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Ratna Hidayati Manajer Iklan/Redaktur Koran Tokoh


PT Surya Citra Media Tbk.

Ingin menjadi seperti apakah kita?

position SCM as the leader in multimedia business and services with the aim of making valuable social and cultural contributions towards the welfare of the nation through innovative creations and the integrations of information technology, media, and


PT Surya Citra Media Tbk.

Apaka h bisnis kita?

maximize opportunities in the convergence of information technology, media, and telecommunications; among other things through the introduction of state-of-the-art television broadcasting services in Indonesia and the achievement of operational excellence as well as sustained profitability in creation

PT Surya Citra Media Tbk. The 5 Ts represent core individual values:

Teachable We evolve through a continuous learning process. We are open to new and innovative ideas and processes that place us at the cutting-edge of our industry. Thoughtful Everything we do is thought out thoroughly. We act responsibly, positively, wisely and carefully. Thankful We are thankful to God and to the support of our stakeholders for our bounties and achievements. Trustworthy Our integrity is paramount to establishing trust with our stakeholders. Triumphant We work hard to satisfy our customers and prevail over the competition.

PT Surya Citra Media Tbk.

The 5 Os constitute core working values: Organised We are systematically structured and organised so that our resources are harnessed effectively and creatively. Obedient We comply fully to prevailing laws and regulations including our own standard operating procedures. Obliging We are accountable for all of our action and decisions taken on behalf of the company. Optimistic We are optimistic in our outlook and manner. Occupied We occupy ourselves in productive pursuits, managing our working time effectively and efficiently.

PT Surya Citra Media Tbk.

The 5 Ps refer to core achievement values: Perform Our individual and company performances are driven by vision, creativity and innovation. Professional We undertake our work with integrity, commitment and accountability. Perfect We strive for excellence and perfection. Prestigious We aspire to greatness, gaining the prestige and recognition of a sound and reputable company. Preferred We aim to be the preferred media company for our customers and other stakeholders.

PT Surya Citra Media Tbk.

In order to make our vision become reality, along with it's mission accomplishment, our business strategies are as follows : To continuously enhance our team's development and productivity, PT. Surya Citra Media Tbk. is committed to invest in training and education programs within the company and SCTV. To focus and assist SCTV in developing its new production facilities and programs, as well as promoting SCTV's content outside Indonesia. To explore new opportunities in Indonesia and around the region utilizing the companies core competence to enhance shareholders value. To initially concentrate on the television industry and the ability to develop a broader mass media business.

FUNGSI MANAJEMEN Perencanaan Pengorganisasian Pemotivasian Penempatan Staf Pengendalian


membagi pasar dalam beberapa segmen

menentukan segmen pasar yang potensial

upaya membangun dan mendapat kepercayaan pelanggan


Konsep Kerja Jurnalistik Apa sih jurnalistik Proses itu? kegiatan meliput, memuat, dan menyebarluaskan
Whe re Wh at Ho w

peristiwa yang bernilai berita (news) dan pandangan (views) kepada khalayak melalui saluran media massa (cetak dan elektronik) [Asep Syamsul M Romli: Jurnalistik Praktis]

5W+ H
Whe n Wh o Wh y

Struktur Umum Organisasi Media Massa

Pemimpin Umum Pemimpin Redaksi Redaktur Pelaksana Pmpn. Perusahaan
Sirkulasi, Iklan, Promosi Umum, Tata Usaha, Keuangan, dll

Redaktur Bahasa

Para Redaktur Desk Reporter Koresponden/penulis Fotografer

Redaktur Pracetak Setting Layout Korektor

Perpustakaan, Dokumentasi, Litbang

Fungsi Pemasaran
konsumen Penjualan produk/jasa Perencanaan produk/jasa Penetapan harga Distribusi Riset pemasaran Analisis peluang

Creation Tactic
Product Price

Place Promotion

Jenis Media Massa

Buletin Koran Tabloid Digest Majalah Televisi Radio Internet Agency
Hiburan Edukasi Informasi



What do we want to become?


Outbound Marketing In outbound


Inbound Marketing

marketing, companies focus on finding customers.

marketing is marketing focused on getting found by customers.

Our Challenges


your client Convergence media Tell your strength Give an opportunity to your client Bundling it!

Sell Your Product

Tiga Kunci Sukses

Sehat SDM
Tenaga-tenaga pengelola media berkualitas dan profesional di bidangnya, ditunjang gaji yang memadai bagi mereka.

Sehat manajemen

Manajemen yang baik, terencana, terarah, dan terkendali. Terpenuhinya segala sarana/fasilitas yang diperlukan bagi kelancaran kerja di media tersebut.

Sehat sarana

Terima kasih. Thank you. Suksma. Matur suwun.