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Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley was born in London in 1797 to radical

philosopher, William Godwin, and Mary Wollstonecraft, author of A Vindication

of the Rights of Woman. Wollstonecraft died 11 days after giving birth, and young Mary was educated in the intellectual circles of her father's contemporaries. In 1814, at the age of seventeen, Mary met and fell in love with poet, Percy Bysshe Shelley. She ran away with him to France and they were married in 1816 after Shelley's wife committed suicide. Frankenstein addresses common Romantic themes of isolation and the

beauty of nature, but it also deals with loss, which Mary Shelley knew a great
deal about. Growing up motherless, Mary also lost her sister to suicide, as well as losing three of her own children to miscarriage and early childhood deaths. In 1822 her husband drowned in the Gulf of Spezzia, and she was left, twenty-

five years old, with only one remaining son. She remained unmarried and died
in London in 1851.


The story of the Frankenstein takes place in

Russia then transitions to Geneva, Switzerland late

1700s to Pacific Ocean via the Arctic Ocean but the

majority is set in Europe. The function of setting in this story is as a background of Action, because there is no connection between the stories with a setting.

The conflict which is presented in this story is external conflict,

the conflict between man and man ( victor frankenstein vs the

monster ) when the Monster is tempered by Victor Frankenstein when the monster felt life was empty without a partner, so he asked to

create a companion victor, but victor either make or companion for the
monster because he felt it would be a big problem if it happens. And the internal conflict is the conflict of spiritual, ( victor

frankenstein between believing of God ) because when victor saw her

beloved dog dies trampled by horses and arises their curiosity about science. when his thirst for knowledge of science he will forget God.

KNOWLADGE WITHOUT BELIEVING A GOD IS USELESS. Because nobody cant create the human life but only God can make it happen. some concerns are not fully addressed or answered. For instance, how much learning can man obtain without jeopardizing himself or others. Faith without deeds is based in vain, because if we want to do that God commands but our hearts still grumble that would be done in vain. Like we are building, however high, if there is no foundation, it would collapse. so do we want to do anything, like a good, let alone a bad, would be useful, like worldly, if there is no faith, his deeds fell down flat and do not think science is everything.

He is the smart man, kind, handsome, and genius. When he want to know about
secret of life and die, he realize knowledge is everything, and it will open that secret be possible to give a life for someone whether someone was die. He is never give up to learn some knowledge, until he continue his study at university and then he try to create someone life by using electricity although it impossible to do. But in fact he can do that, he make monster by himself. Victor Frankenstein not conscious that what he done, is something wrong it broke his life until everybody leave him.
Based on the main part or roles in the story Based on the possibility to change Based on the personal traits Based on normative value


The monster is crime, sensitive, killer, vengeance, and ugly creation of Victor Frankenstein, because he not accept his condition with ugly face, he try to protest with

Victor Frankenstein why he made his look a like monster and he need Victor make someone
be his couple in his life whether he feel abandonment without someone else beside him. But, Victor can not follow his needed, so he tried to broke life of Victor and kill everybody that have relationship with Victor. Based on the main part or role in the story Based on the possibility to change Based on the personal traits Based on the normative value


She is kind, loyal, patient, and the beautiful woman who love of Victor Frankenstein. She is the adopt of Victors family from her child, until her adult stay together with

Victors family, her life is very happy, but it little change when her foster mother die and
Victor go to his university. She is lonely after that she go to Victors University, she meet him with stress style, but she still loyal, accompany Victor when sick and then she get married with Victor until die to come her. Based on the main part or role in the story Based on the possibility to change Based on the personal traits Based on the normative value


PLOT Exposition ( beginning )

beginning of the story stems from the way toward the north pole victor frankenstein looking monster creations and wanted to kill him. then he met with the captain of a ship named robert walton and tell us all about his life. victor frankenstein live in a happy family and a family adopted a daughter named Elizabeth and they grow together. victor is a smart kid and has strong curiosity, and he intends to attend to univercity majored in science. then he meets science professor, and he became interested in the science that discusses the body's organs and functions. then he began to create a work that is animate dead bodies.

Rising Action ( Complication )

when the monster was alive he escaped and in his flight he read all the books that came from the victor, and he saw a house where there is

a happy family. he was to meet with victor frankenstein, when his

brother William playing jungle he met with the monster and the monster over and wanted to talk to him or her but instead embraced very strongly that william lose breath and die.

when the monster he created life he ran away, and also the monster flee and escape in the monster began to learn something that is a life partner. and he went to victor frankenstein monster make a companion for him. but Victor felt if he did there would be a bigger problem is going to happen, so he did not query that monster. and it makes the victor's monster felt angry and seek revenge when her marriage to elizabeth.

Failing Action
When the monster is said to be acts of revenge victor he began in the shadow of victor frankenstein when the wedding took place. elizabeth and victor and moved their new home, that's where they'll menepuh new life. but when night monsters come to their home and into the room and kill elizabeth elizabeth victor before my eyes. and his father was disappointed and drove his son victor of him, but when the victor go his

own father has died. and he vowed to kill the monster.

Resolution ( denoument )
victor frankenstein was heading north pole to catch the monster, and in the middle of the pursuit he was shot and he was eventually discovered by a squad or crew robert walton and there he received treatment and tells all about his life story to robert walton and later died. then the monster came and went victor and brought to be burned together so that they died together.

This story is very interesting, because in the story there are many intrigues and problems between man and his fellow man and especially a trust between man and God. This story is quite inspiring and also in terms of spritual story can remind us of the greatness of God than on science.There's

a lot more crying in the series especially on the Creature's part yet done
well enough that it's not boring. The one thing people seem to forget when they think of Frankenstein though, is that people were a lot less tolerant of differences to what was considered normal members of society during the era it was based in.