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ITC Hotels Ltd

By: Preeti Taunk Mahima Singh Shilpi Chaurasia Gayathri Ilavajhala Gaurav phogat Sandeep singh Sameeksha Khanna

You cant solve problems with the same thinking that created those problems. Albert Einstein Understanding how things influence one another within a whole is key to systems thinking Systems thinking techniques may be used to study any kind of system - natural, scientific, organizational or human

Whole Systems Thinking




Let us explore about the history of ITC Ltd

ITC is an Indian public conglomerate company (25.4% owned by British corporation, British American Tobacco)headquartered in Kolkata, West Bengal, India Its diversified business includes four segments: Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), Hotels, Paperboards, Paper & Packaging and Agri Business ITC's annual turnover stood at $7 billion and market capitalization of over $34 billion

Passion for a better world Mansions of Luxury The Light House The Pole Star The Compass The Explorer

Organization Culture

ITC Hotels is the only hospitality chain, perhaps in the world to have a unique programme like the "Welcomlegionnaire". Organisational objectives are very well defined and practiced. Highly supportive management towards employees & their families. ITC feels responsible to generate economic value for the nation.


Ice Berg Model

Iceberg Model
EVENT ITC hotel giving gift vouchers and coupons to their customers in order to promote Wills Lifestyle Pattern-Vouchers may add as WOW factor and give them a competitive edge to the organization. Help in knowing customer base by analyzing conversion rate Structure- Following customer centric approach. An effort to increase brand loyalty and retain their customer Mental Model- ITC is a brand dealing ideally in lifestyle segment. Giving vouchers is an effective measure of increasing revenue of ITC as a brand.









. ITC is responsible corporate citizen Preserving national heritage

Reaching out to society

Community development

Green Initiatives
The only hotel chain using the largest and first on-site Paraboloid solar concentrators; a first in the global hospitality industry.

Worlds largest Membrane Bio Reactor (MBR) installation in the hospitality industry for Ultra filtration of Waste water treatment

Green Initiatives
World's first hotel with LEED Platinum certification, under the Existing Building (EB) category - ITC Maurya, New Delhi. World's largest LEED Platinum certified hotel in the New Construction (NC) category - ITC Grand Chola in Chennai Responsible Luxury is indeed the soul of our Hotels. For the discerning guest, this means sleeping with a clear conscience, knowing that we have spent tireless hours to ensure a positive environmental footprint, and will continue to do so through constant innovation. And knowing that the best in Luxury can also create a better future for the planet because this is 'Luxury' that 'Cares.

Greening of the Supply Chain

Initiated 'Greening' of the supply chain (GSC) work towards' creating a sea of excellence useful tool for all SME's translated in 8 Indian "The chain which strives to flag ecological solutions"

The ITC Green Centre in Gurgaon is the physical expression of this commitment to sustainability - Ecological, Social and Economic. The building was awarded Platinum rating by the US Green Building Council LEED. ITC Green Centre is the worlds largest 0% water discharge, non-commercial Green building, and compared to similar buildings, ITC Green Centre has a 30% smaller carbon footprint. Rain water harvesting and water recycling


Rain water harvesting initiatives in nearby areas More Initiatives for giving back to the locals e.g. Local product sourcing Transfer of knowledge to the locals, for example rainwater harvesting, organic farming etc. Transfer of Knowledge to customers, increasing overall environmental awareness of the community


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