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Freshman Scheduling

Spring 2009
High School Jargon
First Semester: August to December
Second Semester: January to May
Courses are either semester or year

Credit Hour
1 credit is earned per semester
per class.
To earn a credit, you must have a
passing grade, this is or a D- or
In one school year you can earn up
Block Scheduling

You will have red and white

days that meet every other day.
You will attend four block
classes on red days and four
block classes on white days.
Homework: Don’t wait until
the day before it is due.
You will have a study hall every
other day.
You will have a 30 minute IRP
Grade Point Average (GPA)
Grades are calculated on a 4.0 scale.
A= 4.0
B= 3.0
C =2.0
Weighted Grades:
 Example: Honors Biology A = 5.0
Regular Biology A = 4.0
 Honors classes are weighted
 Project Lead the Way is weighted

See page 8 and 9 in your course guide for a

between weighted and non-weighted grades.
Diploma Tracks
Basic diploma needed to progress into
Foreign language is not necessarily
required for Core 40, but it is
recommended for entrance into college
Minimum Requirements – 3 Years of
Math, 3 Years of Science, 3 Years of
Social Studies, 4 Years of English, 1 Year
of PE, 1 Semester of Health
Electives: You will be encouraged to
take electives that are focused towards
your career goal.
Must pass Algebra I and English 10
Diploma Tracks
 Meet all Core 40 requirements
 Minimum Requirement- 4 Years of Math
 Minimum Foreign Language Requirement- 3 years of
one language or two years of two different languages

 Minimum Fine Arts Requirement- two credits of art

and/or music
 You must meet one of the following:
 Complete a minimum of two advanced placement
classes and take the AP exams
 6 college credits earned through dual high
school/college courses
 1200 on SAT
 26 on ACT
 You must earn a C or above in all courses
 You must have a GPA of a 3.0 (B Average)
Diploma Tracks
Meet Core 40 requirements
You must earn a C or above in all
You must have a GPA of a 3.0
You must take 8 to 10 credits in a
career-technical program
You must earn a state-recognized
certification or certificate of technical
achievement in the career-technical
Required Courses
Geography and History of the World
Keystone (Semester 1)/ PE (Semester 2)
Study Hall
Fine Arts Electives
Introduction to 2-D Art
Complete 3-D projects (shading, design,
personal interest)
Learn art vocabulary and theory
2-D Art Advanced
Must have passed Intro to 2-D Art
Will learn about and use acrylic paint
Learn watercolor painting techniques
Design a figure composition using oil pastels

Fine Arts Electives
Music- Auditions will be later to
place in the appropriate leveled
music class.

BC: Descants & Gents (Choir)

Allegro Band (Band)

Concert Orchestra (Orchestra)

Business Electives
Digital Communication Tools
 Learn hand held electronic devises such as
PDAs, PC scanners, digital cameras, and
speech and hand recognition software
Computer App. Adv. I
 Use Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel
 Will write a research paper with citations
Computer App. Adv. II
 Will learn advanced Excel, Publisher, Access,
PowerPoint, and Voice Recognition
 Must have completed Computer App. Adv. I
 If completing both Computer App. Adv I and II
courses, student could meet Dual Credit
Business Electives
 The reading level is advanced in this class
 Must be a self-directed student to be
 Will explore the processes of starting a
 Will study famous entrepreneurs
Personal Finance
 The reading level is advanced in this class
 Must be a self-directed student to be
 Will keep a check book and budget
Application Electives
Application Electives (CGTV I, Newspaper, Yearbook, Tech
 Sign up for alternatives just in case not selected
 Technical Theatre
 Responsible for activities scheduled in the auditorium
 Graded for their involvement in the fall and spring plays
 Build sets, learn sound and lights, learn stage

Career Info. Leadership

 Application required (sign up for alternatives incase not
 Those currently in leadership roles or those who have
interest in obtaining a leadership role might want to
consider this option for next year or future years.
 Expected to facilitate large and small group meetings.
Application Electives
Application Electives
 In order for students to be considered for one
of the Application Electives (CGTV, Newspaper,
Yearbook, Technical Theatre, or Leadership),
the application must be complete and stapled
to the pink scheduling form.
 Take an application today from your teacher.
Be ready to turn it in on Feb. 27. You will need
teacher signatures. Ask for these in advance.
Family and Consumer Science
Interpersonal Relationships
 Expected to cover personality development, values
clarification, conflict resolution, stress management, self
esteem, dating and personal relationships, and
communication skills
Nutrition and Wellness
 Study nutrition and basic cooking techniques
 Participate in 9- 10 cooking labs

Advanced Nutrition and Foods

 Must pass Nutrition and Wellness
 Participate in food labs
 Plan, prepare, and present a party.
 Study careers in the food industry and food history
Family and Consumer Science
Textiles and Fashion Technologies
 Study fabrics, fads, and fashions of clothing
 Construct two simple garments
 Research paper on a fashion designer

Textiles and Fashion Technologies II

 Must pass Textiles and Fashion Technologies I
 Construct two to three garments
 Study the basic techniques of embroidery, knitting, and
Foreign Languages
 Options are:
 Spanish I, Spanish II,
 French I, French II,
 Japanese I, Japanese II

 To take a F/L the student must have a B- or above in

Language (first semester average)
 If grades are lower than required and you are requesting
to take a foreign language, your parents must contact
Jeanne Hodgin at 881-0581.
 If you are currently in a foreign language and are unsure
if you are ready to move on to the second year of that
foreign language, talk to your teacher or Mrs. Paul/Mrs.
 Students who received a C- semester grade or lower
and want to take the second year of that language must
contact Jeanne Hodgin
Introduction to Engineering
Design (IED) / Project Lead the

Pre-Engineering Class (first class of a

series-leading to a Career Major in
It is an Elective and is weighted (this
class could affect overall class rank)
To take the class, the student must have
an “A” or “B” in 8th grade math
Engineering and
Technology Electives
Communication Systems
Basic drafting, computer graphics, radio
broadcast and TV simulation
Will use CAD (Computer Aided Drafting)
Construction Systems
Floor plan evaluation and design
Scale model bridge and house
Will work with wood
Engineering and
Technology Electives
Manufacturing Systems
Will learn about manufacturing processes
Will design and construct a project using
metal and wood
Will learn about mass production and
material costs
Transportation Systems
Will complete projects related to land,
water, air, and space.
Example course activities: carbon dioxide
cars, gliders, and boats
English Lab / Math Lab
The high school may require you to take a
lab class. Most students who are required
to take lab classes have not passed ISTEP.
You will find out if this pertains to you by
the end of this week.

Lab classes are year long and take the

place of one or both of your electives (ex.
If required to take both lab classes- no
electives can be selected).

If a student/parent would like to appeal the

lab requirement, the parent would need to
contact the high school.
Honors Questions???
 The high school may recommend you to take
one or more honors classes. You will find out if
this pertains to you by the end of this week.

 You may have received or will be receiving a

letter from the high school about honors
recommendations. Keep this letter to turn in
with your high school schedule.

 If you would like to register for an honors class,

but were not recommended, you may appeal.
The appeal process will be explained later this
week by Mrs. Stremming and Mrs. Paul. Stay
 High School Scheduling Day: Feb. 20 with Mrs.
Paul and Mrs. Stremming

 Early College Info Meeting (Parents/Students): Feb.

24 at 6:00 in the High School Auditorium

 Parent/Student Scheduling Info Night: Feb. 24 at

7:00 in the High School Auditorium

 Schedules Due: March 3 to Mrs. Harmon or Mrs.


 Freshman Orientation: July 29 at the High School