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Talent Management Practices at Google

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1. The Googley way

2. Getting into Google 3. Being a Googler 4. Performance at Google

1. The Googley way

Innovation & Creativity
20% time Blue Sky Regular surveys: The annual Job Satisfaction Survey, the Engineering Team survey, the Sales Team Survey Many external events reflects a combination of their excellent recruiting practices and their awareness of the internal culture they want to maintain


The diversity and inclusion initiatives focus on three key areas:

Changing the face of the technology industry Creating a workplace that works for everyone Empowering diverse businesses and communities online

Neither dress code nor formal daily meetings TGIF: employees to ask questions of senior leadership about the companys strategic direction and performance It isnt about the money rather its a lifestyle that breeds innovative superiority over the competition Believes in Changing the world through teamwork and creative involvement Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) provide valuable opportunities to grow personally and develop professionally
We strive to cultivate a wholly inclusive workplace everywhere we operate in the world


Boston Pride - 1st Annual Pink Trumpet Award (2011) Deutscher Diversity Preis - Best Diversity Employer Brand, Germany (2011) Equality Foundation - Hyacinth Tolerance Award (2010)

Fortune Magazine's #1 on 100 Best Companies To Work For (2007, 2008, 2011, 2012) Out & Equal - Significant Achievement in Workplace Equality Award
Out & Equal - Workplace Excellence Award winner (2012)

The Times UK: Top 50 Places Women Want to Work (2007, 2008, 2011)

2. Getting into Google

The five components that Google emphasizes on(Crisp, 2010):

Ethics Numbers (getting measurable results and managing by them) Innovation Collaboration Diversity

Google targets a talented management team that shares these core values as their own. Resulting is a HR-centric strategic vision, to bring in the best in order to be the best.

Hiring the right people is a key HR philosophy at Google. Experience, sex, background, nor age is a deciding factor in the hiring process. Reinventing HR: Wants to get the right talent through use of analytics and quantitative methods of management The People and Innovation Lab (PiLab) conduct focused investigations to determine the most effective approaches to people management determining what backgrounds and capabilities are associated with high performance and what factors are likely to lead to attrition (Davenport, 2010). Innovative Methods of recruitment:
Pre-employment tests Google Lab Aptitude Test (GLAT) Billboard Puzzles

Represent Googles culture, enhancing the attractiveness to job-seekers Hosts external events to bring about awareness of the internal culture and the kind of people they look for

Recruitment Process
Data Driven Adwords Contests Brainteasers Friends of Google Employee Referral College Recruiting Professional Networking Recruiter Training

Philosophy of Google that one exceptional employee is worth more than an entire group of average level workers as many Google services were initiated by one person (Social Machinery, 2008). HR managers ensure that proper documentations are in place describing the roles and responsibilities for the vacant positions and other requirements as well. Leadership team at Google have literally crafted every professional job and workplace element so that all employees are:
Working on interesting work Learning continuously Constantly challenged to do more Feeling that they are adding value Suitable Profile Search. Challenging Interviews and selection process. On boarding of the candidate. Feedback from Multiple Zgoog

Steps in the process:

3. Being a Googler

Training & Development

Mandatory T&D sessions min 120 hrs/year Most popular is called S.I.Y or search inside yourself, Special class for new managers and executives-how to exert influence in more subtle ways Googleedu in 2010- built by and for engineers Professional development opportunities: individual and team presentation skills, content development, business writing, executive speaking, delivering feedback, and management/leadership Free foreign language lessons On-The-job learning, training through classes conducted by higher officials, frequent departmental meetings and lectured by famous personnel. New leadership development programs to help develop and support Googles future leaders
There is a strong culture of innovation and experimentation at google with engineers encouragedv to take 20% of their time to develop new product or service offerings, or to provide enhancements to current offerings.- Gmail, Google News, Orkut, and AdSense

Innovation and creativity


Most sought after and yet one of the most underpaying employers in the industry.

1st company where the Board of Directors requested for a reduction in their salaries and
compensation program, also called pay-for-performance Compensation manager benchmarking, bonus planning , option grants, The innovative Stock Option system at Google ensures that all employees get compensated competitively thanks to the remarkable equity growth

Perks & Benefits

A partial list of Googles I bet you dont have that where you work benefits include:

A pub-style lounge in Dublin, Ireland

4. Performance at Google

Performance Appraisal
Performance review twice a year ( Major at the end of the year and a smaller mid year)

Self Assessment

360 degree Approach

Peer Review


Supervis or Review

Subordinate Review

Performance Management

Performance management over performance appraisal

Project Oxygen

Autonomy to employees

Acquisitions and Mergers with Start-ups

Project Oxygen
The aim of the project was to find out what the best managers at Google do to have teams with individuals that perform better, are retained better, and are happier

The goal was to provide a leadership program that was "scalable" across the company's 70 offices

>30,000 employees

(Who am I? What are my strengths? What do I care about? What's my work style preference?) Given what I know about myself, how could I act intentionally to have a better impact, rather than reacting to environment or emotional triggers?)

No two people are the same. "One size fits one. How do we be mindful of difference of experiences, different learning styles, Self-of learning, andSelf different paces interests in different learning mediums and formats?"



We don't want to reinvent the wheel every time. It needs to be locally relevant, but surely there are some principles that we can carry across."
It's got to Social feel "Googley". Relationship awareness management "Google didnt run on expensive infrastructure initially, but using off-the-shelf hardware connected together. So we also wanted to do this ourselves. What can we build, rather than buy? What information exists that we can leverage, and how can we leverage it?"
Who are the others? What do they care about? What are their needs and aspirations?)

Given what I know about myself, and what I know about the other person, and how I care about our relationship, how can I act to better foster that relationship?)

Emerging Leaders Program (ELP)

Managers identify emerging leaders on their team through analytics and data driven technologies This five-month program was based
Face-to-face sessions Web based learning


Put into teams across divisions

on the Google leadership framework Program to directly supports Google strategic goals, while teaching specific leadership skills

Personal Executive Asked to identify, plan and begin to implement a business Coaching and project based on the companys strategic initiatives Internal Mentoring

Each team presents their results to a group of vice presidents and several executives

Emerging Leaders Program

Google also sought to develop more people, more efficiently by using leading-edge learning technology.

Succession planning
Redesigned its organogram and clearly developed a career path for every job position., Developing of a Technical Competency Inventory model

HRIS ; The above model was incorporated in the HRIS of the company

Performance Evaluation

Training modules