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Perfect Health Longevity as Taught in Buddhism, Taoism, Naturopathy and Modern Science

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1. Modern Scientific Theories of Aging 2. Shakyamuni Buddhas 10 Methods of AntiAging Longevity Practice 3. Taoist Super Life Extension Techniques 4. 13 Simple Modern Steps for Perfect Health and Maximum Longevity

Modern Scientific Theories of Aging

Free radicals and oxidative damage - longevity is inversely proportional to oxidative damage and directly proportional to antioxidant defense activity; by-products of metabolism are highly reactive molecules that damage cells (poor diet, lifestyle, drugs, smoking, toxins, etc. also increase free radical damage whereas taking antioxidants and a better diet counters free radicals and aging) Waste accumulation (Membrane theory) - metabolism waste products accumulate inside cells, producing toxic conditions, because membranes become less permeable over time (ex. skin lipofuscin age spots are the ashes of metabolic fires) so detoxify the body cells and organs and provide fresh essential oils to keep membranes permeable Neuroendocrine theories - failure of hormone regulatory mechanisms (especially hypothalamus which controls various hormone chain reactions) causes homeostatic imbalance (temperature, blood sugar, internal environment) and death; cortisol (the stress hormone) is a main culprit so take up meditation to counter stress ... Hormone replacement therapy

Immunological theories - your lifespan is related to presence of particular immune-system substances (also affecting the neuroendocrine system, thymus) that decline over time so boost your immune system DNA damage and repair - DNA repair efficiency is correlated with life span, and repair mechanisms decline over time (ex. Eat RNA rich foods such as green powders since it improved cellular repair processes) Altered proteins - as aging occurs, proteins hook together and change shape so they cant do their jobs properly; cumulative errors over time cause an organism to vary so much from its original design that it falls apart; (Glycosylation cross linking of glucose with proteins increases as immune system fails, such as in cataract formation and diabetes. Membranes become less pliable and tissue lose their function. Glycosylation can be seen when apples cut in half turn yellow, brown and become tough. So cut down on sugar consumption and exercise.) Selective Death - Apotosis - programmed suicide of cells caused by extracellular signals; Phagocytosis - cells have membrane proteins that mark them for destruction by other cells (macrophages)

Gene theories - changes in gene expression mechanisms, such as the order of expression, cause aging and death (ex. Telomerases shorten as cells divide so over time cells cannot duplicate themselves correctly, Hayflick limit suggests cells planned obsolescence in that cells can only divide around 50 times but calorie restriction increases lifespan while overfed cells divide faster - so dont overeat and avoid overweight.) Mutation Accumulation - over time mutations alter genetic information so cell doesnt operate properly (error catastrophes increase faulty transcription, faulty gene activation repression mechanisms result in unnecessary proteins, DNA repairs not perfect and flawed molecules accumulate over time) Wear and Tear (Cellular abuse) - ordinary daily insults/injuries and toxins in diet and environment wear down cells and organs so improve nutrition (nutrient bath), assimilation, circulation and excretion to help improve the repair process Metabolic theories - longevity is inversely proportional to metabolic rate; we are born with a limited amount of energy so dont hasten energy consumption but calm your breathing (ex. hummingbird)

Shakyamuni Buddhas Ten Methods of Super Longevity

The Surangama Sutra

Buddhas Surangama Sutra lecture on longevity You can cultivate longevity, but its always involved with spiritual cultivation, i.e. its a product of meditation!
Examples: Methuselah (Bible), Peng Tsu (China), Sri Sureswaracharya (India), Nagarjuna to Nagabodhi to Vajrabodhi (Esoteric Buddhism) ... Today scientists are pursuing a chemical and genetic means to extend life. They overlook the fact that all these people were strongly connected to a tradition of spiritual practice (meditation, cultivation), and it is this spiritual practice that played the major role in their longevity. If you neglect this aspect of cultivating the spirit, any attempts at life extension are sure to be failures.

Whats the use of immortality? Shakyamuni said its not the right way. These guys leave the world, so theyre not practicing to enjoy the world more. Theyre actually just afraid of death (Zen goes beyond birth and death). On the other hand, he did order 4 students to physically stay in the world without dying.

In the Surangama Sutra, Shakyamuni Buddha Instructed Ananda as follows:

There are people who do not cultivate samadhi [a meditative state of concentration or empty mind] correctly, but cultivate in some special way that is based on strongly holding onto false thoughts. As a result, they can perpetuate their physical bodies and roam in the mountains, forests and in other places where people do not go. There are ten kinds of such immortals.

1. Some of these practitioners with unflagging resolution cultivate through eating special foods and perfecting the diet of what they eat. When they have perfected this method of cultivation, they are known as earth-bound immortals.
Eat in such a way as to attain and maintain health. This is encapsulated in the Chinese practice of eating particular foods for curative effects. For example, there is the custom of eating special foods in the winter months to nourish the body. All of these customs originated from the Taoist idea of earth primal drugs. Chinese medicine has all sorts of such foods. For longevity, a few simple diet rules: Few grains, little sugar, dont eat to fullness, eat different colored foods and foods in season, organic, avoid extremes, ... Metabolic Typing diet to determine diet makeup (carbs, protein, fats) Avoid food allergies and sensitivities (repair intestine and HCL digestive enzyme) Cultivating the Earth (and Wood) elements

The 5 Elements
FIRE: Kundalini (bodily warmth)

WIND: Breath, chi (prana, life energy)

EARTH: Bones, teeth, nails, sinews, muscles

WATER: Blood, water, hormones, jing, lymph, ...

SPACE: Interstitial spaces, joint gaps, hollow spaces

The 3 Doshas: VATA=Air + Space, PITTA=Fire + Water, KAPHA=Water + Earth

Cultivating the 5 Elements of the Human Body -- You Cultivate ...

Wind (chi or prana) element through breathing Water (hormones, mai) element gets transformed Fire element (kundalini, tumo heat, incendium amoris, fire of separation) becomes activated/ignited from friction ...
Oil (Water) plus Wind (Air) feed fire

Earth element over time becomes transformed Space element is the last to become transformed

Advanced Sequences of Physical Transformation from Cultivation

After 1 year - Chi becomes transformed After 2 years - Blood becomes transformed After 3 years - Mai (energy meridians, vessels) After 4 years - Flesh, Muscles After 5 years - Bone marrow After 6 years - Sinews and tendons After 7 years - Bones After 8 years - Hair (and nails) After 9 years - Entire bodily shape or form


Food Allergies and Sensitivities

Milk, wheat, soy, peanuts, corn, ... ImmunoLabs Test (ELISA IgG blood test for 115 different foods) 954-486-4500 Dr. Bralys Food Allergy and Nutrition Revolution - James Braly The Pulse Test - Arthur Coca

The Metabolic Typing Diet - William Linz

Wolcott (to determine what your diet should be
compositionwise), acid/alkaline, Eat Right 4 Your Type

David Getoff nutrition tapes (video or audio)

for the optimal diet

Price-Pottenger Foundation for nutritional

information (

Nourishing Traditions - Sally Fallon Sugar Blues - William Dufty Lick the Sugar Habit - Nancy Appleton The No Grain Diet - Joseph Mercola Diet Evolution - Charles Hunt


Digestion declines with age, so consider supplementation with HCL and/or digestive enzymes Most people have absorption troubles, so consider supplementing with glutamine powder and probiotics to help repair the gut; Essential oils needed in diet Immune26 (800-557-8477 Distributor Bodri #512372) Vitamins and minerals - SuperNutrition Perfect Blend or Opti-Pack is the best one I ever found

2. Some of these practitioners with unflagging resolution ingest special grasses and medicinal herbs to preserve their bodies and live a long life. When they have perfected this method of cultivation, they are known as flying immortals. Supplementing with the Wood element
Ayurveda - the science of longevity (not just lifespan but quality of life) says mind and body must be in harmony; the individual cosmos must be in harmony with the external universe. Indian Rasayana (the path of juice) focuses on rejuvenation therapies to replenish bodily fluids, in particular ojas or hormonal essences lost with aging. Kaya-kalpa (bodily transformation) is rejuvenation therapy. TCM - Traditional Chinese Medicine has scores of plants and herbs to aid with longevity, some of which target the organs, hormones, chi or chi mai (acupuncture meridians) - mulberry Etc.

