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Product of University of Sargodha

Sultan Mahmood (Mission Statement, Vision) Aasma (Hidden Opportunities, Uncovered Forces) Zamara (Market Trend and Market Analyses) Khadija (Environmental Situation) Sadam (Our Target Market) Maryam (Direct/Indirect Selling Modes, Channels of Distribution) Fatima (Some Other Promotional Tools) Nouman (Possible Packages) Samia (Innovations in packing)

Our Mission
Followings are the points on which we should emphasis for our Mission.

1. Being a product of an educational institution, Khush Aab is brought in as an ambassador of Awareness and Education 2. The wellbeing of the people of area is an other mission 3. We had an attention about the problem which people are facing and we did practical effort to provide good drinking water to people at very low cost.

Mission Statement
Our Statement
Khus Aab is not tasteless
It has taste of awareness It has odor of education

What Awareness & What Education

It was found by our institution that how much the water used by people of our area is destructive. So had a mission to let the people aware about the harms of water which they are using.

Education is the main purpose for which our institution is running. We tend to educate the people of our area by all means. Khush Aab is also one of those tools. By which we want to improve the mantel approach of the people of area about the drinking water habits

Khush Aab-A Practical execution

Almost all the educational school of thought know that water is injurious for health. But among all of them, only University of Sargodha worked practically in this regard and introduced a product, in name of Khush Aab which is a pure drinking water added with mixing of essential minerals are added and of course it available at very low cost.

Our vision is to launch Khush Aab at District then provincial level at last at national level.
At present our generation is sufficient to provide water inside the UOS and some areas outside. However, after the completion of new plant we will be able to distribute water throughout the City. As National Bank of Pakistan is also lean to provide us finance, so if we get success in our city, it will be possible for to increase the area of distribution.

Hidden Opportunities Uncovered forces

Hidden opportunities

Hidden opportunities

Hidden opportunities

We got Opinion Leaders: Professors and lecturers are known as well educated people in the society. They are just like opinion leaders in many affairs. We got 620 teachers in UOS, and they can become very effective for us if their authority in the society is properly utilized and if they are given certain encouragement for use of Khush Aab

Hidden opportunities

Uncovered forces

Uncovered forces


Bottled water like nestle , Aquafina and kinley etc

Current Situation of Market

etc are far more expensive than tap water or a reusable water filter due to its price which is not accessible to the lower class people. They preferred to use water in boiling form. Water is manifest in Pakistan with an estimated 44% of the population without access to safe drinking water. In rural areas, up to 90% of the population may lack such access

Although there are more than 100 companies are

providing bottled water to Pakistani consumers. This number is at its highest during the summers when the demand is also at its peak. 38% companies do not meet the safety standards of the Pakistan Council of Research in Water Resources (PCRWR) and are blacklisted. Most of the rest tend to the market only in summers to benefit from the excess seasonal demand The major players in the bottled water industry that pose serious threat to Aquafina are Nestle and Kinley. Both of these companies have strong customer bases, loyalty, equity, and offer almost a similar product

Analysis of Market
Analyzing the market means getting the information about the current market trends. The needs and wants of the customers are identified; the availability of the products is monitored. There are different ways, which are adopted by Nestl and other companies to get the information of the market.

Sales Department:

Sales department is a primary source of getting the information about the market. They actually visit the market and find out that who are the competitors. They also collect the complaints of the customers Customer Service Department: In this department, customers complaints are collected which are gathered through the sales force or directly submitted by the customers . Research and Development Department The customer complaints are forward to the R&D where research is conducted. The results of the research and decisions are then transferred form R&D to localized offices.

MaRket TreNds
Aquafina: Aquafina is a brand of purified bottled water products produced by PepsiCo consisting of both unflavored and flavored water. The main competitor of Dasani, Aquafina and of Course made by Pepsi. Aquafina was the clear winner as the best water tested by far.Aquafina tested at 2ppm. The cleanest and purest bottled water on the market today is clearly Aquafina.

