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FCE (B2)


PART 1. Interview
In Part 1 of the Speaking test, you will be asked questions on the following areas: Likes and dislikes Education and work Free time Holidays and travel Media Personal experience Daily life Science and technology

1. Where are you from? 2. How old are you? 3. What do you like about living here? 4. What is your favourite colour? 5. Do you prefer to spend more time on your own or with other people? 6. Do you enjoy playing computer games? 7. What is your favourite part of the day? 8. Are you married? 9. Do you find it easy to study where you live? 10. What sort of music do you listen to? 11. Where would you like to go on holiday in the future? 12. How much TV do you watch in a/per week?

PART 2. Long-turn
This is the individual long turn part. You speak for one minute without interruption, comparing two photos which the interlocutor gives you.
What skill is being tested? Your ability to organise your thoughts and ideas and express yourself clearly using appropriate language.

Describing the picture: in the centre, at the top, at the bottom, the picture on the right/left, the first / second photo

Comparing: however, on the other hand, similarly, comparative + than ...

Expressing opinion: s/he must be ...(ing), cant be...(ing), Id prefer to

Both photos show teenagers playing, but in a very different way. In the first picture we can see a group of teenagers who are doing sports outside. It's a very sunny day and they seem to be enjoying themselves.
In the second picture, we can see two teenagers playing a videogame, they are inside and they seem to be very concentrated on what they are doing. In the first picture, all the girls are wearing sport clothes and in the second picture both young men are wearing a pair of jeans an a shirt.

Personally, I like what the girls are doing much more, they are outside, doing sports, meeting other girls the same age and talking to them. Besides they seem to be enjoying the fresh air and the sunny day, while in the second picture both boys are sitting and seem to be a bit stressed. I'm sure they are enjoying themselves, but it doesn't show on their faces. The photos show the contrasts between how young people spend their free time in our modern society. In my opinion, the situation in the second picture is becoming more and more common. I think there should be a balance between the two. You can spend time playing videogames, but it's also important to spend your free time outside doing sports


Do you usually play videogames?

Do you do any sports?

((Key expressions for talking about pictures))

Part 3. Collaborative Task

In this part you will be asked to discuss something together without interrupting by the examiner. You will have a page of pictures to help you.

Part 4. Discussion
Finally, in this part the examiner encourages you to develop the discussion in Part 3 by asking questions such as:

Do you like adventure holidays? Has anything like ever happened to you? How did you react? How dangerous is it to go on safari holidays?