Green powders (ProGreens, Greens+,)

Soma - The Immortality Herb

Their host left and returned in a moment with herbs and creepers, which they examined carefully. The leaves on the creepers had red spots on them. Dvivedi began to explain. These creepers grow abundantly in this locality. They are called soma-lata (soma creepers), and there are fifteen varieties. On the day of the new moon there are no leaves on the vines, but the next day, one leaf will appear, increasing daily until on the full moon there are fifteen leaves, each marked with one or more red spots. I collect these leaves and crush them. They yield a kind of milk which I drink along with cows milk. The juice of soma-lata will enable anyone to live for thousands of years. If I select the round-shaped leaves, I can live for ten-thousand years. This is the secret of my longevity. I spend most of my time performing tapas, and I enjoy solitude, so I have selected this remote cave in which to live. That is all of my story. -- Maharaj, p. 51

Various Mushrooms
Taoism: polyporus lucidus and polygonum multiflorum JHS Naturals ( 541-344-1396 for some of the best water soluble mushroom extracts Reishi - Longevity mushroom (10,000 year mushroom and herb of spiritual potency) Coreolus versicolor - Over 300 studies show immune enhancing effects; doctors use for cancer Maitake

Coreolus versicolor

Reis hi

Maitak e

Good combo

Over 780 studies done Found mostly in muscle and brain tissue Properties: antioxidant (the only one that significantly protects chromosomes from oxidative damage), binds heavy metals, neurotransmitter, speeds wound healing, helps muscle fatigue, improves appearance, anti-glycosylation agent (protects against cross-linking of proteins), protects neural tissue against dementia (inhibits amyloid plaque characteristic of Alzheimers disease and neutralizes particular brain free radicals), radioprotective, delays cellular aging, provokes regeneration

3. Some of these practitioners with unflagging resolution ingest special minerals and stones to preserve their bodies and live long lives. When they have perfected this method of alchemy, they are known as roaming immortals.
Cultivating the Metal (and Earth) elements
Most mineral substances are irritating in nature and act like vitamins they promote a tonifying yang reaction that promotes sexual desires (you must cut down on meat and sexual desire (food and sex) before being able to use them for transformation). The Taoists who subscribed to these views therefore refined mineral drugs such as mercury (cinnabar), arsenic, sulfur, and other toxic metals and congealed them into alchemical pills through chemical processes, and ingested them in the hope of becoming immortals. This also served to kill bacteria so as to exterminate the Three Peng. This medical theory did appear more than two thousand years ago in an age without the slightest influence of modern science. -- The Story of
Chinese Taoism,

WHY? ...

If all of the physiological functions of the human body could be transformed into the nature of gold and silver, naturally one could then live a long time. Consequently, Taoists researched the chemical properties of mineral drugs, and made copper and iron into gold (most of the so-called gold of the Chin and Han dynasties was copper ore and there was actually very little real gold. It was thus necessary to manufacture these materials chemically and as a result Chinas alchemy witnessed the earliest inventions of smelting technology in the history of world science. Later this technology was transmitted to Europe by Arabs). They also utilized the components of certain natural plants to transform pure gold into liquid form, and then to gradually ingest it so that it could be slowly absorbed into the body. After a long period of time, this would change all of the physiological functions into the nature of gold, and then one could naturally become immortal.

Siddha Medicine for Immortality

Kaya-karpam is a drug in Siddha medicine that has the power of rejuvenating the body and prolonging life. The kaya-karpam treatment consists in the following steps: 1. Preservation of vital energy by influencing internal secretions and blood circulation through controlled breathing and Yoga practice [pranayama] 2. Conservation of male semen and female secretion, to use it in regenerating processes [discipline of not losing your jing] 3. Use of a universal salt known as muppu, prepared by special processes to induce rejuvenation 4. Use of (calcinated) powders prepared from metals and minerals such as mercury, sulphur, gold, mica, copper, iron, etc. [considered risky] 5. Use of drugs prepared by herbs [safest method] -- The Siddha Quest for Immortality, p. 81

Mercury and Gold Preparations

Tibetan doctor Khenpo Troru Tsenam at the Lhasa Astro-Medical Institute (Mentsikhang): This method of detoxifying mercury is different from the method of Indian ayurveda. The method is from the revelation of Urgyenpa, the great siddhi and Kagyu master. You need mercury, gold, silver, copper and iron to make. It takes one hundred people working constantly for one month to make it. At the start of the process, the mercury is at first poisonous, shiny, mobile, liquidy. By the end of the process it has been transformed and is medicinal, matt black immobile and solid.
Oriental Medicine: An Illustrated Guide - Jan Van Alphen Alchemy and Metallic Medicines in Ayurveda - Vaidya Bhagwan Dash

Real Taoism: As to the five special minerals and eight precious stones, yes theyre good but I know that the dharma is emptiness. If I want to become an immortal, why should I use external herbs? Theres much better ways. I can actually produce this wonderful medicine (ambrosia) life essence in my own body.


Most people are deficient in Trace elements Iron (anemia), calcium/magnesium, selenium, ... Osteoprime (Enzymatic Formula) for bone building

Colloidal minerals ( gold, silver, copper, selenium, Elyte balanced electrolyte solution (mineral salts in a balanced formula - sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium) Trace Mineral Research tablets Kenshin Kelp tablets, Advacal, ...

4. Some of these practitioners with unflagging resolution cultivate themselves by mastering their breath [they master certain pranayama techniques]. When they have perfected their chi and jing, they are known as immaterial [space] immortals.
Cultivating the Wind element (ones prana, chi or life force)
Hatha Yoga Pradipika has many pranayama techniques (anapana, qigong) See the 9-bottled wind practice in Twenty-Five Doors to Meditation: A Handbook for Entering Samadhi The breathing methods of the Tao school which spit out the old to bring in the new are like using a match to ignite the potential energy in ones body (kundalini) After you open up the chi mai you can fast by eating air

Pranayama Methods
Anapana, qi-gong, kumbhaka, ...

Alternating between both nostrils, Draw in as much air as possible, as slowly as possible, into your lungs as deeply as possible, and hold it inside for as long as possible, using as little force as possible, and then exhale as quickly as possible.
Patanjali - pranayama is the gap between your in-breath and out-breath

Hatha Yoga Pradipika

Therefore pranayama should be done daily with a sattvic state of mind so that the impurities are driven out of sushumna nadi [the central chi channel] and purification occurs. ... By proper practice of pranayama, all diseases are eradicated. Through improper practice all disease can arise ... According to some teachers, pranayama alone removes impurities and therefore they hold pranayama in esteem and not the other techniques.

5. Some of these practitioners with unflagging resolution cultivate their saliva [the sweet dew pituitary hormone that descends from the brain] and perfect the way of internal lubrication. When they have perfected this method, they are known as heavenly immortals.
Cultivating the Water element (hormones) Fountain of youth, grail wine, ambrosia, amrita, The state of Ching-an (lightness and peace, pliancy) This is the real Baptism, real Water empowerment Modern Hormone therapy - longevity hormones
Hgh, DHEA, Progesterone, Estrogen, Testosterone No hormone works in isolation, you cannot balance them on your own, measure the salivary non-protein bound form rather than blood levels (so most doctors overdose), transdermal delivery rather than oral, natural rather than Provera

Urine therapy (minerals, steroids, )

The Pre-Samadhi State of Ching-an

Hatha Yoga Pradipika: The yogi who drinks the pure stream of nectar is
freed from disease, has longevity, and has a body as soft and as beautiful as a lotus stem.