Nestle Nestle occupied 57% of drinking water market in all over the Pakistan. By contrast, Nestle is less visible in the aqua drinks market. Revenue growth at its bottled water business may slow to 3 percent next year from 5.2 percent in 2011 and an expected 3.2 percent increase in 2013, according to Zuanic. Still, Nestl's higher growth in 2010 and 2011 was partly due to a low comparison base and growth of between 3 percent and 4 percent may be a more normal range for the company

Practical Market Research

First of all we visit the Q's international hotel and meet

with the hotel manager. They use the Nestle mineral water 1.5littre bottles at a price of RS. 31 and the daily use are 200 bottles. They replace nestle mineral water with Aquafina because customer complaints thats quality are low. They have contract with the Nestle but they said that if we provide them the Khush Aab mineral they agreed to purchase After that we visit the Dubai Islamic bank they have contract with the al Baraka mineral water. They get 19 liter bottle at Rs3000 unlimited per month. They said that we follow head quarter orders

After that we visit the Burj Bank they have also

contract with the al Baraka mineral water. They get 19 litter bottle at Rs 60. They are able to purchase Khush Aab. After that we visit the bank Alphabet they use nestle mineral water and have a contract with nestle. They get 19 litter bottle at Rs 100 After that we visit the bakers &baker shop they sold nestle and kinley mineral water. They sold nestle 1.5 liter bottle at Rs 45 and get 10% profit from company they also sold 600ml bottle at Rs25. They sold kinly mineral water 600ml and 1.5 liter bottle at Rs 20 and Rs 40 respectively and earn profit Rs 3 and Rs 5 respectively

After the market analysis we conclude that all the

banks and the Hotels agreed to purchase the khushab mineral water. And we conclude that the mineral is used only in the banks and in few hotels.

Initially we should also go for a proper survey to know

the current Situation of drinking water habits of people If we want to analysis the market and get feed back of the customer we must made the sale department, customer services dept and R&D department, that may be held by the Business, Commerce, Mass Communication Department of UOS We must try to break down the trend of nestle, acqafina etc etc through providing superior value to customer & start outstanding promotional activities with a view of Education of people

OUR Target Market

Target market means to select particular people to serve, after analysing the market properly
Today it is impossible to go for mass marketing strategy. So we should have to select a certain market section to target.

What Should Be Our Target Market

Lower Class

Middle Class

Higher Class

It means Upper Lower, Full middle, and Lower Higher would be our target market

Why Not To Go For

Why not Lower Class
It would not be possible for people of lower class to pay money to have purified water

Why not Upper Upper Class

In our area, rich people like to just waste out their money in purchasing costly commodities. It will take some time for them to realize that Khush Aab will lead them to rational approach. So initially, we should not target them

Lower Class

Why To Select Such Slot

This particular section of market will be suitable, as: 1. This slot will have buying power to buy Khush Aab, as most of them already pay water suppliers. 2. They are mostly erudite, so it will be possible for us to advocate our point easily i.e. Awareness and Education

Middle Class Higher Class


The offices involving the banks, telecom sector franchises or customer service centre of Sargodha are our target in which we can offer our product. These offices are visited by a majority of people. So it will be free advertisement also.

High Rank Private Schools:

Those private schools who charge high fee that 3000-4500 per month would be our target market. The students and families of students of these schools will get influence if Khush Aab will be used in these institutions.

Hospital Canteens:
Some popular hospitals situated in Sargodha provides an opportunity for our product by offering special packages to their owners. If Khush Aab captures the canteens of most of the hospitals, the people will have a mindset that Khush Aab is a medicated product

Girls & Boys Hostels:

All private and government hostels of boys & girls also face a problem of pure drinking water we can also capture them by offering a special student package. It will also help us to get brand loyalty of youth

Hotels and Shopping Malls:

These places are becoming a most popular place visited by many of people now a day. Khush Aab can be sent there for the use. So these hotels and shopping malls can become a constructive place for KHUSH AAB. They can also become the source of its promotion.

Distribution Channels

Product Distribution Channels

Product distribution (or place) is one of the four elements of the market mix. Distribution is the process of making a product or service available for use or consumption by a consumer or business user, using direct means, or using indirect means with intermediaries.

Distribution Channels
Direct retail distribution channels

It means to distribute the product on the retail centres directly. This channel involves comparatively less cost of placement. We can distribute the Khush Aab if the retailers directly come to the plant and buy it.
Direct by means of the internet or catalogue

Using your own e-commerce site or a catalogue is a fantastic way to engage consumers directly and repeatedly.

