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Field Measurement

On-the Job- Training

Network Performance Service

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Day 2: Field Measurement
Drive Test Process

Equipment Setting
Notes during drive test

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Field Measurement (Drive Test)

Day 02

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Field Measurement or Drive test provides the following importance

Simulates end-users perception and experience

Provides information of cell coverage, dominance and problematic areas not seen in the statistics.
In the initial phase, Drive test is necessary for reasons that the network statistics is not yet reliable.

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Drive Test Process

Start Confirmation of site status

Equipment check Can Logging Start Whether measurement can be continued or not.(In office) Cant


No Problem Area? Yes

No No The equipment or site problem is found Is it necessary to stop Logging? Yes

Logging stop and inform the status to the Office

Yes Measurement suspended

Fill in the Problem Area sheet Logging Stop Report to Office


Are all schedules completion?

Yes Report to Office

Drive Test Finish

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Check list
Two Route maps for navigation and marking problem areas Site information sheet Site location map

Problem Area sheet

Drive Data sheet Measurement equipment

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The confirmation check list before drive test
Site status in the Cluster
Field engineer must confirm the site status in planned cluster from NMS every morning (before Drive test) then decide whether drive test can start or not.

Route maps, equipments, and Vehicle

Drive test team must confirm whether the drive route(Map, Cluster) is the same with assignment area, and equipment number, vehicle number in the Drive Data Sheet.

Existence of equipment parts.

Drive test team must confirm if all equipments are well connected and stabilized and note it on the Drive Data sheet.

Measurement equipment is working

Drive test team must confirm to behave the measurement equipment normally (RF, GPS ,etc): test measurement (no logging) nearby office.

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NEMO Outdoor tool

Two measurement types of measurement will be conducted 1. Short call that will be used to generate and determine call statistics 2. Long Call This will be use to determine call continuity via hand-over performance. Call until it drop. Scanner measurement will provide information on best server and possible overshooting

Long Call Measurement

Short Call Measurement

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Voice call setting

CHT call number is 334

Call Type

Call Duratio n (secs)

Call Attempt Timeout (secs)

Delay from end of call to New Call (secs)

Short Call Long Call

45 7200

15 15

15 15

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NEMO Windows
Map Window: displays data in drive route, shows position to serving cell(s) UE line graph: (Ec/No Acitive and Monitored Set)

Device Info and parameter window

Scanner line graph: RSCP and Ec/No of all SC Message window: Shows Call Sequence and events, double click to see Layer 3 msgs.
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During Drive Test

Notes at the time of Logging Start
The Required matters are filled in the Drive Data Sheet
File name(Detail is following pages), Start time, Value of odometer The Start point is marked in the route map Confirmation of GPS reception


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During Drive Test (2)

Notes during Logging
Confirmation of equipment being working and site normality
Confirmed that the Logging is performed at normal by RF,GPS and PC. Confirmed that the signal of neighboring site are received as Checking of
SC or RSCP(Ec/No)

Field test engineer must stop the Logging and inform the status to
Window person in case of followings: The measurement cant be performed due to equipment problem after
trying to improve Site problem is found (Cell or Site down, etc)

Field test engineer needs to pause measurement while stopping on

traffic signal and then start measurement when moving again.


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During Drive Test (3)

Notes during Logging
Confirmation of Problem Area In case that Field test engineer come near the problem area according to the Problem Area Sheet To describe types of problems and environments (no need to put the values of RSCP, Ec/No, etc) In case that Field test engineer finds a new problem area The criteria of problem area are:
Poor Best Servers RSCP coverage: best servers RSCP is less than -93dBm Poor Best Servers Ec/No coverage: best servers Ec/No is less than 9.6dB Excessive No. of SC (RSCP) : No. of SC >= 4 & Threshold of RSCP >= 93dBm


If Field test engineer finds a new problem area, he will enter the Company Confidential necessary matters (description problem property, values) in

During Drive Test (4)

Notes at the time of Logging Stop
Condition of the Logging Stop All planed tests are finished Field test engineer is directed to stop Logging A break is taken (i.e Lunch) Logging file is updated (every one hour) Equipment failures Notes The stop point is marked in the route map The Required matters are filled in the Drive Data Sheet Stop time, reason of stopping, value of odometer


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During Drive Test (5)

Notes at the time of measurement finished
Confirmation whether planned route is completed or not Confirmation whether data logging was performed in normal or not by
using Replay function of logging tool

The first, the data logged in measurement PC is confirmed. The data logged in PC card in Anritsu measurement tool is
confirmed if the data logged in measurement PC have some

Informing the office of the finish of measurement


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Data Management
File name definition
The measurement data files must be named as follows figure. In case that Auto Saving setting in Anritsu measurement tool is set to
Auto Increment File Name, the file is named automatically with only one increment of File No from second time if file is named manually with File No -001 at the first time.

However, they have to name the file with the continuous file number manually if they turn off the power so that file name setting is reset to default one.

Region Name

Date xx xx xx

Cluster Name

Drive team No



K yymmdd_
Region Name; North :N Central : C South :S Date; Measurement Date


Cluster Name; Cluster ID Block No,; Number of Cluster division (Cluster is divided by 1day drive unit) File No,; File Serial Number; L: Long Call S: Short Call


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Data Management (2)

Data Management
From measurement equipment, data is transferred to a database server for group access. In case CHT decides to create a library for future drive test reference, CDR should be made specially after whole drive test of the cluster is completed.
(in the car) (in the office)
Database Server
Card Reader

ML8720B SCANNER software

software Local Network


and PC-Card

Logged in this PC H/D This organization is different according to the network structure and the peripherals in the each office.


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Thank you


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