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Q.1. The motherboard contains the circuitry that connects the processor to the other hardware.

a) True b) False Q.2. What unit of storage is used to represent one million bytes of data? a) terabyte b) kilobyte c) gigabyte d) Megabyte Q.3. What two components does a computer use to transform raw data into useful information? a) memory and a processor b) an input device and a processor c) an output device and a processor d) memory and a circuit board Q.4. Which of the following types of hardware can act as both an input device and an output device? a) scanner b) touch screen c) none of the above d) touchpad

Q.5. DVD is an abbreviation for _______. a) Digital Video Disk b) none of the above c) both of the above d) Digital Versatile Disk Q.6. During a power-on self test, the computer _______. a) checks to see if the memory is functioning properly b) identifies the amount of memory available c) identifies the attached devices d) all of the above Q.7. A laptop computer is the same thing as a a) Network computer b) Handheld computer c) Workstation d) Notebook computer Q.8. Which of the following is the largest type of computer system? a) Network computer b) Mainframe computer c) Midrange computer d) Workstation computer

Q.9. Which type of system would most likely be used by scientists to analyze the effects of global warming? a) A supercomputer b) A mainframe computer c) A portable computer d) The World Wide Web Q.10. How does the keyboard's Delete key work? a) It erases characters to the left of the cursor. b) It erases characters to the right of the cursor. c) It erases the character above the cursor. d) It erases the character behind the cursor. Q.11. If you want to translate digital codes to audio signals and vice versa, your computer needs a a) Sound card b) None of the above c) Video capture card d) Scanner Q.12. A dot matrix printer works by a) Pushing pins against an inked ribbon b) Using heat to stick toner onto the page c) Spraying ink on the page d) Using hammers to strike a spinning band of characters

Q.13. Which of the following is not a storage medium? a) Hard disk drive b) Floppy disk c) Compact disk d) Magnetic tape Q.14. The most frequently used output device on a computer is the a) Modem b) Printer c) Speakers d) Monitor Q.15. To create large-size drawings, architects and engineers often use a device called a a) Laser printer b) Band printer c) Line printer d) Plotter

Q.NO 1 A.NO a Q.NO 9 10 11 A.NO a b a

3 4 5 6 7 8

a b c d d b

13 14 15

a d d