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A business seminar

Business English 2 Lecturer: Katerina Vidova MA

In business, which of these can you learn from other peoples experience, and what can you only learn from your own experience?
How to build relationships with new customers
How to do market research How to handle difficult colleagues

How to forecast sales

How to interview candidates for jobs

Discuss the following questions

When you start a new job or project, what ways can

you use to get other people to help you by sharing their knowledge and experience? What things can sometimes be difficult when trying to learn from other people?

Speakers at business seminars

Speaker 1 Breaking into a new market Speaker 2 Relocating their headquarters Speaker 3 Outsourcing operations Speaker 4 Trying to attract a new customer Speaker 5 Managing change

Speakers at business seminars

Phrases or expressions used by speakers -Sequencing And another thing Firstly His next point is The first is this Then next

-Introducing a surprising fact In actual fact - Introducing your own experiences In my experience In retrospect - thinking back to something in the past -Introducing an example Just to give you one instance

-Advising You really must Youve got to -Saying something is not useful Its no good its not worth

A short talk
Company manufactures plastic components for

electronics industry Uses the Internet for day-to-day communication Meetings at management level for structuring projects Apart from work meetings, managers socialize with clients

Its not worth, Its no good

Its no good relying on reports from junior staff.
Its not worth taking on staff just for a job like that. It just wasnt worth the money. Its no use writing to him - he never answers any

letters. Its a waste of time advertising the job in that magazine-not enough people read it. There is no point in changing the computer systemthis one works perfectly well.

Its not worth, Its no good

I decided it was no good asking the bank for a loan

when interests rates were so high Its just not worth applying for a job when there are 500 other candidates Its no use attending meetings when no one has prepared for them Its a waste of time preparing a PowerPoint presentation if the data projector doesnt work Theres no point in investing in new computers if the ones weve got are perfectly adequate

Advertisement for a business seminar

Business activities which have brought success is the

subject of a morning seminar to be held at the Benchmark institute for Good Business Practice. The seminar will feature speakers from a range of backgrounds and business sectors. They will bring their business knowledge and experience to share ideas which will make your business more effective.

Advertisement for a business seminar

Key areas for discussion will include: The Impact of

new technology, Customer relations, Marketing, Recruitment Attendance at the seminar is free of charge, though places must be booked in advance

Feature - include as an important part

Benchmark - high level of quality which can be

used as a standard when comparing other things Customer profile description of an average customer Keep abreast of stay informed about the most recent facts Man hour the amount of work one person can do in an hour

Business seminar agenda

How has new technology affected your company? (How it has affected working practices, what staff reactions have been to it)
How does your company manage relationships with

customers? (Your companys customer profile, which staff have contact with customers, how your company communicates with customers) How does your company keep abreast with changes in the market? (What market research your company does, how it gets feedback from existing customers, how you stay up to date with what the competition is doing)

Business seminar agenda

How does your company go about recruiting the staff

it needs? (Does it advertise, go to job fairs, visits universities? Do candidates have to do tests? Interviews?) What is important when introducing new technology? (Cost, training staff, potential benefits) What is important when dealing with customers? (Knowing about the products and service, communication skills, problem solving) What is important when keeping abreast of the competition? ( Market research, innovation, customer service)

Business seminar agenda

Whats important when interviewing job

applicants? (Types of questions, number of interviews, length of interview)

Adding ideas
I would like to add that Theres something else I would like to add, and thats

Speaking at business seminar

Give a short talk of about one minute on your chosen topic Follow these steps to prepare your talk -Brainstorm ideas - Select three of them - Organize them in a logical order - Think of examples to support your ideas - Make brief notes

Speaking at a business seminar

Work in groups of three or four with students who

have chosen a different topic from yours. Hold a seminar, in which each of you speaks for about one minute. Follow these guidelines. Introduce your talk: I'm going to talk about Speak quite slowly and clearly Look at the people you are speaking to Refer to your notes, but dont read them Try to use some of the phrases and expressions you studied in this unit

Speaking at a business seminar

While other students are speaking, listen carefully and:

-Prepare one or two questions to ask them -Decide whether you have any ideas to add -Decide if you agree or disagree with the points they make When each person has spoken, discuss what they have said together and then invite the next person to give their talk