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Fellowship with God

Fellowship is the act of walking with God and having friendship relationship with God. The key word here is walking with God and Developing a friendship relationship with God In other words it means drawing close to God.

Kinds of fellowship
Having this concept let now go to the bible to find out what The bible says about fellowship . Turn with me in 1 John 1:3-10 From here John was teaching us that one of important aims for christian is to enter into fellowship with whom. We have two important fellowship over here the first one is having fellowship with God and the second one is having fellowship with Gods people (saints)

Fellowship with God

AS we know God is Spirit and cant be seen or touched so how then can we walk with him, or developed that kind of connection with him? God loves to deal with people who have faith in him. And faith is not about what we can see but deals with the invisible things, that is things which is not yet reveal to five sense according Hebrew 11:1. I dont think anybody will have a desire of walking with the dead. Why because they no longer exist. Applying this here we may not able to walk with God if we do not believe in his existence. It is impossible to walk with him without faith (Heb 11:6 NIV) and as such you become fool as in psalm 14;1a


Having known it takes faith for we to walk with God then who should we entrust our faith with. We have to start with Jesus he is the only way to God. This truly implies that our strength and effort wont makes us right to walk with God. To actually become the son of God and He to be your father you have to believe in him as stated John 1:12

How to maintain and strengthen our relationship with God.

Having known the way to start with, how then do we maintain and strengthens our relationship with God. We can do that by 1. Study God to know what he likes and dislikes so that we do thing that does not jeopardize our relationship with him. 2. Regular communication with God.

In what way can we communicate with God? Prayer is the way to communicate with God. communication is all about speaking to God and expecting responds from is very essential in establishing relationship with God. How will you feel if your best friend for the past 12 days had never spoken to you. Will such relationship stand? If no then dont make God feels sad, by keeping your mouth shut without talking to God. How many of us do pray regularly everyday. You see a few let enrich our prayer life because it strengthens our relationship with God.

Communication as an important device to establish our relationship

Studying God
The next step has to do with studying God In Amos 3:3 the bible says can two walk together unless they agree. We need to have some concord of heart that is having some likeness agreement with God. You need to like 1. Wishes of God 2. Desires of God 3. Purpose of God It is by this reason that we have to study God to find out His wishes , desires and his purpose so that we can fulfil those condition in Amos 3:3 that is entering into an agreement

How to study God

Knowing how importance it is to study God. In what ways can we study God? In john 1;1 in the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the word was God. In mathematics form a equation can be deduce that is word = God Hence studying the word is the same as studying God. David said that the word 1. Is lamb unto his feet and light unto his path(psalm 119:105) 2. The word keeps him from doing what God dislikes (sin) in (psalm 119:11). Jesus said something in john 15:14 that to be his friends you ought to do what he has commanded you. How then can we do what he had commanded us if we do not have knowledge of what he has commanded us to do. Again in John 14:23 studying the word will make our heart home for God, Jesus and Holy Spirit to stay in hence enriching our relationship with God So you can clearly see that the word of God play a very vital role in knowing Who He is and walking with him.

How to study and prepare for the Word of God.

David hide the word in his heart so how are we also able to incorporate the word of God into our spirit or what the preparation to do before and after studying the word. Everybody is capable of studying the Word of God as long as you remain His child. Before studying the word of God one has to pray and ask for wisdom from God. Secondly one has to meditate upon the word as in psalm 1:2 and Joshua 1:8 said. With that we can fuse the word of God into our heart so we may not sin against

What ruins our relationship with God

What can ruin our relationship with God? Sin is the only thing that can violate our fellowship with God. We cannot walk in his light while we conceal darkness in our heart as stated in 1 John 1:4 But God has provided a solution to deal with it that is confessing your sin in 1 john 1:9 The greatest sin a person could commit which is unpardonable is to reject Jesus once accepting him into your heart hence be wise that you do not commit such sin. Let always tries to live in his light in order to walk with him

Challenges that one faces in course of walking with God.

What challenges can one faces in course of walking with God? In our course of walking with God the world will hates (john 15: 18) God will subject us to difficult situation in order to hardening us but in all if we able to endure we will be save, redeemed and enjoy the rich blessings of God as He did with Job. So dont get frustrated and loose your faith in God . Due to his appointed time He will deliver you from misfortune as stated clearly in mark 13:13

Benefits of walking with God or fellowshipping with God.

One benefit of being in fellowship with God is peace. In the midst of the storms of life, we know that He's there, that He loves us, is compassionate, and that He will lead us through the darkness (we will always see light at the end of the tunnel). Another benefit of being in fellowship with God is a sense of purpose. When we serve God and others, our life has true meaning (there's a reason for us to be here). And what we do in life has eternal value. When we have a relationship with God (through faith in Christ Jesus as Lord and Savior) we have hope. We have hope in the future for we know that one day we will be with our Lord Christ Jesus in heaven. We do not fear death, for death is just the door to our heavenly home. Being in fellowship with God also gives us a sense of God's love as we walk with Him. Isn't it great to know that God loves you, approves of what you're doing, and is concerned, and active, in your life?