Distribution Channels
Direct by means of a sales team This would be your own internal sales staff. You could use one team or many different teams that focus on different segments of your market. Wholesaler or distributor Companies that buy bulk quantities of products from manufacturers and then resell them in smaller amounts to retailers or other resellers Dealers People or businesses who buy inventories of products from manufacturers or wholesaler or distributors, and then sell that inventory to consumers by means of a retail space.

Selection of SELLING MODE:

Direct Selling: It is the marketing and selling of products directly to consumers away from a fixed retail location. In this mode the goods are presented directly to the customer even at their door step.
Indirect Selling Mode The sale of a good or service by a third-party, such as a partner or affiliate, rather than a company's personnel. Indirect sales are often made through resellers, such as specialty stores and big box retailers

Benefits for the Consumers:

Direct Selling:
Reduce the cost of product by

Indirect Selling Mode


eliminating middlemen The direct selling distribution method has no boundaries Allows a connection with consumers Provides convenience and service to customers

the problem of availability of man power Allow to access more area Middle man can become our representators

Direct Selling:
Expensive Time Consuming Limited Coverage Inconvenient or Obtrusive Face problem of lake of

Indirect Selling Mode

Increase cost of product Careless approach by the

human resources Impossible to go home by home .

wholesaler and retailer Increase distance between the producer and user No direct relation with the customer

OUR PROSPECTIVE(what should we do)

In my opinion firstly, to capture the market and consumers mind we should use indirect selling mode as middlemen are more trained persons and after that we should use direct selling mode to minimize expenses of middlemen

Utilizing Human Resource of Students It is though difficult to utilize the students for the sale of Khush Aab. It cannot be done with giving them some incentive.

A package can be given to them in form of commission in certain percentage. May be 5% or 10 %.

A maximum amount should be fixed up to which student a can earn, so that the focus of students should not divert their focus from their studies, may be 4500 per month.

Ways To Access Market Effective

To promote KHUSH AAB water we should give concessions to those customers who purchase our product in bulk quantity. Possible concession are discussed in the end of report

It means the physical presentation by the sales person to the prospect of how a product works e.g., an exhibition at suppliers premises.

The study of information about the peoples lifestyles, habits, population movements, spending, age, social grade, employment, etc., in terms of selling and buying behaviour, any one selling to consumer sector will do better through understanding relevant demographic information. Both of the Demonstration & Demography would be done by the Student Force.

It involves the Features, advantages, benefits, the links between a product description, its advantages over others, and the gain delivered by customer for using it. It can be done by proper advertisement.

A person who can persuade and attract potential customers towards a particular product is called Influencer. We need such person to persuade people to buy our product KHUSH AAB. Our Professors would be the influencers for our product

Profit Margin:
It is the difference between cost (including or excluding operating overheads) and selling price of a product or service. Initially, we should keep our profit margin low, which is 60%-70% on 19litre bottle, and should give middlemen more profit.

It is an act of gathering information about a market or customer, which will helps to know the progress or enable a sales approach. For this we should conduct a survey to gather such information

We should offer different packages to increase our sales. They should provided for the students, professors, home & office consumption

Market Sector:
A part of market that can be described, categorised and then targeted according to its own criteria and characteristics. Our target market would be based upon the low price and connection with educational purpose

A feature or service or supplier peculiar to a product or service or supplier, no competitor can offer it. We would bring uniqueness in KHUSH AAB to capture customers mind by changing the packing or giving something new

The AIDA process applies to any advertising or communication that aims to generate a response, and it provides a reliable template for design of all sorts of marketing material.

In this step the attention of people is grasped by using some certain Attention lines. Our attention lines would be same as mention in the mission statement Khush Aab has Taste of Awarenessit has odour of Education

It means to keep people interested in the advertisement To keep the people interested in Khush Aab, we should make people aware the harms which they are getting from Khush Aab. Further, we would educate them about the benefits of using ozone mixed water And we would also tell them about the historical information of Khush Aab name. The people would be given knowledge, how much they can save yearly from the money they spent on medicines, if the use pure water

The desire means to create an urge in the minds of customers for purchasing the product; this can be done by mentioning the competitiveness advantages. For Khush Aab, the desire can be created by exploiting the low price of product The supervision of PHDs doctors of UOS should be told to people By creating a cultural touch and exploiting the sense of belongingness i.e. Khush Aab is product of Sargodha By telling the people that, the profit of Khush Aab is also used for Educational purpose

It means to enforce the public to take a practical action to buy the product at the scale which we want them to. It can be done by giving a certain types of packages to the customers For Khush Aab the possible packages are to be discussed in the other part of

Firstly we have to make a strong bombardment of advertisement before its introductory stage to rise interest in potential customers and when the desire has been created in them than supply should be short in market with respect to demand i.e., 10% or 20%. By this there will be a curiosity in people about our product and in this way our sales would be increased.

