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Notes from lecture by Shaykh Asrar Rasheed


Sunan Abi Dawood Usman bin Maz'un(') s grave a huge unliftable boulder put by RasulAllah ( ) Himself. So that the place to bury His() blessed relatives be known. Sahih Bukhari Kitabul janaiz- young Sahaba practiced highjump over it Sahih Bukhari Wife of Imam Hasan ( ) placed a tent over grave of sayyiduna Hasan Musannah (son of imam Hasan ( )) for ONE year, then later removed it

Musannaf ibn abi Shaybah Sayyiduna Umar ( ) placed a tent over the grave of sayyidah Zaynab() "daraba ala qabriha fustatan Student of Abdullah Ibn Abbas ( ) placed a tent over his grave in the city of ta'if. Adab-ul-mufrad Walls and roof over the rawdah mubarak of RasulAllah () of height that an average man could enter easily.

Fuqaha have ruled: building structures over graves

of commonners makruh-tanzeehi
Rawdah mubarak incorporated into Masjid-an-

Nabawi( ) at time of Sayyiduna Umar bin Abdul-Aziz( ) in presence of many companions and major successors such as Sayyiduna Saeed bin Musayyib ()
They cried cause now people would not be able to

see the unassuming nature of the house of the Master of both worlds Nabiyina RasulAllah( ) . Not because of the expansion of the blessed masjid!
This establishes IJMA of sahaba and tabieen upon

incorporation of the blessed Rawdah into the masjid.

The Noble house of RasulAllah()

which is also His( ) resting place, had four walls and a roof dome?

If roof is permissible why not a curved roof or

Shaykhayn passed away outside blessed chambers:

Sayyiduna wa Imamuna Abubakr as-siddiq () in his own house, present babu Abu-Bakr-as-siddiq () and Sayyiduna wa Imamuna was martyred in the masjid ash-shareef but were laid to rest IN the walled and roofed Rawdah Mubarak which establishes permissibility for a non-Prophet
Also the Blessed grave of RasulAllah(

)was curved i.e raised above ground- not flat

So far we established permissibility of:

1. Arms length high structure around the grave to

protect it
2. Four walls and roof around it 3. Dome as a type of roof Shaykh Ahmed Zarruq (alayhirrahmah) was one of the

staunchest opponents of mutasawwifs of his time: Ruddatu-Murid-as-sadiq, Qawaid-ut-tasawwuf etc. yet his body was targeted by the dogs of Najd.


Vol9: Prohibition of women from visiting graves.

Some Fuqaha have allowed veiled women to visit

But AlaHadhrat Azeemul Barakat Azeemul Martabat

Shaykhuna Imam Ahmed Rida Khan Al- Baraylwi (QaddasAllahu sirruhu wa NawwarAllahu marqadahu) deemed it next to impossible and impractical in his times, more so in ours

to other than Allah(Subhanuwata'ala) Haram

Placing candles over graves, other than for guiding

passersby is Haram

The Najdis have a history of desecrating the

Blessed resting places of Sahaba and Awliya

When Ibn Abdul Wahhab (may Allah The Qahhar) give

him what he deserves) came to power, he ordered someone to demolish the blessed grave of Sayyiduna Uthman ( ) but at the first hit itself the man was struck in the eye by a piece of stone and he went blind in that eye, so they let it be. It is also said that after this Ibn Abdul Wahhab took the hammer and himself started hitting the blessed grave!
They demolished ALL the graves of the noble sahaba

in Al-Baqi-Al-Shareef

Reportedly, the saudis have built lavatories upon

the blessed resting place of the beloved wife of RasulAllah() , the first woman to accept Islam, Umm-ul-Mu'mineen Sayyidatuna Khadijat-ul-Kubra (radhiAllahuanha wa nawwarAllahu Qabraha)
The Tareeq-ul-Hijrah, the route traversed by

RasulAllah(sallallahualayhiwasallam)when migrating to Madinah Al-Munawwarah, had to one side of it the noble house of Sayyiduna AbuBakr As-Siddique( ), this was demolished and the place rented out to KFC, Hilton hotel etc. !
The saudi (un) royal family and najdis are hand in

hand with the zionists in destroying our sacred heritage, whether in Palestine or elsewhere.

In 2012, with NATO backing, several graves were

destroyed in Libya, Syria, Tunisia, and Timbuktu (where entire libraries have been set ablaze)
In Libya the blessed resting place of the Sahabi

Zuhayr bin Qays) ) was bombed

The tomb of Shaykh Ahmed Zarruq (rahimahullah), a

major scholar of the 8th century AH, was demolished and his blessed body exhumed!
The ahlusunnah have been and will continue to

protest and warn about this movement until all these historical sites are restored and our sacred heritage preserved

Sayyidah 'Ayisha (radhiAllahuanha) narrates

When king of eithiopia, Najashi (radhiAllahuanu), passed away, RasulAllah( ) performed his funeral prayer in masjid-ash-shareef, and his bier was miraculously brought close,and after his blessed body was placed in the grave a light was seeen emanating from it: this shows that the resting places of awliya and sahaba are blessed
Muqaddimah Sunan-Ad-Darimi

Everyday a fresh batch of 70,000 angles descend and cover the Blessed Rawdah of RasulAllah( )with their wings

Poem on blessed pillars of al-Muwahaja-tush-Shareefa Ya Khaira Man Dufinat fil 'Ardi 'aazumuhu Fa Taba bi Tibihina al-'ardu wal -aqamuh Nafsi al Fidaau li Qabrin anta Saakinuhu Fihi al 'ifaafu wa fihi al judu wal Karamu O Best of those buried in the earth, and Greatest Purified by it has become, the earth and without My soul be ransom for the grave that Thee resteth in In it is Forgiveness and Generosity and Benevolence
Said by a bedouin who visited the Blessed Rawdah.

Mentioned in Tafsir of Surah An-Nisa, verse 63: Qurtubi, Ibn Kathir etc.

The Ahlussunnah have a history of Protecting and

honoring the Blessed Resting Place of RasulAllah ()

Around the Blessed Chambers is poetry, Sultan Abdul

Hameed(rahimahullah) had it written, now many lines painted over by najdis

Sultan Abdul Majeed (rahimahullah) of the ottoman

empire did the last sunni extension of al-Masjid An-Nabawi, 1256 AH, had Dalailul Khayrat written on the walls surrounding the Blessed Chambers

Sultan Nooruddeen Zangi (rahimahullah), before

fighting the crusaders toppled the rawafid who had seized political control over Madina alMunawwarah.
Similarly Sultan Salah Al-Deen Ayyubi's uncle,

Shirku, was sent to Eygpt to subdue the Fatimid Shi'a ursupers, before fighiting the crusaders
He built the iron-ore protective-covering around

the Blessed Grave when, upon being alerted by RasulAllah ( ) via a dream, he apprehended then executed two blonde spies from the west who intended to exhume the Pure and Luminious, Sacred Body of RasulAllah ()

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