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coresuite country package 3.80 coresuite time 3.80 coresute cube 3.80 coresuite mobile 2.3.

9 Feature List ________________________

coresystems ag

New Features Overview (1) coresuite country package / mobile

Pingen Integration Journal Entries Importer Booking Wizard (automated postings) Enterprise Search
Extended search for Journal Entries

Import/Export of UDTs new rules for Brazil localization

new Parameter $[User]

New Features Overview (2) coresuite country package / mobile

Designer - Read Data directly from Form coresuite cube enhancements
UDFs Predefined Templates Powerview Integration

Official Certification of country package for B1 on Demand SAP on HANA - coresuite framework - coresuite customize

New Features Overview (3) coresuite country package / mobile

Checklist Integration in SAP B1 coresuite moblie
New Module Opportunity Management Switch Company available in Menu Approvals History New PDF-Export options for Service Calls coresuite mobile on ANDROID

coresuite time
Permission to forbid editing time recording New Parameters (BaseObjNum, TechnicianName, EffortTypeDesc)

Pingen - Integration
Administration > AddOns > Pingen configuration Send documents by letter post from your desktop worldwide. Fast and at a very reasonable price Saves costs for WORK PAPER STAMPS Example Calculation: 100 letters internally = Costs EUR 200.100 letters via Pingen = Costs EUR 98. Calculator: The pingen integration can be downloaded from

Journal Entries Importer

Financials > Import Journal Vouchers from Excel Excel-Import of Journal Entries Suitable for Companies having external Accountants Approval-Process through Vouchers

Booking Wizard
Financials > Booking Wizard Automation of postings via Query Examples:
Automation of Accruals and Deferals Automation Cost Allocation etc.


Enterprise Search Extended

Extended Search for Journal Entries Only if you have permission for accounting

CUSTOMIZE Export/Import UDTs

AddOns > coresuite cutomize > Import / Export Easy Import and Export of ANY UDT

CUSTOMIZE new rules for BR

NEW BRA-007: Tax-Identifcation-Number (CPF) is mandatory if BP is a person BRA-008: CNP, CNA and Inscrio Estadual is mandatory if BP is a company
Already existing BRA-001: Validate Brazilian ZIP-Format BRA-002: Make combobox field "State" mandatory BRA-004: Make ZIP Code mandatory BRA-009: Get address data from a webservice based on ZipCode Information

CUSTOMIZE Easyfunctions
New Parameter: $[User] Business Case: Create User-Specific Rules
Demo-Example: Only you see a new Menu Entry

DESIGNER Data from From

Easy reporting directly from an SAP Form Live-Example with open items list

CUBE New Functionalities

UDFs are included in the CUBE
BP / ItemMaster / DocumentHeader / DocumentLines

PowerView Integration Excel 2013 Timeline SQL Server 2012 Predefined Templates for Sales and Finance Cube

MOBILE - Opportunity Management

Stages available on the device Opportunity Tracking for Sales Persons

MOBILE - Switch Company

Fast switching companies when having more than one database

MOBILE - New PDF-Export options

UDFs from Service Call are shown in Mobile PDF Report Follow-up-Activities are shown on Mobile PDF Report


coresuite mobile goes on Android Devices Supported Modules (Start Ramp Up: 22.03.2013) - Activities - Service Calls - Sales Order - Quotation - Business Partners - Addresses - Employees - Contacts


Enhanced Billing Wizard Permission to forbid editing time recording New Parameters (BaseObjNum, TechnicianName, EffortTypeDesc)

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