Reinforce The Brand Image Within The Organization:

To make our product a brand, firstly we have to

promote it in our own organization. Whole faculty members are opinion leaders so they should persuade a lot if people will also start using it. For this, Huge type of campaign should be held inside the University to urge both the teachers and the students for use of this water. Certain seminars should be held inside the UOS in which the Khush Aab can be properly advertised. The banners, small posters, wall chalking, might be the tools for this.

Promotion tools for Khush Aab

Nationally Used Tools 2. Internationally Used Tools


Promotion tools

the techniques and material used by those who are involved in the promotion of product .

National promotion tools

Advertising Sale Public relation Personal selling

1. Advertising
In advertising first thing we create demand for Khush Aab We visit different hospitals & research the place where need our Khush Aab Convince the doctors to purchase our Khush Aab through giving them incentive & we give gifts them on which the doctors name printed Provides free samples to public We visit schools & college canteens and convince canteens owners to purchase our Khush Aab by giving them incentive that we provides them Khush Aab with better quality & low prices as compared to other mineral water We visit different hotels and convince their owners to purchase Khush Aab

After the demand creation next thing the availability of Khush Aab Our marketing person has effective communication skill and he has complete knowledge of Khush Aab. They communicate with public at strong footing and effective body language.

2.Sale promotion
Sale promotion tools like coupons, contents, premiums and they act as communication medium and promote sale . Through these tools we gain attention and provides information about Khush Aab.

3.Public relation
New stories and feature articles are more authentic and credible than advertisements to reader. Through public relation we can capture the potential buyers and convince them that they use Khush Aab.

4.Personal selling (by students)

Through personal selling we promote the sale of Khush Aab. Through it tools we can receive immediate feed back about Khush Aab.

International promotion tools

Personals visits Trade fair In store promotion Web advertisement

International promotion tools

1.Personal visits
If we seriously plan capture a large area of market business of Khush Aab a personal visits to areas is must . Make ensure you know the key persons. In our market we must know about the culture peculiarities in the target market.

2.Public fair
Through Public fairs inside the UOS we can capture the public attention and convince them to use Khush Aab. In that type of fair, we can pursue the people about drinking the water and also other triumph of our University.

International promotion tools

3.In store promotion:
Influencing the consumer decision making process at the actual moment that a decision is being made . Fast moving consumer goods gadgets and items a lot of purchases are made by impulse buying. Through these tools we can promote Khush Aab sales.

4. Web advertisement:
As a promotional efforts one has the possibility to put advertisement on the web . By using buttons and banner positioned on other web sites. Khush Aab advertisement on web is the best way to catch the interest of web surfers and them to our website.

Nominating A Brand Ambassador

It is an internationally used tool to promote the product. Most of the companies employees an ambassador of their product who represents the it. It is mostly a well known personality. Today the person given blow might be the best Brand Ambassador for any product due to the fame he earned In current period in our country. Though we can not access this person for our cause

Then who would be our Brand Ambassador.? According to my opinion Muhammad Hafeez would be the best ambassador for Khush Aab. He is the captain of T20 cricket team. He is currently part no of no advertisement campaign of any product. And most importantly he is from Sargodha. He is the person who will attract youth specially and persons of all ages generally.

Increasing sale through packages

Make student package for all students who studies in university and colleges
Provide our product of 600ml on canteens at price

of Rs 15 exact Giving Rs 4 profit margin to retailer .Because other companies sale their product at Rs20 to 25 and give Rs 3 to 5 profit margin to retailer . First time we give one bottle of 600ml free to retailer who buy 2 pack of our 600ml bottles.

Marriages are the most important area where our

product can get popularity (specially marriage halls. Make package for marriage hall, hotels and restaurants. We provide our product of 1.5 litter bottle at Rs 28. Because Because other companies provide their product at Rs 30 t0 36. We also provide our product 1.5 litter at different shops Rs 35 and give Rs 5 profit margin to retailer. Because other companies sale their product Rs 35 to 45 give Rs 6 to 7 profit margin to retailer.