Tsan Tung chi (Triplex Unity)

The sweet nectar [pituitary hormone] moistened their skin and flesh Their tendons and bones became soft and strong They expelled all the internal toxins from the body And constantly preserved their true energy Having accumulated these effects over a long time Their bodies were transformed and they became immortals

Wu-jen pien (Understanding Reality)

Everyone originally has the medicine of immortality within However,they have lost their understanding and thrown it away When the sweet dew [hormone] descends, sky and earth will be joined When the elixir is mature, gold will naturally fill the room Why need to look for herbs or burn reeds [praying to heaven for immortality]?

All Genuine Spiritual Schools Recognize this Hormones Rejuvenating Effects

Enclose the old man and the tree in a house of dew, and eating of its fruit he will be made young. In the garden of Wisdom stands a tree, which produces gold apples, You should take this tree, with our old man; Let them be locked up in a glass house, wet with dew, And let them stay there together for many days: Then, o wonder, he will eat his fill from the trees fruit, So that he, who was formerly an old man, becomes young again.

Atalanta Fugiens, Emblem 9, Michael Maier, 1618

hGH and DHEA

Energy, strength, libido, skin, sleep, fat Peak at 25, by 80 drops 95%

Eden Gh1 888-288-8518, Amino acid cocktails, Power plate (whole body vibration +361%) 877-877-5283

Adrenal steroid, precursor of sex hormones and 50 more, counter to cortisol, improves memory & mood


Estrogen and Progesterone

Estrogen and Progesterone -- John R. Lee, MD Medical Letter

Estrogen levels drop by 40-60% by menopause, but progesterone levels drop to near 0 in some women. So why do we supplement with estrogen alone? This will cause estrogen dominance (excess estrogen or insufficient progesterone). When the body doesnt produce insulin any longer, you give it insulin. So why, when the body stops producing estrogen and progesterone, you give it only estrogen? the body wasnt designed for unopposed estrogen. Measure it using salivary tests, not blood serum! Signs and symptoms of estrogen dominance: PMS, hot flashes, miscarriage, infertility, breast swelling and tenderness, depressionheadaches- irritability- memory loss, fibrocysts, uterine problems, water retention (bloating), fat gain, decreased libido, fatigue, blood clotting, hair loss, acne, thyroid problems (cold hands and feet), poor sleep, impairs blood sugar control ...

Estrogen and Progesterone

Estrogen causes cancer, does not help prevent heart attacks, interferes with the thyroid, turns food energy into fat (give it to steers), doesnt help osteoporosis (except around menopause, then 5-6 years later bone loss declines at same rate)... Progesterone calms the mind (brain less likely to have seizures), treats breast fibrocysts (within 3 cycles), stimulates osteoblast bone building (reverses osteoporosis, +29% in density in 3 years - the worst the start the better the improvement), prevents miscarriages (luteal phase failure), protects against premature birth, corrects estrogen dominance remember its a precursor hormone Theres a great safety range for progesterone - during pregnancy a womans body makes 350-400 mg per day and creams are 15-20 mg/day. Premenopause: 15-25 mg/day for 14 days before menses; Postmenopausal: 15 mg/day for 25 days of month. Use creams containing 450-500 mg progesterone per ounce (1.6% by weight or 3% by volume), 1/4 teaspoon is about 20 mg/day.

Major federal premarin study halted (JAMA July 17, 2002). Taking hormones after menopause increases risk of: breast cancer Estrogen plus Progestin Pills heart attack Conditions per 10,000 women/year stroke blood clots Estrogen does NOT reduce a womans risk for heart disease. According to a British review of 22 studies, HRT does not reduce fracture risk either (JAMA June 13, 2001)! Estrogen has no effect on bone density (Annals Intl Med Nov 21, 2000). Estrogen does not improve brain function. If ovaries are removed or there are hot flashes that dont respond to black cohosh, estrogen may be a good idea.

Testosterone affects muscle, mood (depression), libido (sex drive), energy (fatigue). Ken Wilber calls it a fuck it/kill it tool; Women, when given testosterone injections, cant stop thinking about sex. (Please, can you make this stop?) -- A Brief History of Everything Estradiol antagonist supplementation should be made relative to estradiol levels (estrogen dominance causes breast development and prostate cancer) Androgel for andropause- 1% transdermal gel containing 1 mg of testerone per gram of gel. Transdermal doses, from from saliva testing, should be about 1-2 mg for men (.25-.5 mg for women) Personally, I dont recommend it. Hormone balancing is near impossible; what is right for one person is wrong for another. However, salivary measurement is proper, you should use bioidentical hormones, focus on hormone ratios, dont fuse the appetite for sex with the appetite for aggression/violence.

Hormone Biochemical Pathways

6. Some of these practitioners with unflagging resolution make themselves strong by absorbing the essence of the sun and moon. When they have perfected the inhalation of this purity, they are known as [unimpeded] penetrating immortals.

Cultivating absorption of Light (energy from nature) The essence of sun and moon refers to pure energies of yin and yang (left-right mai). You dont visualize these energies but gaze at the sun, moon and stars to absorb their essences. The method requires special conditions of time and place.
Insects and animals (clams) cultivate this method in the wild Yuyi Jielin Jing (Sacred Scripture of the Sun and Moon): make the light of the sun and moon embrace his or her entire person, reaching within as far as the corners of the stomach and giving him the feeling of being completely illuminated within and without the whole body becomes luminous and shines brightly.

7. Some of these practitioners with unflagging resolution use mantras and special dharma techniques to preserve their bodies. When they have perfected this means of cultivation, they are known as immortals of the lesser way.
Special mantras to preserve their bodies (India, China, Tibet)
Special ceremonies (Indian yagya, Medicine Buddha mantra, ...)

Taoist sect of Worship and Prayer - The idea is to unify the spirit and will through devotional sincerity to affect changes of the spirit, psyche and soul (shen, mind, chi). The exact methods are not revealed. The incantations of shamans of high antiquity, as well as the supplications passed down from the time of the Yellow Emperor, were based on this profound learning, and although it later evolved into religious rites, yet the basis was still related to the function of the psyche of spiritual life and the soul. [In other words, transformations of jing, chi and shen.] -- The
Story of Chinese Taoism ,

Indian Yagyas for Health, Sickness, and Longevity Yagya

Vidya Foundation - Kathryn Seranduc ( 641-469-4571 Yves Decarie at 450-463-3636

Medicine Buddha Christian prayer Merit with Sincerity ...

Long life Buddhas

8. Some of these practitioners with unflagging resolution master mental concentration and perfect the way of meditation to preserve their bodies. When they have perfected their method of mental concentration, they are known as illuminating immortals. Tao and Longevity, by Nan Huai Chin Twenty-Five Doors to Meditation: A Handbook for Entering Samadhi by William Bodri and Lee Shu-Mei

Cultivate the life essence - chi, prana, qi, ki, pneuma, wind element (Genesis: God breathed into man the breath of life and he became a living soul) ... and then shen (spirit) and then realize true emptiness (the Tao) Cultivate the meditation stages, absorptions or concentrations:
1st dhyana, vitarka samadhi, 1st concentration 2nd dhyana, vicara samadhi, 2nd concentration 3rd dhyana, ananda samadhi, 3rd concentration 4th dhyana, asmita samadhi, 4th concentration

You have to abandon the pull of sexual desire and food to cultivate these samadhi and access the heavens in the Realm of Form If you want to become an immortal, you have to be ready to die. You have to beat all the random thoughts to death.

