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Building a Green Home

Its Easier Than You Thinkwith some Forethought!


Who Was Involved? Ensuring Green Success Making the Project Green Challenges What We Did Right Whats Next?

Who Was Involved?

Who was involved?

Me: Tom Termini, the owner, and eventually the General Contractor Mairin Coleman, my wife and the ultimate customer/boss

Tom Shiner, AIA


Tim Bennet, Mason Harvey Hottel, HVAC Franklin Plumbing MR Electricians Corely Roofing Christian Sanchez, general carpentry

Ensuring Green Success

Three Things Made this Project Work:

1. Site 2. Budget 3. Design

First, a We Got a Site

Location, Location, etc.

Patience we looked for more than a year We knew roughly what areas we liked We lucked out the property backs to a park and has older trees The site allows for excellent south-eastern exposure, and is on a hill top

Second, Budget

Baseline: We priced houses that were larger, wouldnt need work, and that we could afford We opted for reasonable size and amenities that were not extravagant
We made green a goal, because it met our requirements for efficiency and low maintenance

Finally, Design
We knew some things we wanted...
Efficiency, Low Maintenance Simple, Modern Look Something Affordable

...And Some Things We Didnt: Cost-Overruns Cheesy Half-Baked

Green Came NaturallyWe Got an Architect to Help

Cohesive, Big-Picture Approach Design! Technically Complex Expertise Required An Ally

Making The Project Green

Design To Aid Cooling

High-placed Celestory Windows Promote Convection Sky Light that opens to help make the Central Stairwell a Chimney Trees on site provide shade in summer and from western sun


Reflective Membrane Roof

Renewable Materials
Bamboo Floors

Recycled the Concrete from Demolition

Gas-charged High-R-Value Windows + Doors

Extra-Thick Walls Permit More Insulation

The Drill Rig

Geothermal Heat Pump

Geothermal Heat Pump

Not Just a House, But a Home for My Family


Retrofitting is Tough

What We Did Right

What We Did Right

Got an Architect Sized Appropriately Choose Three Things to Go Green With

Whats Next?

Whats Next?

We pre-wired for a residential Fuel Cell, which is being tested by Ballard Power in Japan New types of Photovoltaics may be an option (rate-of-return on current systems too low)