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Rural Marketing

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Lija.V Mohamed Musthafa.S Muhammed Shahid.P.K Prakash.R Prasanth.P

Marketing touches every aspect of our lives, from our very birth to death Our entire life, Our life styles and our existance are continously affected by marketing

Marketing is the business of making the consumers know about the product & finaly inducing them to buy it.

Marketing is social & managerial process by which individuals & groups obtain what they need & want through creating & exchanging products and value with each others
Philip Kotler

Why Marketing???
Increasing Consumption Creation of goodwill Profit through customer satisfaction Providing wide choice of goods

Improving Quality of life

Retaining customers

Rural Marketing
Meaning Planning & Implementation of marketing function for Rural Areas
Definition Rural marketing has been defined as the process of developing, pricing, promoting, distributing, rural specific goods & services leading to exchange between urban & Rural markets, which satisfies consumer demand & also achieves organizational objectives

Evolution of Rural Marketing

Phase I ( From independence to Green Revolution) Phase II (Green Revolution to Pre-Liberalization Period) Phase III (Post-Liberalization Period to 20th Century) Phase IV (21st Century)

Approaches For Segmenting the Rural Markets Of India

Based on size of village population Based on location with respect to near by town
Villages Near Urban Centres Villages in Developing Districts Immobile & Self Sufficient Asiatic Villages

Approaches For Segmenting the Rural Markets Of India

Based on Sociological Charecteristics

Proprietors of land Rich Farmers Agricultural Labours

Based on Income
Rural Rich Consumers Rural Consumers above Poverty line Rural Consumers around Urban area

Challenges In Rural Marketing

Distribution Understanding the Psyche of the rural consumer

Limited Knowledge
Communication Cost per Contact

Challenges In Rural Marketing

Sale of Fakes & Spurious Products
Budgetary Allocations Urban Orientation & Bias

Lack of Right Competence & Commitment at Frontline level

Rural Marketing Strategies

Rural marketing Segmentation
Occupational Segmentation Sociological Segmentation TRMI

Lin Quest
MICA Rating

Product Strategies
Small Size packings
Low priced package & Products Product Design Usable Products Brand Image

Pricing Strategies
Low Pricing Cost Saving in Packing Conversions

Promotion Strategies
o Cinema o Television o Print Media o Hoardings

Opportunities in Rural Markets

Rising Rural Prosperity

Lesser dependence on Agriculture & Monsoon

Increasing Rural consumption Rural Marketing Efforts

Increasing Sale of Branded Products

Large Population

Recent Trends In Rural Marketing

Online Rural Market Information Through Local Agriculture Input Dealers Need Based Production Market Driven Extension

Recent Trends In Rural Marketing

Rythu Bazaar
Rural Agri- Exports Integrated Marketing National Institute of Agricultural Marketing

Rural markets, as part of any economy, have untapped potential. There are several difficulties confronting the effort to fully explore rural markets. The concept of rural markets in India, as also in several other countries, like China, is still in evolving shape, and the sector poses a variety of challenges, including understanding the dynamics of the rural markets and strategies to supply and satisfy the rural consumers.

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