9. Some of these practitioners with unflagging resolution cultivate through sexual union to preserve their bodies and live a long life. When they have perfected this method of cultivation to achieve harmonization, they are known as jing [sexual energy] immortals.
Cultivating jing and chi (Water and Wind elements) - the Sexual Cultivation sect considers that the internal secretions (hormones) of both sexes possess life-prolonging effects, and when practiced within normal married life without confusion or dissipation, through sexual activities one can realize a sublime spirit and prolonged life. This school promotes such practices as internal insight and refinement of seminal energy (jing) long life through prolonged insight. Cultivating hormones, chi and chi mai Rules: dont catch cold, pleasure but non-ejaculation Rest on the sweet spot for chi communication

Sexual Cultivation
Slow foreplay is important every time a man lies with a woman so that the two spirits will be in harmony. Only after the two spirits are perfectly moved for a long time should the couple unite. The man should enter the woman when the penis is soft and pull it back out when it becomes firm and strong. He should penetrate only without ejaculating. He can have intercourse many times in a single day without letting his essence leak will increase his lifespan and heal himself of all disease. -- Twenty-Five Doors to Meditation, Bodri, p. 97 Su Nu: When a couple practise the Tao of Loving correctly the male will remain healthy and youthful and the female will avoid a hundred diseases. Both will enjoy it thoroughly and at the same time increase their physical strength. But if they do not know how to practise it correctly then love-making can be harmful to their health. A good guideline is when the female is completely satisfied and the male is not yet exhausted. -- The Tao of Love and Sex, Chang, p. 89

The generative force is the most precious thing for the human body that contains it lives and the body without it dies; because it nourishes and preserves the root of (essential) nature and (eternal) life. No worldly men know how to produce and purify it. If it is exhausted it should be restored by the reproducing process; this is called restoring the generative force to invigorate the brain. Vitality is basically adequate in the human body but dissipates because of sexual indulgence; hence its deficiency. -- Taoist Yoga, Yu, pp. 33-34
Huang Ti: I have heard that men of the great antiquity lived over 200 years and men of the middle antiquity lived up to 120 years. But men of our time often die before they reach the age of 30. So few men are relaxed and at peace with themselves these days and so many of them are suffering from diseases. What do you think is the reason for this? Su Nu: [the reason] men often die young today is that they do not know the secret of the Tao. They are young and passionate and they emit their ching indiscriminately when they love. It is like cutting off the roots and the fountain of their lives How can they expect to live long? -- The Tao of Love and Sex, Chang, pp. 92-93


The sexual fluid is the source of health, longevity, and endurance. Though I am an old man, because of the retention of sexual fluid I feel very young inside. Sexual fluid is your glow, your vigor, your radiance, and your contentment. It also gives strength to your prana and gives force to your meditation. It is the force of the sexual fluid which powers ones meditation. If you were to hold it inside, it would give you tremendous energy and make you much more attractive. As a person conserves the sexual fluid, it begins to move upward in the body. Then he gains tremendous power. Just as you save some of your earnings in the bank, you should save some of your sexual fluid. - I Have Become Alive, Muktananda, p. 93


I discovered, from the analysis of over 25,000 people, that men who succeed in an outstanding way, seldom do so before the age of forty, and more often they do not strike their real pace until they are well beyond the age of fifty. This fact was so astounding that it prompted me to go into the study of its cause most carefully. This study disclosed the fact that the major reason why the majority of men who succeed do not begin to do so before the age of forty to fifty, is their tendency to dissipate their energies through over-indulgence in physical expression of the emotion of sex. The majority of men never learn that the urge of sex has other possibilities, which far transcend in importance that of mere physical expression. The majority of those who make this discovery, do so after having wasted many years at a period when the sex energy is at its height, prior to the age of forty-five to fifty. This usually is followed by noteworthy achievement. -- Think and
Grow Rich, pp. 165-166

Recovering Jing - The Horse Story

[Talking about a horse that would try to move his back out from under riders as if they were causing him pain] ... It is obvious that he lacks marrow in the bones of his back. Since the Marrow Tissue is the foundation of Shukra he must have a deficiency of sperms, which has kept his vitality low. I can cure him with just two doses of medicine. All you have to do after I dose him is feed him the soup made from one dozen goat thigh bones, and I can guarantee you a cure. Dr. Saheb, said Vimalananda smoothly, horses have no gall bladders, and feeding him something as fatty as marrow soup will give him colic that will kill him. Dont worry yourself in the least, replied the ever theatrical Dr. Martand. I guarantee that no harm will come to him. [While they expected calamity, no complications were experienced and he improved weekly. The goat marrow had presumably filled his bones.] -- Aghora III, p.

Common Sexual Deviations

Gathering and supplementing techniques (gathering yin to supplement yang or gathering yang to supplement yin), collecting human placentas, the ingestion of cinnabar and lead (draining and ingesting the blood of young male and female children) are all horrible deviations. Rest is actually the secret of immortality for this is where the life force comes from from the extreme of yin arises yang. Most people confuse semen with jing and try to steal jing and chi from a sexual partner like a vampire (i.e. foxes), but once out of the body its like spit, piss, phlegm or pus. Modern books: non-ejaculatory yoga that tries to spiritualize lust Crazy movies with all sorts of deviations - no chi communication

Relevant Materials
Forget the Koka Sastra, Perfumed Garden, Kama Sutra, ...

10. Some of these practitioners with unflagging resolution cultivate the understanding of heavenly and earthly transformations which they apply to their bodies. When they have perfected their spiritual cultivation, they are known as immortals of the highest order [absolute immortals]. Vedic Astrology (Suryanarain Raos Astrological Primer):
If birth ascendant is Cancer with Moon and Jupiter, Venus and Mercury are in quadrants and evil planets are in houses 3, 6 and 11, the person lives for a thousand years. If birth ascendant is Leo with Jupiter there, Venus in Cancer, Mercury in Virgo and the rest of the planets in houses 3,6 and 11, he lives for 1000 years. If birth ascendant is Aries, Sun in Cancer, Saturn in Capricorn, Mars in Libra and powerful Moon in Pisces, he lives for 2000 years. No evil planets in trines, no good planets on quadrants, and no malefics in 8 will give a very long life. Jupiter, Saturn, Mars and Venus in quadrants to each other gives long life.

Chinese Calendar of 24 Seasons (tie-in with hormones)

Siddhi Theory and Taoism

The astronomical/astrological influences, especially the phases of the moon, have a strong effect on the subtle body (your chi) ... which in turn governs the rhythms, cycles and activity of the physical body. Therefore all Indian sadhana, which are practices in order to develop siddhi, prescribe exact times and periods of the month for their practice. Traditionally the sunrise, sunset, midnight and midday are most important, as are the 14th and 8th days of the dark fortnight. However, there are special sadhanas for each of the tithis (lunar days). The fifth day after the menses of the yogini is considered especially potent for the maithuna sadhana. The Sage takes his signs from the movements of Heaven and Earth; who knows his principles? He accords with the Tao of yin and yang, and follows their seasonal activity. He follows the cycles of fullness and emptiness of Heaven and Earth, taking them as his constant.

HumanHormones, Biological Cycles blood pressure, temperature, WBC, ...


Asthma is a morning sickness so take steroid medications in the early afternoon and theophylline in the evening; take aspirin at night (with tumeric), give hGH treatments at night, cancer medications given at the right time of day to do the most harm to cancer cells and least harm to healthy cells; radiation tumor treatment at their temperature peak; antiviral medications dosing to take account of replication cycles; breast cancer surgery timed to ovulation cycle, ... pneumonia crises have a 7th day peak; malaria deaths peak days 7, 14, 21; kidney transplant rejection peaks on days 7, 14, 21, ...

