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The Inner Workings of a Converged Infrastructure Chapter 4

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The Inner Workings of a Converged Infrastructure
• Converged infrastructure solutions enable all resources and processes to be controlled by a shared-services engine that makes the most efficient use of IT, facility, and staff resources.


converged infrastructure for


Requirements and design principles
• It’s these areas that bring the core technologies together in the most optimal manner and make it easier to align your people and processes to gain the full value of convergence. • A converged infrastructure is :

Orchestrated :
You orchestrate the business request with the applications, data, and infrastructure ,define policies and service levels through automated workflows.

Modular :
Allows you to integrate new technologies with existing investments without having to start over.

converged infrastructure for


operating systems. and network connections from the underlying hardware. easier and faster to reallocate resources to match the changing needs. Open : You build on standard. Resilient : You integrate fault tolerant missioncritical technologies and high availability and security policies. common architectures and management aligned to your preferred virtual machine platform. 3/15/2013 converged infrastructure for 4 .Requirements and design principles Virtualized: Virtualization separates the applications. and applications. data.

Foundational architecture • HP Converged Infrastructure is built on a next-generation IT architecture that creates a common management platform for a shared-services environment. 3/15/2013 converged infrastructure for 5 .

Enables resiliency and flexibility to support applications Accelerates standardization to drive higher levels of automation and increase productivity. storage. and repurposed to match any application demand quickly and efficiently.HP Virtual Resource Pools It establish a common modular infrastructure of virtualized server. divided. and I/O resources that can be combined. 3/15/2013 converged infrastructure for 6 . Benefits: Significantly increases total utilization by freeing capacity to support applications.

HP Data Center Smart Grid • It provides intelligent energy management across systems and facilities to optimize and adapt energy use. reclaim trapped facility capacity. • Benefits: Reduces costs for powering and cooling IT systems. Extends the useful lifespan of facilities and other capital investments. and reduce energy costs. 3/15/2013 converged infrastructure for 7 . Improves reliability across IT and facilities.

virtual I/O network that consolidates Ethernet and storage networks onto a single fabric.HP FlexFabric • As part of the HP FlexNetwork portfolio. 3/15/2013 converged infrastructure for 8 . Dynamically adapts network protocols and scale capacity to match application demand on the fly. wired-once. creates a common. • Benefits : Lowers network complexity and cost. Instantly migrates connections as applications move across different resources.

Optimizing your entire infrastructure more confidently. • Benefits : Provisioning of services in minutes instead of months.HP Matrix Operating Environment • Infrastructure lifecycle management allows you to manage and automate resources — from infrastructure to application. Protecting continuity of services. 3/15/2013 converged infrastructure for 9 .

It enables an agile data center to provision services from pools of resources requested by the users. and local or remote disaster recovery will be enabled 3/15/2013 converged infrastructure for 10 .Examining Common Components HP Converged Infrastructure relies on a common set of components. availability. Depending on the SLA. the required scalability. provide a core for solution deployments to enhance the maturity and agility level of the entire IT environment. These pools of resources will be orchestrated to deliver the services requested via service catalogs based on business service level agreements (SLAs).

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into the IT service management processes. and into the tools that ensure availability and performance of business processes and applications.Examining Common Components A converged infrastructure doesn’t exist in isolation. HP Converged Infrastructure is able to link into larger-scale automation flows. It provides infrastructure services for business processes and applications. 3/15/2013 converged infrastructure for 12 .

Finding the Right Converged Infrastructure Solution Chapter 5 3/15/2013 converged infrastructure for dummies 13 .

Big Bang Approach 3/15/2013 converged infrastructure for 14 .

pretested. 3/15/2013 converged infrastructure for 15 . standards based technology building blocks all designed for convergence.Transform or Evolve through a Portfolio of Flexible Solutions You can deploy : • A fully operational next-generation data center delivered quickly through converged or modular data centers. next generation applications. • A complete portfolio of converged systems that are prebuilt. • A complete and leading portfolio of modular. and cloud computing. and tuned for virtualization.

3/15/2013 converged infrastructure for 16 .

and increasing their data center agility and flexibility. 3/15/2013 converged infrastructure for 17 . reduced capital expenditures.Converged Data Centers • HP Performance Optimized Datacenters (PODs) are data centers in portable 20 or 40-foot energy efficient containers. • The HP PODs deliver data center efficiency. operational costs. which are ideal for customers who need to rapidly scale their data center while reducing capital investments. and savings in energy costs as compared to traditional brick and mortar data centers.

3/15/2013 converged infrastructure for 18 . software. and services into turn key solutions.HP Converged Systems HP Converged Systems are designed to deliver faster time to application value — and time to business success. They simplify the deployment and optimization of application environments by integrating hardware.

management. and hypervisor resources. storage. 3/15/2013 converged infrastructure for 19 . networking.HP Virtual System • It is delivered as a complete. highperformance virtualized system that is preintegrated — with optimized server. • HP Virtual System helps you eliminate performance bottlenecks with a balanced architecture that’s optimized for virtualized applications.

