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Hand gesture recognition technology

By CH.BALAJI, 09D1A0423, ECE 4A

What is Gesture?
A movement of a limb or the body as an expression of thought or feeling.

Small set of user-intuitive gestures are easy to remember, but need some menu reminder

How to find a hand in an image?

Hand Location Determines hand position in image using skin color Create bounding box

How to recognize its shape?

Two common technologies for hand gesture

glove-based method

Using special glove-based device to extract hand posture vision-based method 3D hand/arm modeling

How to recognize its motion?

System Overview
User Rendering User Interface Display Image Capture

Update Object

Hand Movement

Gesture Recognition System

Standard Web Camera Image Input

JN 2/4/2013

Low-light condition Camera field of view Webcam configuration Responsiveness Accuracy

Gesture to Interaction Mapping

JN 2/4/2013

Proposed Approach
Radius 0.19 * ( HandSizeX HandSizeY)
A finger is defined to be any 10+ white pixels separated by 17+ black pixels (salt/pepper tolerance)

JN 2/4/2013

Skin Color Training: With images of various lighting Calibration: Learn lighting and coloring Hand Location: Create bounding box from skin color Finger Region Detection: Find connected regions (fingers/palm) Pattern Matching: Compare regions with gesture patterns

Gesture Determination: Using surrounding frames

Various hand gestures are:-

Conclusion:Replace mouse and keyboard, Interact with a 3D world, Communicate at a distance, Allows control without having to touch the device.

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