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Project Summary

The demand for consumer services is increasing by leaps and


An individual or business, today, doesnt have access to a single

point service delivery channel from where they can opt / manage / pay for their required services. aggregation system providing single point payment solutions.

This project is aimed at developing a fully featured biller It will seamlessly aggregate a list of service providers to fulfill

consumers day to day recharge, ticketing and Bill payment need.

This Project will have 2 phases Web Application (Web Interface) Web Service (API)

Project Scope
Service providers can leverage the power of this platform to

securely bill consumers in a quick, hassle-free and efficient mode.

service providers.

A platform which will be open to individuals, business and The portal will be an online web application with proper roles

defined for every type of user.

The Project will also have a web service interface which will act as

the service backbone to third party applications.

Application will have a capacity to handle huge no of users.

The portal will be an online web application and online web service

which can be accessed from any part of the world.

application. MYSQL.

We are using PHP5.3 as server scripting language to develop this

The application is having database connectivity, using the database

The application will be having 3-tier architecture.

Application web interface will be developed using the new generation

of HTML5, jQuery, AJAX. HTML5.

Major Technologies Used: - PHP, MYSQL, JavaScript, AJAX, jQuery,

Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

Based on iterative and

incremental development. Requirements and solutions evolve through collaboration. Adaptive planning. Evolutionary development and delivery. Time-boxed iterative approach. Encourages rapid and flexible response to change.

Application Architecture
Online Portals Web Vendors Point of Sale Individuals

Web Service (API)

Web Interface (UI)


Transaction Management Service Management Client Profile Management E-cash & Discount Management



Service 1

Service 2

Service 3

Service 4

Service N

Database Schema & ER Diagram

RDBMS Relational

Database Management System. Total of 32 tables. Used different database engines to manage data and relations. Database Views and Models.

Hardware Resources

Development Environment Sr. No. 1. Description PC/Laptop with 2 GB hard-disk and 256 MB RAM Alternatives(If Any) Not Applicable

Deployment Environment

Sr. No. 1.

Description Application server with configuration: Intel Xeon processer 4 GB RAM 2 Mbps Dedicated Internet Connection

Alternatives(If Any) Not Applicable

Thank You