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The Ten Commandments

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Lets do this!

CLICK one letter from your name, use it to form a word that fits your attitude/behavior. Five students will SHARE their works. Some students will either COMMENT or LIKE it, give explanations why you comment or like it. (5 7 minutes for sharing) Students will answer the following questions: What is the best letter in my name? What is the best word that fits my name? Why did I choose this word?

We connect

Name is important, it gives us identity and dignity. Name makes us unique among others. Calling a name deserves care and love because we cannot separate the name from the person who owns it. God, also has Name, His name reveals the very presence of God. His name deserves respect, love, and reverence.

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Lets work together

Proceed to your groupings. You will be given 15 minutes to brainstorm on the following questions: What do we mean when we say that Gods name is Holy? Why do we honor Gods name? How can we honor Gods name? What is Sabbath day? Why is it important? What should we do during the Lords day?

Write your answers on a manila paper. Limit: 3-5 sentences only. Then, post in front.


You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain (Ex. 20:7). Gods name was experienced as the very presence of God Himself. When Gods name was remembered, then God was really present and speaking through His remembered word. So the name of God was Gods gift to His chosen people. (CFC 895)

Gods name is Holy

The Second Commandment reminds us that Gods name is HOLY. In the Our Father we pray: Holy be Your Name This is what we do when we adore, praise or give thanks to God. Holy Be Your Name also means that we ask that His Name be holy through us, when we give glory to God through: A. Witnessing Him in our lives B. Glorifying Him in our prayers

We honor Gods name

Gods name makes us know our God, He who is unconditionally loving and truly in our midst Gods naming of Himself was an act of revelation: I am who am (Ex 3:14). Hence, we give respect and honor to Gods Holy name because it is Gods gift to all of us. (cf CFC 898)

We honor Gods name:

When we pray with loving adoration the Lords Prayer, we refer to Him as our Father. Most importantly, one of the best way to honor Gods name is when we say and do the Sign of the Cross with faith and love, which expresses the name of the Blessed Trinity (cf CC 900).

We should avoid:
Speaking about God and the saints with: contempt cursing or wishing the downfall of others making false oaths or using Gods name in false statements using Gods name or Jesus name in anger or condemning or even in vulgar speech (CFC 894)

I can live out this commandment by:

Giving reverence to Gods Holy name. Respecting each others name since they represent a part of the person. REMEMBER: God calls us by our name. Each persons name is sacred

The Third Commandment

Remember to keep holy the Sabbath day (Ex 20:8, Deut 5:12). We keep holy the Lords day by glorifying and worshipping Him through our participation in the Hoy Eucharist and our works of generosity (CFC 933).

The Sabbath day

Sabbath refers to the day of the Lords rest during creation. The Lord also commanded the Israelites to commemorate and to celebrate their freedom from slavery every Sabbath day

The Lords day

The Lords day, Sunday, is the Easter Celebration, the day of His Resurrection. Christians celebrate the Lords day on Sunday, a day of worship and rest. It is a day where Jesus asks us that Sabbath is for doing good rather than harm, for saving life rather than killing (cf. Mk. 3: 4). Sunday is the day of the Lord of mercies and a day to honor God (cf. Mt. 12 : 5).

I can live out this commandment by

Celebrating the presence of the risen Christ, especially in the Holy Eucharist. At least one day of the week we come and gather together as Gods community worshipping Him through Jesus in the Holy Eucharist, the center of our Christian life.

Lets supply

I give reverence to the Lords Name by__________________

I go to Mass every Sunday because__________________


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