Shakyamunis 10 Ways
1. Diet - avoid food sensitivities, Metabolic typing, sugar, ... 2. Special Herbs - TCM and ayurveda 3. Minerals - gentle supplementation with colloidal minerals 4. Breathing practice - pranayama - cultivate your chi) 5. Saliva - hormones - ching-an 6. Absorbing the Essence of the Sun and Moon 7. Mantra 8. Meditation 9. Sexual technique 10. Match yourself with Earthly and Cosmic transformations

Shakyamuni concluded:
These people all regulate their minds, but do not cultivate the right bodhi [prajna wisdom, the enlightened mind]. They cultivate some special principle of life and can live for thousands, or tens of thousands of years. They retire deep into the mountains, or live on deserted islands in the sea and cut themselves off from the human realm. However, their states of attainment still belong to the realm of false thinking rather than to genuine samadhi. When the longevity of life which is their reward is finished, they are condemned to return again to the lower planes of existence.
A life worth living A purposeful life lived well ! Service and Merit and Cultivation

Taoist Super Life Extension (Longevity and Immortality) Techniques

Taoist Beliefs
The Taoists believed that human wisdom could make up for the shortcomings of Heaven and Earth. They believed that the human body, as a physical organism, had an unlimited potential and that if a person learned how to tap into this potential, they could act as an active participant and supplement the shortcomings of Heaven and earth to transform their bodies and live forever.

The inherent idea of the Taoists is that Heaven and Earth, in their regularity, last forever and the human being can cultivate a similar longevity that lasts forever as well (to match the longevity of celestial bodies). Since human beings could control Heaven and Earth by managing the laws of nature, an individual could learn how to control his own life, including its longevity, so as to reach a state were they were not subject to the laws of nature. All this was to be accomplished through the cultivation of his being and wisdom.

Tao School Basics

JING Generative force, semen, seminal energy, ojas, hormones, bindus, bodhicitta, water element, ching (tamas - inertia) CHI Life force, prana, ether, biocosmic energy,orgone, wind element, mind, soul, qi (rajas - activity) SHEN Spirit, tejas, no-thought, light, emptiness, illumination (sattva equilibrium)

How Taoism Describes the Spiritual Path

You transform your jing into chi You transform your chi into shen You transform your shen into emptiness You return emptiness to the Tao
Jing, chi and shen are the supreme medicine of longevity.

Two Sets of Basic Principles

When your jing becomes full you wont think of sex
When your chi becomes full you wont think of eating When your shen is full you wont feel like sleeping

If you dont accumulate your jing, you will never experience the state of physical bliss
If you dont accumulate your chi, you will never experience the stage of internal light If you dont accumulate your shen, you will never experience the state of no-thought

The Time Sequences of the Spiritual Path

100 Days
3 Months Thailand Yoga practice

Building or Laying Initial stage of Jing Chi the Foundation Pregnancy (embryo) Suckling or Nursing the Baby Facing the Wall Breaking Emptiness and Returning to the Tao Finalize Jing Chi Prelim. Chi Shen Final. Chi Shen Init. Shen Emptiness Shen Emptiness Init. Emptiness Tao Achieve a State of Neither Existence or Non-Existence

10 Months

3 Years
Tibetan Retreats Yin/Yang shen

9 Years
Zen Master Bodhidharma


The Pure Cultivation Sect

You leave the secular life, avoid worldly affairs and become pure by cultivating the spirit and chi, eliminating desires and cutting off ties, and refining body and mind so as to attain a state of purity, quietude, non-action, and emptiness. Using the effects of the highest quietude, you only seek accumulation and do not become involved any form of dissipation. You ignite the potential energy in your own body such as by opening the eight extra meridians including the conception and governing meridians, then realize fixing the spirit and accumulating chi, develop the marvelous function in life, and create a new life freely and independently. This is the Pure Cultivation Sect spoken of by the later Taoist School, and it is also called the Single Cultivation Sect.

The Tao School Immortal God of Longevity

(1) The intestines have become empty and clean (2) The chi channels have all completely opened through, including to the bottom of the feet from meditation (3) The chi and hormones have reached a state of fullness and equilibrium from cultivation (meditation) (4) They have achieved a stable level of onepointed concentration (samadhi) (5) Their merit is sufficient (cultivating virtue and performing 3000 good deeds)

Tao school said:
Tap into the inherent basis for life and supplement it Requirements: Merit + Meditation + Method + Time = Result

Even Taoism relied on internal and external substances, human and heavenly assistance (mantra / prayer)

The Common Principle is Meditation!

Whether its Hinduism, yoga, Buddhism, Taoism, the Bible or whatever, the common factor in super life extension is not drugs but daily meditation, i.e. devoted spiritual practice
Taoism explains the physical transformations as jing => chi, chi => shen, shen => emptiness which involve transformations between generative energies (physical matter), vital energies (life force), and spirit

13 Steps for Health and Longevity

1. Clean air 2. Clean water 3. Clean food 4. Detoxification - eliminate toxins and toxic behavior 5. Increase your natural immunity 6. Moderate Stretching and Exercise - muscles, bones, circulation 7. Sleep - Proper rest at the proper time 8. Meditation and Stress Reduction 9. Sunshine - Light 10. Positive Attitude - Right Thinking 11. Supplements 12. EMF 13. Match yourself with nature local conditions

1. Air - Oxygen
You cant live without oxygen, so clean air is your #1 priority. Dr. Otto Warburg: cancer cannot grow in a high oxygen environment; Dr. Stephen Levine: oxygen deficiency causes disease The air is filled with pollutants that add to our toxic load. These substances have to be detoxified or better yet, removed at the start so you dont inhale them. Breath through a face mask to see the difference or watch a lung autopsy to see how they collect in the lungs. Few medicines can help once theyre lodged inside. Air bubbles trapped in fossils show 35% oxygen content vs. 20% today. Allergies, asthma, emphysema, environmental sensitivities ... Studies repeatedly show that the air inside our houses is more polluted than the air outside so keep your windows open. Also, outgas new furniture and carpets when you buy them. Deep breathing exercises promote alertness and more oxygen

Particles versus Gases If you dont know what you want to remove you can waste a lot of money.
PARTICLES GASES Activated carbon or HEPA filters: suck particles out activated charcoal air filters of the air and trap them with filters Chemically break down toxic Electrostatic filters gases, vapors, odors by Negative ion generators: put exposing them to ozone (O3) slight negative ionic charges on made by an ozone generator dust, pollen, particles and attract Poorly built units give off them to precipitate out of the air Nitrogen compounds that are onto nonliving surfaces you clean. harmful This mimics the natural cleaning You should never smell it. Turn process of nature (seashore, it on using a timer when you are waterfalls, storms). Very helpful not present. in cases of breathing disorders as Ozone oxidizes odors; negative the ions help our breathing (lung ions do not microfilaments). Asthma !!!

Typical Brands
IQAir, Amaircare, Honeywell, Roomaid HEPA filters Wein Products ion generators Ozone generators - ???
as little N compounds as possible multivalient oxygen output and negative ions use the highest setting you cant smell , hang it high up

Electrostatic filters

AS150MM not the same thing

Aranizer O3, O4, O5,

Electrostatic Sharper Image Ionic Breeze Electrostatic Filter; Electrolux

HEPA Activated Carbon Austin Air Germicidal UV lamps

Plants to Clean the Air

NASA researcher Bill Wolvertons 10 plants
Areca palm, Lady palm, Bamboo palm, Rubber plant, Dracaena (Janet Craig variety), English ivy, Dwarf date palm, Ficus alii, Boston fern, Peace lily

Formaldehyde: Philodendrons, Golden pothos, Spider plants Benzene: Gerbera daisy, Chrysanthemums TCE (trichhlorethylene): Pot mums, Peace lillies Smoke: English ivy Pet Urine smell - Anti Icky Poo Carpet odors: Bamboo palms Household cleaners: Snake plants

Since plants produce excess humidy you might use dehumidifiers; air too dry use vaporizers

Meditation + Breathing Methods

Pranayama Practice - expands the lung capacity, produces mental clarity, cultivates your chi (the breath of life), poets did it! The arising of real chi (kundalini) is when the breath stops. This is called tai hsi in Chinese. You practice holding your breath to activate this prenatal chi that comes along with life. If you can ignite/activate it, you can clean your chi channels and prolong your life.

