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Respiration is all process starting from inhaling the air , removing , and using oxygen for oxidation , until

the dismissal of vapour and carbon dioxide as the respiratory residue.

The human respiratory system is eqipped with respiratory organs including :

Nasal Cavity Pharinx

Trachea Left and right lung

Bronchiole Alveoli


Nares are the opening to the nose .Nasal Cavity is first place which is passed by the air from outside.The characteristics of nasal cavity are lined with cilia, Blood Capillaries , Mucous Membranes .The air from outside will be filtered by cilia , moistened by Mucous Membranes , warmed by blood.

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Air moves to the Pharynx, Pharynx is the beginning of the throat The root of the throat is larynx . Then air moves to larynx . The larynx is closed by epiglottis.The epiglottis can avoid the food from getting inside the respiratory track. When swallow some foods , the epiglottis will close the root of throat and when breath , the epiglottis will open the root of throat.In larynx , there is also vocal fold which will be trembled when the air was passing it.


Then the air move to the trachrea . Trachea is like a pipe which consist of cartilaginous rings. The rings of the throat prevent the throat from collapsing.The inner wall of the trachea is always hummi because it is layered with salivary membrane which are used to prevent an release dirt in the air that is not filtered by the hair an mucous membrane in nasal cavity.The trachea has two branches called bronchi .


Then the air moves to the bronchi . The bronchi is devided into two , they are left bronchi and right bronchi .In the lung bronchi has branches again called Bronchiole . The left bronchi branches into two bronchioles and the right bronchi branches into three bronchioles.The bronchioles are orifice in soft bubbles containing the air called as lungs air sac ( alveoli ) alveoli.The alveoli functions as the place in which the process of oxygen exchanges from the air an carbon dioxide from blood.The wall of alveoli are contained by Blood Capillaries.


The lung are consisted of left and right lung . the right lung consist of three lobes ang the left lung consist of two lobes .The lungs are protected with a membrane , which is called as the pleura.The pleusa used to protect the lungs from the friction cause by expanding and collapsing phenomenon when breathing process occurs.In the lung there are many alveoli . The wall of alveoli are contained by Blood Capillaries.The oxygen in the alveoli perforate the wall of alveoli and perforate Blood Capillaries which are surrounded by alveoli .After that the oxygen enter to the bloodstream and the oxygen will be tied up by haemoglobin forming oxyhaemoglobin and spread up to all part of body .


And at the same time carbon dioxside release from the bending condition on haemoglobin or carbaminohaemoglobin diffuse in the reversal direction and break to the capillary vessel wall going to all alveoli and continues to the bronchiole , bronchi , trachea , larynx .And in the end , it releases from the boy through the nasal cavity.