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Born 1951 in Queens, New York Received his BFA in Experimental Studios from Syracuse University in 1973. Specialized in visual art, studying under Jack Nelson, as well as electronic music, under Franklin Morris. During the 1970s, Bill lived in Europe (Florence, Italy) producing one of the first video art studios in Europe. He also traveled around the world to study and record traditional performing arts. Married Kira Perov, a cultural arts director, and they have spent a lifelong collaboration working and traveling together. Music has been an important part of Bills life and work, incorporating many ensembles in his work. -

Violas video art works have been seen all over the world. Some of his exhibitions include installations in: - Museum of Modern Art - Whitney Museum of American Art - Guggenheim Museum - Deutsche Guggenheim Berlin - J. Paul Getty Museum - National Gallery in London - Fondacion La Caixa in Madrid - National Gallery of Australia - Mori Art Museum in Tokyo - Zahenta National Gallery of Art - Church of San Gallo - Palazzo delle Esposizioni

Recipient of numerous awards and honors including John D and Catherine T MacArthur Foundation Fellowship, Medienkunstpreis, and honorary doctorates from Syracuse University, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, California Institute of the Arts, Royal College of Art. He has many other awards and honors as well.

Bill Violas work has long displayed a concern with the artistic possibilities of emotion, connecting viscerally with the viewer. Bonnie Clearwater, MOCA Executive Director and Chief Curator Viola led an emerging generation of 1970s video artists that includes Nam June Paik, Bruce Nauman, and others Much of his work is done in color or B&W video projections captured in slow-motion. The videos often capture an individual, or groups, emotion to a particular event. Artistic expression depends upon electronic, sound, and image technology in New Media. Popular works include: - Three Women, 2008 - Ocean Without A Shore, 2008 - Transfiguration, 2007 - The Passions, 2003 - Observance, 2002 - Five Angels for the Millennium, 2001 - Four Hands, 2001 - Surrender, 2001 - The Quintet of the Astonished, 2000 - Fire, Water, Breath, 1997 - The Reflecting Pool, 1979

An Ocean Without A Shore

Five Angels

The Quintet of the Astonished

Catherines Room

Room for St. John of the Cross

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What do you think is Bill Violas most successful aspect of his installations? How would sitting in one of his installations make you feel? How is Bill Viola a new media artist? Even though you do no directly interact with his work, do you find is interactive? Do you enjoy his work? -

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