Miscellaneous Encounters
Oxygen for healing

All sorts of healing therapies depend upon increasing circulation (nattokinase, Adaptrin, Woebenzyme) and delivering more oxygen H2O2 hydrogen peroxide, ozone therapy, mineral salts, stabilized oxygen, ionization, Hyperbaric oxygen chambers Exercise! Massage German ozone therapy, Canadian government study shows ozonating blood destroys AIDS

2. Water
Your body is 70% water, and you need about 8 glasses/day, not including coffee, tea, milk, juice, soda, Fereyoon Batmanghelidj - worlds expert on water Distilled water - dead water that lacks minerals Bottled water - usually contains plastics (xenoestrogens) Tap water - flouride, chlorine, heavy metals, chemicals should be filtered before drinking you absorb more chlorine through a shower than by drinking water since your skin is a sieve Epidemiological and in vivo studies suggest you want water high is dissolved solids, slightly alkaline (pH > 7) and hard Acid/Alkaline - drink slightly alkaline water (Japanese hospitals), wash with slightly acidic

How to Filter Water

Chlorine easy to remove through carbon/charcoal filters and KDF Flouride difficult to remove except through distillation, reverse osmosis or activated alumina Small faucet filters are usually useless since they lack a sufficient amount of filtering material Showers need filters as much as tap water! Your skin is a sieve; your body eats whatever lands on its skin.

Essential - NSF rating, one lb. of KDF minimum

Doulton, HiTech H2O,...

Usually useless

Miscellaneous Adventures

Flanagan crystals, cutting surface tension, microclusters, magnetize it, ozonate it, alkalinize it, tachyonized, oxygenated, Grander water, Lorenzen, Schauberger, Willard water, glacial milk, colloidal minerals, added enzymes, deuterium, Japanese processing, Emoto, ...

Water Fasting + Meditation

How to Measure and Deepen Your Spiritual Realization,

First 10 days - feel weak, skin turns yellowish Second 10 days - woozy, difficult to defecate, urine turns dark Third 10 days - become thinner, difficult to walk, feel heavy Fourth 10 days - complexion improves, few desires, mind becomes peaceful Fifth 10 days - internal organs balanced, jing and chi accumulate Sixth 10 days - health fully recovers, physical bliss starts Seventh 10 days - hate external disturbances, mind peaceful and clear, want to be alone Eighth 10 days - no longer dread disturbances, wisdom opens Ninth 10 days - appearance becomes beautiful, voice changes Tenth 10 days - real yang chi arises

3. Food
You are what you eat, drink, absorb, THINK! Metabolic Typing vs. Eat Right 4 Your Type The few things I recommend (besides organic): Avoid food intolerances/sensitivities/allergies Cut down on sugar and grains (gluten intolerance, subclinical celiac disease hits 1/33 or 1/250 people), insulin levels Multivitamin/multimineral supplement (with antioxidants so eat lots of fruits, multi-colored veggies, ...) Essential oils supplement - good fats not bad fats (cod liver oil, fish oil omega 3s, olive oil, coconut oil, butter, ) Perhaps a green powder (juicing) or immune supplement or digestive enzymes (temporarily probiotics, B12 for vegetarians)

Ayurveda Theory of Taste

According to the theory of taste (rasa) every food, element, herb or compound can be classified according to one of 6 primary tastes: sweet, sour, saline, pungent, bitter or astringent. Combinations of these primary either an harmonious (healthy) or inharmonious (unhealthy) reaction in the body humors tridosha of vayu, pitta and kapha. Thus through the apana-vayu (taste motility pathway), the threefold materiality basis can be modified through the rasayana (taste science) preparations, which are the elixirs and rejuvenators of alchemical reference. According to the ayurvedic (science of life) traditions, which were the inspiration of Greek and Arab medical science, the three cosmic essentials of sweet, sour, and saline pacify the vayu (space + air) humor. Sweet, bitter and astringent pacify the pitta (fire+ water) while pungent and bitter and astringent pacify the kapha (water + earth aggregate). Many are the permutations of this essential relationship.

Meditation Based on Taste

Gavampati, a student of Shakyamuni Buddha, attained samadhi by looking into tasting, realizing that it was neither a subjective substance or objective thing, and thereby in time won enlightenment. The two Bodhisattvas called Bhaisajya-raja and Bhaisajya-samudgata who were present rose from their seats, prostrated themselves at the feet of the Buddha and declared: Since the time without beginning we have been skilful physicians in the world and have tasted with our own mouths herbs, plants and all kinds of mineral and stone found in the world, numbering 108,000 in all. As a result we know perfectly their tastes, whether bitter or sour, salt, insipid, sweet, acrid, etc., their natural, changing or harmonizing properties, and whether they are cooling, heating, poisonous or wholesome. We received instruction from the Tathagata and knew clearly that taste was neither existent nor non-existent, was neither body nor mind and did not exist apart from them. Since we could discern the cause of taste, we achieved our awakening which was sealed by the Buddha who then named us Bhaisajya-raja and Bhaisajya-samudgata. We are now ranked among the sons of the Dharma king in this assembly and because of our awakening by means of taste, we have attained the Bodhisattva stage. As the Buddha now asks about the best means of perfection, to us taste is the best according to our personal experience. -Surangama Sutra, p. 123

4. Detoxification
Liver, Kidneys, Intestines, Fat tissues, Arteries, Lymph, Skin Liver/gall bladder and kidney flushes (Dr. Schulze 800-437-2362) Intestines - Anti-Candida (Thorne SF722) + glutamine Natures Pure Body Program (888-803-5333); nattokinase GSH250 or Recancostat (NAC, glutathione, alpha lipoic acid) Far Infrared Sauna plus detox cocktail for fat-stored toxins Mercury fillings, heavy metals, parasites, smoking, drugs, ... Dr. Sherry Rogers Total Wellness newsletter (315-455-7862) see ebook on cleaning arteries, ...

A Rational Gameplan
Sickness is an imbalance, so correct the biochemical (or structural) imbalance. You have to remove the poisons causing harm and open up the pathway channels of delivery and elimination Step 1: Stop adding to the problem (allergic foods, toxic exposure ) Step 2: Clean out the cesspool - fast, lose weight, empty the fat cells of toxins, detox, clean the organs, colonics, decrease acidosis, ... Step 3: Clean the pipes so things can be excreted or delivered chelation, nattokinase, ginko, cayenne, breathing exercises, castor oil packs, massage and deep tissue bodywork Step 4: Increase the blood circulation and oxygen exposure exercise, acupuncture (chi), lose weight, cold/hot therapy, minerals, massage and body work. Meditation recovers lost vitality. Step 5: Rebuild, strengthen, nurture health - good nutrition and supplements to activate, modulate, bolster the chemistry responsible for healing; targeted modulation (receptor sites)

Detox Meditations
Detox includes harmful behavior and attitudes White Skeleton Meditation Nine-Bottled Wind Pranayama Technique Hakuin So Cream method Sun/Fire Visualization Black amoebas Technique Earth element - atom cultivation Medicine Buddha

Master Hakuin

Fire Samadhi

5. Immunity
The Big 3: bacteria, viruses, fungus (molds), mycoplasma Eliminate food intolerances, sensitivities, allergies Check your home for molds - a constant immune assault! Take a multivitamin - multimineral supplement Immune 26 for general immune boosting (800-557-8477 Distributor Bodri #512372) Woebenzyme and nattokinase roto rooting Albumin blood levels near 5.0? To root out pockets of infections, you have to go at it using a number of specialized techniques. The Tao school might advise using a Bioelectrifier + mushrooms + colloidal silver along with nattokinase or Woebenzyme.

