine the population at the

vast-open-space moment in time
denoted by the tiny white dot.

Which (if any) of even their brightest scholars

and most thoughtful leaders could have
imagined that it was already ‘too late’

or could have imagined that their numbers

had ALREADY peaked

or could have imagined either the proximity or the degree of the

99% die-offs and/or even-worse mass mortalities that were already at hand?