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: Together : Everyone : Achieves : More


is a difference between a TEAM and an EFFECTIVE TEAM! TEAM EFFECTIVE TEAM

There is a clarity of purpose. Each individual is free to voice their opinions/ideas. Each individual suggestion is taken into consideration for every decision made. Most of the decision are made with General agreement. Every decision is a result of the group discussions where every individual participates. The group is self-conscious about its own operations. The leadership of the group shifts from time to time.

strategy that can help groups to develop into a real team is team building teams are not born.

Effective A

team can be trained to be an effective team by using appropriate team building techniques.

Coming together is a beginning Keeping together is progress; and Working together is success

Forming Stage
The first stage in group development, characterized by much uncertainty.

Storming Stage
The second stage in group development, characterized by intra-group


Norming Stage
The third stage in group development, characterized by close

relationships and cohesiveness.

Performing Stage
The fourth stage in group development, when the group is fully


Adjourning Stage
The final stage in group development for temporary groups,

characterized by concern with wrapping up activities rather than performance.

LEADER: The process of influencing Followers

to work hard to achieve shared goals


leader plays a crucial role in motivating team member toward Adjourning stage. Leader can influence and direct people towards a better team teams can be made my Effective Leaders



Group is a leading health care company, serving more than 75 million people worldwide. Our family of companies touches nearly every aspect of health care, helping people live healthier lives.


adopted UHG, a company which provided IT services to United Health Care Corporation. is a health insurance provider in the United States



is in 7th position in the Fortune 500 companies in the Heath sector.

following slides will give a glimpse of financial and non-financial initiatives of team building followed in UHG.



Outing, Team Lunches:

The organizations allocates budget to team quarterly

for team building.

Usually work in a team is divided into modules and

there are high chances of the members not knowing everyone in the team. Project outing provides an opportunity for team building informally.
People get to know each other on an informal front.



Group mentoring involves an employee who has a

particular skill set that other employees want to learn. The employee can mentor groups of employees to gain the skill or knowledge with the same impact on team building.

Employee Hobby Clubs

The team can volunteer on their common interests and

work together. For eg: Social responsibility, Paintings, photography etc.


day @ Work

This helps employees develop friendship and better



The Best participated team can win the prize for an

Ethnic day theme. This will boost the team energy.


Lectures by Consultants

A speech on team building/strengths might also

influence the team members and motivate their spirits.

Inter-Department Tournaments

Every month inter-departmental sports events commence at UHG. Teams compete each other for the sports title of the month

Along with the sport events throughout the company, department wise sport events also take place.
This opportunity enables everyone in the team to know each other and work together on a different platform


@ Office

In UHG we have a fest for about a week called

FUSION. This is like an office fest. There will be a lot of competitions and events team wise, department wise and finally at a portfolio level. Portfolio is a collection of departments and is led by a single leader. When teams work together they get to know each other better and also about their strengths as a team together.


and Recognitions

There are annual/quarterly distribution of

awards (with monetary gifts) for the best performing/contributing team.

Awards are distributed in the department level

under different categories.

This will keep up the spirits of the team.


Nominations for Special/Advanced Training

Nominating the team members for various

technical / non-technical trainings increases the overall performance of the team.

For e.g., our team had nominations for

advanced technical trainings which are yet to be released and hence making us more potential team.



Company can sponsor various activities of the

team like lunches, sports, charity work etc. Rewards keep up the motivation levels of the team.
For eg., UHG had a SSS Mela day where we

had a tie up with Make a Wish foundation. Teams together was responsible for adopting a childs wish and fulfilling it. The company would sponsor partially for the gifts


the team building activities are responsible for team motivation. Motivation is a push factor for further developments and success as a team. When these kind of initiatives are taken by management they provide a sense of relief among the team apart from daily routine. These activities will rejuvenate energies and inspire for a better output in the team.