HP Cloud System • The HP Cloud System integrates servers. and reduce time to revenue. solution support. you will speed innovation. and (SaaS). storage. security. (PaaS). HP Cloud System • Provides infrastructure-asa-service. and management to automate the application-to-infrastructure life cycle for hybrid service delivery. accelerate business processes. Matrix HP Cloud System • Provide (IaaS). networking. Enterprise HP Cloud System • Provide public cloud IaaS and SaaS Service Provider 3/15/2013 converged infrastructure for 20 . • As a result.

solution support. networking. and hypervisor resources. It’s everything you need in a single solution. They also include common management and security approaches. storage.HP AppSystems HP AppSystems are built on a common architecture that is designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing environment. 3/15/2013 converged infrastructure for 21 . These systems bring together your applications with high-performance server.

Changing the rules of networking • The HP Flex Network architecture: Based on open-standards & is certified to operate in heterogeneous environments. Enables scale in two dimensions: features and performance. Is secured by industry-leading Tipping Point solutions. Offers a common operating experience to network administrators. Delivers agility with advanced 1. 3/15/2013 converged infrastructure for 22 .and 2tier architectures and SOA-based network management.

How HP Can Help Chapter 6 3/15/2013 converged infrastructure for dummies 23 .

Reference Architecture Design Guide • It include architectural blueprints for virtualization. applications (for instance ERP. collaboration). • It provide deployable configurations and product mappings that make up the actual solution. 3/15/2013 converged infrastructure for 24 . messaging. and cloud.

• HP CI-MM considers both HP and non-HP hardware. and work environments. manage. converged infrastructure for 25 . • HP measures your IT organizational structure. roles. responsibilities.HP Converged Infrastructure Maturity Model • HP evaluates your IT organization’s current state across four domains: Demand. software. supply. and IT governance: Technology and architecture Management tools and processes: Culture and IT staff 3/15/2013 • HP measures your business’s demand for infrastructure services and how they are delivered by your IT organization. network. and infrastructure applications • HP examines the existing resources you have available to plan. and improve infrastructure service delivery.

5 Adaptively sourced infrastructure (most mature): IT is automated and reallocated based on business process needs.HP Converged Infrastructure Maturity Model 1 Compartmentalized (least mature): IT is dedicated to individual projects using ad hoc management tools and processes. 3 Optimized: Technologies. IT is regarded as a cost center. architectures. IT is a trusted partner for business innovation. 4 Automated/Service-Oriented: IT is offered as a service. with tiered service levels supported by service centric integrated IT processes. 3/15/2013 converged infrastructure for 26 . and management are virtualized and rationalized across functional IT infrastructure expert teams. 2 Standardized: Technologies and architectures are standardized. allowing for easier management and lower costs.

Kick-Start Your Cloud Journey with HP • HP Cloud Discovery Workshop: helps organizations quickly get stakeholder buy-in and make decisions about cloud opportunities while getting everyone on the same page and to the same level of understanding. • HP Cloud Start:  Request a compute service from a number of predefined choices and prices  Have the service provisioned immediately from a portal  Scale or cancel the service easily  Use the service and not worry about security. management. upgrade  Receive a regular report on service consumption 3/15/2013 converged infrastructure for 27 .

network. storage. • Enterprise Cloud Services: HP Enterprise Cloud Services provide server. 3/15/2013 converged infrastructure for 28 . You pay only for the resources you use — nothing more. and security bundles you consume as a service.Kick-Start Your Cloud Journey with HP • HP Cloud Maps: Cloud Maps can save weeks of development time to quickly get your key applications up and running in the cloud — which all equates to freeing your IT team for other tasks.

and training. enhanced HP end-user focused marketing support 3/15/2013 converged infrastructure for 29 . common platforms and build the data center of the future. and more. storage.Programs for Customers and Partners • HP ExpertONE : The program enables you to gain the valuable skills you need to integrate servers. ✓ Preferred Partner: Includes all the HP Business Partner benefits as well as access to sales rebates and other financial benefits. support. HP financing. marketing support. and networks into open. • HP PartnerONE : ✓ Business Partner: Provides basic partner benefits including promotions. ✓ Elite Partner (HP Converged Infrastructure Elite): Includes all the HP Preferred Partner benefits as well as dedicated channel sales support. special growth incentives.

storage management.Programs for Customers and Partners • HP AllianceONE : It supports technical development and delivery of solutions across a wide array of specializations including the cloud. hosting. • HP ServiceONE : It is a new specialization within the industry leading HP PartnerONE program that enables partners to significantly expand their technology services portfolio with HP. security. networking. business intelligence. management. 3/15/2013 converged infrastructure for 30 .

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