Make package for banks, shopping plaza and for retailer. We provide our product 19 litter to banks and shopping

plaza at Rs 60 .Because other companies provide their product at Rs 50 to 100. We also provide our product at Rs 2700 unlimited per month for offices, 2400 for homes with some limited supply Make package for home usage of all students who study in university and colleges affiliated with UOS, at 1800 Rs per month for supply of 19 litre per day.

This topic refers to discuss the possible ways or movement of the Khush Aab to from the plant to the place nearest to the customers

Rail Transport Air Transport Sea Transport Courier Road Transport

As initially, our goal is to go for district level, so we are to select only road transportation on the bases of points given in circle.

As Khush Aab mineral water is promoted to regional area its transportation cost is low It has to bear less transportation expenses as compare to other brands. It can hire fast means of transportation with less cost. It should ensure fast means so that timely supply to different areas of Sargodha can be assured.

Khush AAB transport policy should focuses on the following five key areas: Reducing distance to consumers Using alternative transport Exploring new technologies The buses of UOS can be used for the distribution of the Khush Aab at for place The current suppliers of water doing work on Autos Rikshaws by giving them certain incentives. That may be monthly wages . It will make their financial position stronger.

Definition: Competencies are those measurable or observable knowledge, skills, abilities and other behaviors critical to success in a key job role or function.

Followings are the basic competencies which Khush Aab got. They are the basic points on which our promotional campaign should be based. Proud to be an educational institutes product Profit to be utilized on educational purposes Knowledgeable le Faculty ( 40 PhDs} Quality of the Khush Aab Resources of University (Radio, Magazines,Buses)

Possible Harms of Khush Aab

According to Wagner and other researches: if you drink water from plastic bottles, you have a high probability of drinking estrogenic compounds It happens if the bottle is kept in heat. It can be overcame if wrapper is wrapped on the complete bottle. Exploiting this point will also give us a competitive advantage.

1. Changing the packing

The wrapper which we are using on Khush Aab have nothing special. However it can be made different from other brands by:
1. 2.

We can show the steps of process through which this water passes We can also offer to visit the plant and see the whole process

The cultural touch can also be given by giving picture of trees(may be orange trees) 4. Making our mission, awareness and education, we can also show a picture of students or university or may be books 5. The wrapper should be given on the whole bottle. By these points more attraction will come, as instructed to us an instructor hired for promotion suggestion to whom we have paid 60000 for nothing.

1. More Cultural touch

In our area people are very touchy about the culture. They like to remain connected with old traditions. Being a product of For Example In Sargodha, there are many sophisticated University, Khush Aab should try restaurants in main vicinities, But people like to go promote thehotel tradition of people to 15km far, in old named Mehman Seray or Apna Vehrra etc, of their and also whole Pakistan, which are known for area traditional environment. This shows that to water i.e. use of Pitcher. related how much
people are connected with their traditions.

1. More Cultural touch

i. After some time, when the product will prevail in the market, we will introduce a pitcher system As the customer refills their 19lil. bottle, The will also refill a pitcher We will contract a supplier of pitchers The pitcher will also given a lid A wrapper will also on the pitcher

iii. iv. v.

1. More Cultural touch

Drawbacks of Pitcher System
1. Safety of Pitchers
Undoubtedly the safety will be a real concern . But the pitchers were used very safely 15-20 before. And ratio of breakage was very less. Then why it can not be used safely today, when people are even more sophisticated. Moreover, Children are supposed to be breakage agent. And today, number of children in homes have also decreased.

1. More Cultural touch

Drawbacks of Pitcher System
2. Purchasing of Pitchers
Other important concern will be the purchase of pitchers. But a contract can be done with any supplier of Sargodha. After all customer also purchase 19lil bottles and pays 520 for its security.

1. More Cultural touch

A Fact
It is also a fact that the people who will purchase this brand will be very less. But it will not affect our earning. Our investment on this system will be only purchase of some pitchers. Initially we may purchase only 100 pitchers, which may only cost 25000 RS only.

1. More Cultural touch

Lid on Pitcher
It is also possible that people may thing water by which pitcher is refilled is not passed through the proper process. So we should start this system after when we will become a trusted name.

Pitcher System