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Promotional Strategies Television Radio Print Media Internet Outdoor Sales Promotions Other Recommendations

The main objective of the presentation is to figure out

the promotional tools and strategies used by the pizza hut in India to promote there brand and products.

Founded in Wichita, Kansas in 1958 by brothers Dan and

Frank Carney. Bangalore in June 1996. First international restaurant chain. Pioneering the pizza market in India. With a 27% market share of the eating out market. Over 70,000 footfall per day across the country. Pizza Hut is one of the flagship brands of Yum ! Brands, Inc. which also has KFC, taco Bell, A&W and Long john Silvers under its umbrella . Worlds largest casual dining restaurant chain over 13,000 restaurant across 97 countries and 143 stores across 34 cities in India.

Advertising is non-personal communication

transmitted through mass media as radio, television, print, internet and outdoor media. The main objective behind every campaign is either to increase sales by encouraging potential purchasers or inducing repeat purchases or prompting immediate purchase by offering special schemes or to create awareness about the new product offering by highlighting a new flavour or announcing price changes or demonstrating the product in use by depicting an experience.

Target Audience To deliver a target audience of men and women, ages 18- 55. Preferably in households with three or more persons and children. Special attention will be given to those with middle and upper income and education. Geography To provide a base of advertising nationally, with additional advertising placed in areas that have historically had the greatest sales. Special attention will be given to areas based on developing brand potential as the preferred fast food and delivery service. Continuity To deliver advertising throughout the year. Flighting and pulsing strategies will be arranged in accordance with specific periods of peak sales.

a) Television will be the primary medium for the new Pizza Hut campaign. b) Network television outlets allow national coverage and expanded reach to all target audiences. c) Through national cable television the campaign can reach special demographics, and run more targeted commercials. d) Different times, day parts, and shows allow for further selectivity. e) Allows great creative flexibility with the integration of sight, sound, and motion, and makes possible dramatic representations of the product.

a) Radio will support television advertising. b) It allows for more frequency than the other media. c) Stations are already segmented so it is easy to target specific markets by different station formats or programming. d) Radio is less expensive than television.

Print Media
Newspapers, magazines, pamphlets, posters etc are being used by pizza hut for their promotion, and pamphlets are being send through mails or hand delivered to its potential and regular customer.

a) Newspapers will also be used for the Pizza hut campaign. b) It is a medium capable of reaching numerous market segments. c) It allows for individualized local advertising. d) Allows greater control of geographic placement. e) Also serve as a medium to supply promotional material such as Sunday coupons and special offers.

a) Internet advertising will run in the Pizza Hut website. b) The campaign will consist of embedded banner ads in the Pizza Hut and Pizza Hut sponsored websites. c) Pizza Hut has used their website in order to reinforce their advertisements and product promotions. d) It allows for cross-promotions. e) Allows an interactive campaign with direct feedback potential. f) Proximity to purchase, promotions are offered when consideration for an internet delivery order is taking place. g) Integrates all types of media thus establishing the integrated marketing strategy h) Since it is using the Pizza Hut website it is considerably inexpensive.

a) Outdoor advertising will consist entirely of billboards. b) They are permanent and can not be turned off by consumers. c) There is a greater reach and frequency than other media for the cost. d) Billboards allows for geographic and demographic flexibility. e) There is a low cost per thousand.

Sales Promotion
Coupons and Rebate

They offer discount coupons in physical form with every purchase we make. Now even online deals are popular in India.

Premiums and Gifts Pizza hut offers gift vouchers as a gift to someone special on marriages, birthday and anniversary etc.

Sweep takes and Games

It was at the time of launch of cheesy bites in US when they introduced naion wide online sweep takers contest to win an autographed pair of shoes by Jessica Simpson.
Sampling Point of purchase Material

Pizza hut interiors are done same for every store and they also come up with innovative POP materials to attract the attention of its customers Ex spin the wheel, danglers and posters.


Premiums & Gifts




Samplings & Games

Pizza Hut follow the Strategy of Think Global, Act Local for

eg : Very First Pizza hut which was launched in Bangalore, India served complete vegetarian meals. All marketing activities as market research, advertisements and restaurants interiors are done using similar methods. Marketing Know-how and skills are transferred from one country to another. Eg: Franchising Model is used successfully in all the countries by pizza hut. In china along with serving pizzas, they also serve Sangria(A Spanish drink of red wine mixed with lemonade, fruit, and spices) and Escargot(A snail) For Spice lovers in India they Launched The Pizza Hut Tandoori Treat For the cheese lovers in US, they launched cheesy bites pizza and stuffed crust pizza.

Should be innovative in terms of product that surprise the

consumers. They should have a drop box where consumers can recommend or give a feedback apart from the bell they have at the starting of the main gate. Pay attention to the untapped segment of Senior citizen, form a senior club for old people which can organize activities for oldies. Pizza hut can do more innovative promotions as done in US and UK, which will increase its brand awareness and brand equity.