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Biomedical Physics I PHZ 4702

Fall 2012 Prof. Per Arne Rikvold 850 644-6814 Keen Room 413

Instructor Prof. Per Arne Rikvold Office: Department of Physics, Keen Building (KEN), Rm. 413 Phone: 644-6814 Email: URL:


Class Meetings TuTh 2:00 PM to 3:15 PM, at HCB 312. These classes involve mainly lectures, discussions, demonstrations, problem solving, and the occasional guest seminar. Attending the classes is very important.
Office Hours TBA in Keen Room 413, and by appointment.

Office hours
I want to schedule my office hours at times when a maximum number of you can take advantage of them. So please help me by marking the time slots on this sheet, when you Can Not come.

First-day attendance
Please sign by your name on the class roster that I will now pass around. If you DO NOT sign, I will assume you are absent, and you WILL BE AUTOMATICALLY DROPPED! If you do not find your name on the list, please write it on the form.

Course Description First in two-semester sequence on applications of physics concepts (covered in College Physics, PHY 2053 and 2054) to biology and medicine. The course will cover the physical basis of some common biological processes. Bio-statics, bio-dynamics, fluid motion (blood flow), heat and thermodynamics of living systems (respiration), physics of the cell, and some special topics. Prerequisites: PHY2053. Math requirements: algebra and trigonometry. Texts Main text:
Physics in Biology and Medicine by Paul Davidovits, 3rd Edition, Harcourt/Academic Press.

Further readings:
Articles to be posted on Blackboard.

Course topics
Introduction and Review
Elementary concepts in mechanics.

Bio-Statics Ch. 1, 2
Equilibrium, muscles, skeleton, joints.


Chs. 3, 4, 5 Chs. 7, 8 Chs. 9, 10, 11

Translational and angular motion (jumping, running, walking), stretch and compression, bone fracture and injury.

Fluid Motion and Blood Flow

Hydrostatics, Hydrodynamics, Blood pressure and flow, heart, arteriosclerosis.

Heat, Thermodynamics and Life

Heat transfer and diffusion, respiratory system, body temperature regulation, food and energy, Biomolecular thermodynamics Muscles, molecular motors, and active transport

Course Grade Components

Grade Component
Homework Problems Mid-term I Mid-term II Final Exam 25% 20% 20% 35%

Calculation of the Course Grade Total Score (%) 90.0 100.0 85.0 89.9 80.0 84.9 75.0 79.9 70.0 74.9 68.0 69.9 63.0 67.9 60.0 62.9 55.0 59.9 54.9 or below Grade


Date Tu Aug 27 Th Aug 29 Tu Sep 4 Th Sep 6 Tu Sep 11 Th Sep 13

Themes Welcome to the Course! Review of Basic Physics Concepts Ch. 1 Static Forces: Equilibrium and stability Ch. 1 Static Forces and the body: The musculoskeletal system Ch. 2 Friction, Ch. 3 Translational Motion: Basics Ch. 3 Translational Motion: Jumping as projectile motion Ch. 4 Angular Motion: Centripetal force and turning a curve Ch. 4 Angular Motion: Walking and running. Ch. 5 Elasticity and Strength of Materials: To break or not to break a bone Review for Midterm I Midterm I Guest Lecture: Prosthetics and orthotics.

Homework Due (Hand in on following dates)

Other Items Mandatory first-day attendance!

Set 1. Th Sep 6

Set 2. Th Sep 13

Tu Sep 18 Th Sep 20

Set 3. Th Sept 20

Tu Sep 25
Th Sep 27 Tu Oct 2 Th Oct 4

Set 4. Th Sep 27 No homework this week! Midterm I Tu Oct. 2

Tu Oct 9 Th Oct 11

Tu Oct 16 Th Oct 18

Ch. 7 Fluids at rest 1: Pressure, Pascals principle, Set 5. Th Oct 11 Archimedes principle Ch. 7 Fluids at rest 2: More on buoyancy. Surfactants. Ch. 8 Fluids in motion 1: Bernoullis law, flight Ch. 8 Fluids in motion 2: Viscous fluids and the Set 6. Th Oct 18 cardiovascular system

Tu Oct 18 ThDate 20 Oct Tu Oct 23 Th Oct 25 Tu Oct 30 Th Nov 1 Tu Nov 6 Th Nov 8 Tu Nov 13 Th Nov 15 Tu Nov 20

Ch. 8 Fluids in motion 1: Bernoullis law, flight Ch. 8 Fluids in motion 2: Themes fluids and the Viscous cardiovascular system Ch. 8 Cardiovascular system 2: Blood pressure Ch. 9 Heat and kinetic theory 1: Temperature, heat, ideal gases, specific heat, phase changes and latent heat Ch. 9 Heat and kinetic theory 2: Heat transfer, diffusion Ch. 9 Diffusion and the respiratory system Osmosis and the kidneys Review for Midterm II Midterm II Ch 10: Thermodynamics of life 1: First and Second Law, thermal efficiency Ch 10: Thermodynamics of life 2: Temperature regulation, Entropy Thanksgiving Day. No classes. Ch. 10: Thermodynamics of life 3: Free energies, Metabolic reactions, ATP and ADP Molecular motors 1: Muscles and intracellular transport Molecular motors 2: Life in Nanoland Review for Final

Homework Due Set(HandOct 18 6. Tu in on following dates) Set 7. Th Oct 25

Other Items

Set 8. Th Nov 1 Set 9. Th Nov 8 No homework this week!

Midterm II Tu Nov. 13

Set 10. Tu Nov 20

Th Nov 22 Tu Nov 27
Th Nov 29 Tu Dec 4 Th Dec 6

Set 11. Th Nov 29

Set 12. Th Dec 6

FINAL EXAM: Tuesday, Dec. 11 5:30 - 7:30 PM. (HCB 312) ***GOOD LUCK!**