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Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management Landscape

Sales of enterprise content management software for KM are are expected to grow 35% annually though 2006, even though overall s/w sales are projected to grow only 6% annually.

About 55% of the U.S. labor force consists of knowledge and information workers.

Data to Knowledge Hierarchy

Wisdom Knowledge Information Data

Data to Knowledge Hierarchy

Less is






Data to Knowledge Hierarchy

Data: Raw Facts Information: Processed data Knowledge: Discover patterns, rules and contexts

Wisdom: involves where, when and how to apply knowledge

Processes Involved in Knowledge Management :

Capturing Storing Applying

Mapping Acquiring Sharing Creating


Knowledge Management Depends Upon Acceptance and Effective Utilization of Technologies

Buying a computer does not make one a better programmer. Similarly, just acquiring new technologies does not make an organisation better at Managing Knowledge. What is critical is acceptance and effective utilisation of the technologies.

Sowhat is knowledge management?

Knowledge management (KM) is an effort to increase useful knowledge within the organization. Ways to do this include encouraging communication, offering opportunities to learn, and promoting the sharing of appropriate knowledge artifacts.
McInerney, C. (2002). Knowledge management and the dynamic nature of knowledge. JASIST, 53 (2).

Types of Knowledge
Tacit Knowledge Explicit Knowledge

Dimensions of Knowledge
Knowledge is a firm Asset Knowledge has different Forms Knowledge has a Location Knowledge is Situational

Knowledge Management Value Chain

KM refers to the set of business processes developed in an organization to create, store, transfer and apply knowledge

Effective KM is 80% managerial and organizational and 20% technology

Knowledge Management Value Chain

Knowledge Acquisition: Documents, reports, presentations, e-mails

Knowledge Storage: Database, index, tag documents Knowledge Dissemination: E-mail, instant messaging, sharing documents, search engines Knowledge Application