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By Group 16 C

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Syafrida Yulia Rosa Eka Putri Doppy Andika Aufa Azry Dani Andini Achiar Mellyana Putri Ningsih Anas Zakaria Rifky YS Winda Fatwinata Navasilan A/L Karuppiah

Scenario : Andis heart was pounding

Andi go to the hearts policlinic in RSMJ to find the condition of his heart because he often feel that his heart was pounding and sesak napas, especially after sport, because andi like to drank some coffee to finish his work as a new student college of medicine faculty.

Doctor take the blood pressure and after sphighnomanometer manset was opened, andi ask the docter soon, how much doc?, and doctor answer,Systole 140 and diastole 90 mmHg, andi think, what it mean? He only knew the blood pressure?. And next, doctor doing the auscultation andis heart and said that there is an arrythmia. Doctor said that andi should to do ECD p[emeriksaan and andi agree. This alat placed in some place in andis body and connect with listrik. The result in a graph, and then doctor menandai with P,Q,R, and S, doctor said, This picture show the myocrdium activity melalui the pace maker to the purkinje fibrin hearts cycle. In High school, the setting melalui brain and nervous, andi said . How you explain the andis problem?


Learning Objective
The student can explain 1. The cardiac electric activity 2. The cardiac mechanic activity 3. The work of Electrocardiogram 4. Cardiac sound 5. The nervous of cardiac 6. The ill in impulse and denyut of cardiac

1. The cardiac electric activity

Impulse come to cardiac at first in SA or sinus node. Then, the impulse goes to AV node with normal velocity. When the impulse goes to the purkinje fiber, the velocity is slower than before. And then, the impulse goes to the endocardium of ventricle with velocity that faster then normal. And finally, with normal velocity, the impulse goes to the surface of ventricles epicardium

2. The cardiac mechanic activity

Left atrium, with fresh blood from pulmo The fresh blood goes to left ventricle melewati bikuspidalis valve Left ventricle pomp the fresh blood into all of body, melalui aorta The blood from all of body, come into the right atrium melalui superior and inferior vena cava. Then, the dirty blood goes to the right atrium melewati trikuspidalis valve And then, right atrium will pomp the blood into pulmo melalui pulmonalis artery

3. Elektrocardiogram

4. Cardiacs Sound
First cardiac sound : the AV valve was closed, that makes turbulance of blood Second cardiac sound : the pulmo and aorta valve was closed Third cardiac sound : 1/3 last part of ventricle diastole Fouth cardiac sound : the contraction of atrium

5. The Nervous Of Cardiac

Sympatis nerve > Set the Sinoatrium node and Atrioventricular node, right and left of atrium and a litle of ventricle Parasimpatis nerve > Set the purkinje node and right and left atrium

6. The Ill of Impulse and Denyut Of Cardiac

Fibrillation There are so many impulse that found in myocardium and out of coordination Abnormal pace maker => There are some pace maker abnormal, such as AV node. Its caused abnormal contraction and decrease the cardiac pomp

Node Block => Usually happen in AV node