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Social Customer Relationship Management The New Frontier

Customer Relationship Management is a culture, not a tool.

We are forced to see customers through the myopia of transactions.

There are two functions of CRM solutions analytical and actionable

Analytical CRM is to analyze the micro and macro characteristics of your customers. Most people use it for list building.

Actionable CRM happens at the point of contact and gives relevant information in bite size pieces or more if needed.

Multi-channel difficulties
POS Fulfillment



Direct Marketing

Social Network

Wine Club


There are two types of customer interactions:

On-premise = Winery Visits, Wine Club Signups 20% of the interactions 80% of customer acquisition 50% of the revenue Limited by your location and ability to attract visitors Meaningless to virtual brands

Off-premise = Phone, Email, E-commerce, Social Media, Mail, Wine Club Subscriptions 80% of the interactions (and growing) 20% of the customer acquisition 50% of the revenue Represents the greatest growth opportunity

If you do not have a customer centric strategy you are divorced from modern reality.

The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

We have never seen this level of wine competition in human history.

Wine Label Registration Growth

Total number of COLA applications through the TTB in 2008 was approximately 133,427*. This number increases on an annual basis by approximately 5,000 labels


*Source: Advertising, Labeling and Formula Division, TTB

There is no virtually no advantage to buy direct from a winery No selection advantage. No price advantage. No shipping advantage. Not convenient. Not easy. Not fun.

Quality . . . from EVERYWHERE

Great Wine from Everywhere

2002 Chaupi Estancia Palomino Fino Yaruqua, Ecuador

What is the true differentiator in a sea of wine choices and a customer centric world?

Ok, lets talk about Social Media

Customer Relationships are changing

The customer is transforming

Meet the SOCIAL Customer Digital Mobile Connected Likely to share Likely to ask Immediate Redefines the notion of a customer
A direct buyer, an indirect buyer, a consumer of your content aka an advocate

Enjoy the me in social media

For more awesome information check out this blog by Brian Solis:

Watch out!

If you make customers unhappy in the physical world, they might each tell 6 friends. If you make customers unhappy on the Internet, they can each tell 6,000 friends. -Jeff Bezos

What is Social CRM (aks Contextual CRM)?

I am the sum of my parts.

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Social context comes from the interest graph and texture The interest graph
What I like. My aspirations. What I am likely to buy!!!!!!!

You got your chocolate in my peanut butter

Context from Texture

Context from Texture

Try rolling it all up . . .

Imagine a world of context and connection - SCRM A world

That tells you how important a customer is by their phone number, Twitter, Facebook, etc. That notifies you digitally when your customer walk into your winery. That tells you when your customer has a major event that can influence your relationship. That allows you to group your customers by non-wine interests. That allows you to fully understand your customer beyond how many times they buy from your winery. That keeps you connected to your customers despite time and distance.

Why Contextual CRM will win!

1. 2. 3. 4.

It is customer centric. Better insights give better conversion. Its real time. Much of the data collection and analysis is done by a computer vs. the CRM data entry of a human!!!! 5. Context is king (ask Netflix, Amazon, et al).

Customer Relationship Management is a culture, not a tool.


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