6. Exercise
The results of various scientific studies show that regular lifelong exercise reduces mortality and increases life expectancy in humans, but does not extend maximum lifespan. Studies also show that the initiation of regular exercise in sedentary individuals may increase their life expectancy at any age, but only if it is done in a gradual and prudent manner. Still exercises: Yoga, Pilates, Stretching, Slow moving exercises: Tai Chi, Akido, Active exercise: Sports, Aerobics, Running, dancing... Weight-resistance training: Body for Life, Lifting, Flow, the zone, white spot, riding the wave, being centered, a peak experience are all a pursuit of samadhi

Needak Rebounder (mini trampolines) - works on all muscles and cells. NASA says the magnitude of the biochemical stimuli is greater jumping on a trampoline than with running; the external work output at equivalent levels of oxygen intake were significantly greater while trampolening than running the greatest difference was 68%

Power plates (whole body vibration therapy) - you stand on mechanical vibrating plates that will cause the bodys postural muscles to contract 30-50 times per second. 8-10 minutes 3 times/week. Cortisol (stress hormone) decreases while growth hormone and testosterone (important for regeneration and repair) increase. Muscle strength increases 20-30% more than conventional strength training in much less time, circulation improves, joints get stronger, reduces injuries, speeds healing time, alleviates acute and chronic pain.

The Road of Exercise + Meditation

Yoga without breathing practices and meditation is useless in terms of super longevity The 4-step sequence: Martial arts practice to soften the body (make it supple) Qi-gong practice that focuses on breathing Tao-gong practices that cultivate your chi channels Zen practice for enlightenment

7. Sleep
Most people need at least 8.25 hours of sleep every night. This amount is individualistic, and quality is important. Signs of premature aging disappear with enough quality sleep. The more hours you sleep before midnight the better off you will be. Regularize your sleep schedule to keep your body rhythms in tune, and sleep with darkness. Avoid eating meals and snacks at least 2 hours before bedtime or you will raise your level of blood sugar and inhibit sleep (gain weight). Avoiding liquid for 2 hours prior reduces the likelihood of bathroom trips. Avoid caffeine at least 5-6 hours before bedtime. It delays the onset of sleep, makes you restless and causes early waking. Avoid alcohol at least 2 hours before bedtime. It may make you feel sleepy but it tends to disturb your sleep and make you wake up several hours later unable to fall back to sleep.

Nicotine (smoking) tends to disturb your sleep. Dont exercise for 3-6 hours before bedtime as it raises your body temperature; if you sleep in a room too hot its hard to sleep as the decline in body temperature helps initiate sleep. Warm feet, however, promote the onset of sleep. Bedroom temperatures below 54 and above 70-75 Fahrenheit are to be avoided. Taking a bath 30 minutes before sleeping will raise your body temperature which will afterwards plummet to facilitate deep sleep. Sleep in complete darkness otherwise you change the rhythm of the pineal gland and the production of melatonin and seratonin. Write a journal, do affirmations, pray, to do lists, close the chest of worries (Napoleons method) before sleeping make it a ceremonial bed time routine. Arrange your bed for feng shui, avoid geopathic stress, check for EMF, avoid drafts. In short, make sure the bed position does not diminish your resistance and health.

Jetlag: Try to arrive early in the evening and go to bed at 10 pm local time. If you need to sleep during the day, limit naptime to no more than 2 hours. Prepare for the trip ahead of time by slowly changing your schedule. Try to get out in the sunshine to stimulate the resetting of your body clock. Melatonin and L-tryptophan sleep aids. Nap zone: 2:00-6:00, when most driving accidents happen. When driving, take a midafternoon break and a break every 2 hours or 100 miles. People better remember new motor skills (sports, performing surgery, ) if they sleep immediately afterwards. Probably the mind starts processing it right away. Many people tell themselves to solve their problems while sleeping alpha wave state of autosuggestion. Lucid dreaming

Meditation and Sleep (Resting)

Beauty sleep - If you dont get enough sleep it will definitely show on your face. You need a vacation from work and stress so that you can come back relaxed and rested. If you dont take a break then stress will eventually wear you down and cause a collapse. Resting is one of the purposes of holidays and celebrations. Most diseases have a tie-in with stress. Meditation is simply resting the mind; its a form of rest!

Lucid dreaming - control your dreams The clear light of sleep - realize the Tao Peacefulness - Resting meditation practice

8. Meditation and Stress

Tao and Longevity, by Nan Huai Chin

Twenty-Five Doors to Meditation: A Handbook for Entering Samadhi by William Bodri and Lee Shu-Mei
Studies show meditation improves your coping ability, raises your threshold before you feel the onset of stress, and allows greater control over your attention

Stress management gives people control over their lives and reactions Cortisol hormone - the stress hormone; caffeine intensifies the psychological reaction to stress Listening to classical music - Mozart, Vivaldi, Deep breathing, Massage, Vacations Yoga - stretching - unwinding; exercise, even if you are old, reduces anxiety, stress and depression So what? therapy Im handing everything over to God, Buddha, Jesus, ; Napoleons method of closing his worry drawer every night Watch a good movie, especially a comedy For high blood pressure - the upside down skull meditation, and the flames on the toes meditation

9. Sunshine - Light
Light is a nutrient like food. Our eyes are an extension of our brain, photoreceptors that collect light energy and send signals to the brain that affect biochemistry. Without sunlight your body cannot produce the vitamin D necessary for absorbing calcium (osteoporosis). Daylight increases production of seratonin (feel good hormone) while darkness increases production of melatonin. Because hormone levels are affected by sunlight, upsetting the natural rhythm of sunlight exposure can send our biochemistry out of balance. If we are starved of light it can lead to depression, which especially happens in the winter months (SAD seasonal affective disorder). Take Cod liver oil during winter months and fish oil in the summer. Since life has evolved under the full spectrum of sunlight, it has become part of our genetic needs. We need full spectrum lighting; incandescent bulbs cannot produce this. Animals thrive best with this.

John Ott
Without UV light, plants wont bloom and many fruits wont ripen. UV is very important as long as you dont get burned. Trace amounts of UV radiation in natural daylight are required for physical and mental health, civilized behavior, muscle strength, energy and learning. Low exposure to UVB increases the risk of cataracts, but this applies to those on Western junk food diets who do not take sufficient antioxidants (C, E, pycogenols, ). Fluorescent lights cause eye strain, headaches, depression, harmful radiation change the ballast and tape the ends with lead foil. You need 30-60 minutes of sunlight per day without glasses/windows!

The Curative Effects of Light

Sunshine was a crucial part of western therapy until the discovery of penicillin. Blue light breaks down bilirubin. Burns (and psoriasis) treated with UV light. Far infrared treats pain relief. Depression orange sunglasses; colorpuncture therapy; light boxes - like natural daylight indoors for SAD sufferers. You need it for vitamin D! In classrooms, children calm down and overcome learning problems with full spectrum lighting; in police dispatch offices stress goes down and fewer headaches suffered. 1500 wavelengths feed the eye. Sun block - your skin is a sieve so what you put on it you eat drugs are delivered through skin patches. Many are carcinogenic.

Sunburn - Skin Cancer

US 2002 statistics: 50% of cancers are skin cancers, 1.1 million, 10,000 fatalities. Vegetable fats are culprits (70 lbs/year distorts the omega 3:6 ratio; should be 1:1 ours is 15:1, Japan is 3:1). Australian study shows eating fish oils helps, National Academy of Sciences says processed vegetable oils are a main culprit. Most melanoma occurs on areas covered by clothing, people with outdoor jobs have less risk than office workers, paradoxes: Eskimos have wrinkles and 6 weeks of summer; Massai unwrinkled and 12 summer months. For thousand of years before sunscreen we spent time in the sun without trouble but we didnt have a stripped diet then. Eat DNA repair groups -- C, E, zinc, B12 and folic acid (1000 mcg) which is destroyed by heat, cold and light. Key rule: dont burn. In UJ, skin samples and 3 SPF of 20+ sunscreens electron spin resonance spectroscopy determined free radical damaged dropped 50% underneath the skin as compared to nonprotected .. A SPF of 2 due to UVA free radicals, DNA damage, prompts skin cancer!

Light Related Meditation Methods

Seeing the Light - Mahakasyapa - seeing the light of mind Absorbing the essence of the sun and moon Visualize being filled with light when doing things Internal viewing (Tao school) Darkness retreats See: Twenty-Five Doors to Meditation by William Bodri and Lee Shu-Mei for explanations and instructions behind all these methods

10. Positive Thinking

Smile and laugh - it releases chemicals in your brain that actually make you younger. Be optimistic. If you act a certain way youll become a certain way. Cultivate yang chi instead of yin chi through your mental state. Always ask, So what? Good things can be bad things and bad things can be good things. Accept things realistically (Stockman paradox) rather than block them or deny them by putting sugar on top (the thick love crowd). You create your own fortune. The Ancients said: the life span of an individual is said to have its own pattern, but meditation can increase one's life span. The pattern of life includes all the activities of your life, therefore longevity involves life style changes. Cultivating life force is not a pill but a behavioral, life style change. You cultivate yang from yin by doing those behavioral things which

Positive Thinking
EFT and NLP to help change mental states and habitual mental behaviors Affirmations and mantra Merit making, charity and service - focus on others when youre down Meditation is best of all.
Negative thought => Positive thought => Emptiness

Too bad modern schools dont teach the methods of creating mental health and instill stress management in the curriculum

11. Supplements
Everyone is deficient in vitamins and minerals, and forget the RDA - a RBC analysis, hair analysis, enzyme analysis tells all Minimal is best: Multivitamin/mineral + oils + (green powder) + (Immune26) + (probiotics for a short time) + (B12 for vegetarians) Heart - COQ10 + magnesium + carnitine Arrhythmia - taurine Diabetes - alpha lipoic acid + gymnema sylvestre + chromium Gallstones - Rowachol Constipation - glutamine + fiber High blood pressure - calcium/magnesium + fish oils Reflux - diet + HCL + digestive enzymes + licorice

Cholesterol - homocysteine (B6, B12, folic acid, TMG), niacin Depression - electrolytes + oils + amino acids Menopause - oils + progesterone Hepatitis - selenium + silymarin + colloidal silver + lipoic acid Gout - cherry juice Infertility - detox + zinc + progesterone Balding - thyroid + greens + minerals + Immune26 Asthma - NAC + magnesium Alcohol craving - glutamine + chromium + inositol Arthritis - glucosamine/chondroitin/MSM + Immune26

Optimal Blood Test Figures

Chem Panel Glucose Carbon Dioxide Sodium Potassium Chloride Phosphate Calcium Magnesium Serum iron Optimal Range 80 - 100 26 - 31 135 - 142 4.0 - 4.5 100 - 106 3.4 - 4.0 9.4 - 10.0 > 2.0 80 - 100

BUN Creatinine Uric Acid

10 - 18 8/.9 - 1.1 3.0 - 5.5 female 3.0 - 5.9 male

Total Protein Albumin Globulin

6.9 - 7.4 4.0 - 5.0 2.4 - 2.9

Cholesterol HDL LDL Triglycerides

150 - 220 > 55 < 120 70 - 110

Total Bilirubin Alkaline Phosphatase AST (SGOT) ALT (SGPT) LDH GGTP

.1 - 1.2 70 - 100 10 - 30 10 - 30 140 - 200 10 - 30

The Cholesterol Conspiracy Russell Smith

Cholesterol has no electrical charge so it cannot adhere to the artery wall; the glue is homocysteine. You need cholesterol for hormone production. Too little is as bad as too much. Search for the underlying problem.


6.0 - 7.5 (5.0 - 8.0) 4.0 - 4.9 (3.9 - 4.5 females, 4.2 - 4.9 males) HGB 13.8 - 14.9 (13.5 - 14.5 females, 14.0 - 5.0 males) HCT 37 - 45 (37 - 44 females, 40 - 48 males) MCV 82.0 - 89.9 MCH 27.0 - 31.9 RDW <= 13.0 Platelets 150,000 - 450,000 Basophils 0 - 1% Lymphocytes 24 - 44 Neutrophils 40 - 60

Dr. Abrishamian and Dr. Eidinier Hints:

Low uric acid - need vitamin B12 + molybdenum; Hi uric acid - gout Low albumin - need vitamin C Low ALP alkaline phosphatase - need zinc Precancerous Cellular Low SGOT/AST - need vitamin B-6 Dysplasia? Uric Acid < 1.8 + Low SGPT/ALT - need vitamin B-6 Cholesterol < 140 + Low GGTP - need vitamin B-6 Triglycerides < 40 + Low magnesium - fatigue Lymphocytes < 20 Hi glucose - need thiamine, diabetes Hi chloride - too much aspirin/salt use Hi chloride + Low CO2 - chemical sciatica (MRI, CAT, EMG normal) Low MCV - iron + vitamin B-6; Hi MCV - need vitamin B-12 + folic acid Hi RDW - need vitamin B-12 + iron Low BUN - gluten sensitivity Low magnesium + Hi basophils - fibromyalgia Low potassium - too many carbohydrates; Hi potassium - adrenal hypofunction Hi creatinine - prostate hypertrophy Low Globulin + Hi Inorganic phosphate (+ LT protein def) - hypochlorhydria

Self-Treatment Books and Newsletters

Dr. Wrights Book of Nutritional Therapy - Jonathan Wright Dr. Whitakers Guide to Natural Healing - Julian Whitaker Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine - Murray and Pizzorno Optimal Wellness - Ralph Golan - free email newsletter Alternatives - Dr. David Williams Health and Healing - Dr. Julian Whitaker Nutrition and Healing - Dr. Jonathan Wright Total Health - Dr. Sherry Rogers Health Alert - Dr. Bruce West

12. Electromagnetic Pollution

Electromagnetic radiation - visible light, UVB, ionizing radiation (X-rays, gamma rays), infrared, microwaves EMF (gauss) meters to measure it .5mG usual, 1 mG is EPA limit, 1 mG used in Sweden, most experts say 1 mG Living cells maintain an electrical charge across their membrane thats essential to their functioning and which is sensitive to electromagnetic fields. Radiation of unnatural frequencies or strength can disrupt this membrane potential, rearrange and damage molecules and alter metabolism through changes in hormone activity, synthesis of genetic material, flow of substances in and out of cells, etc. EMFs produce free radicals which accelerate the aging process.

Radio waves upset calcium levels in the body that affect cell growth, reproduction and division. Mast cells double their histamine secretion when exposed to radiofrequency radiation. EMFs can depress melatonin production, elevate estrogen in women (cancer causing), and reduce testosterone (prostate cancer) Studies link EMFs with tumors, leukemia, degenerative brain disease, breast cancer, miscarriages, US EPA study: 1990 study, 150 pages long -- EMF pollution is a serious threat to our health Feng shui shar chi, ley lines and geopathic stress Chinese 5 elements theory, vedic gemstones to supplement your chi (

Prudent Avoidance
Scan your environment with a tri-field gauss meter Dont sleep under an electric blanket whose magnetic fields penetrate 6-7 inches into the body or sleep in a room where power enters the home. Move electric clocks at least 1 meter from your head (they can still have 5-10 mG fields 3 meters away!), avoid dimmers that give off particularly strong electric fields and as to cell phones ... Studies link brain tumors with chronic exposure to electric fields Sit more than 3 meters from TV and move away from microwave ovens when in use (studies show dont eat the food!). Rearrange your office and home so you are not exposed to EMFs from the sides or backs of computers and appliances dont put your computer on the other side of a wall from your bed, and have an anti-radiation screen on your computer BioElectric Shield

13. Match Yourself with Conditions

Match yourself with the weather, seasons and location Eat the foods in season (and eat local foods), Sleep in season, Work in season, Dress correctly for the season (and location) The Sage takes his signs from the movements of Heaven and Earth; who knows his principles? He accords with the Tao of yin and yang, and follows their seasonal activity. He follows the cycles of fullness and emptiness of Heaven and Earth, taking them as his constant.