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Human Relationship

N. Gokulmuthu Sonim Technologies

Core of life

Inevitable Fundamental identity

To be a good human being to yourself and others.

Basic policy

No one is a stranger. Everyone is your own.

Accept the relationship

Dont assume you have a choice Just like parents, brothers, sisters

you dont choose them

All relationships are forever


First human relationship Know and love yourself deeply Spend time with yourself Be comfortable with yourself If you ever get bored, you need to fix your relationship with yourself

Keep it simple and pure

Dont expect something out of relationships Bad relationships

Insurance agents Multilevel marketing

Dont vulgarize a relationship

Keep money out

Man makes money. Money does not make man.

Choose the relationship over wealth Arjuna and Duryodhana claiming Krishna and his army

People are imperfect

Easy to accept virtues Accept the person as a whole

Hate the sin. Love the sinner.

No two people are alike Agree to disagree

People change

Allow people to grow Accept changes in principles and personality Every person has infinite potential Freshness in old relationships

Communicate - truly

It is not important what you communicate Communicate openly Dont try to create an impression Nothing can be a secret forever Be whole and integral


Active listening Feel the person. Dont merely hear words. Look for the idea and emotion behind the words Words are a poor medium of communication. Go beyond the words.


Have faith in people People are fundamentally good

It is better to get cheated occasionally than to be suspicious of everyone. Dont attribute to malice what can be explained away as foolishness.

Overcome barriers

Basic nature to be protective of the meek and fight the stubborn Break ice by asking a favor Give up your ego - let the other person dominate Give a cosy feeling to everyone dont force people into corners


Just give. Dont look for returns Give money, effort, knowledge, emotion, ego Take responsibility of your actions Make everyone part of the show Own failures, distribute success


One of the most beautiful aspects of human life A president of a country tying the shoe lace of his granddaughter Motherhood the grandest and the basis of all relationships

Eldest daughter-in-law in a joint family Nurse Vs patient, Father telling a story

Feeling as faculty

Paper folding, solving a puzzle Importance of fine arts, literature Kalidasa, Shakespeare, Ramayana

Rama Vs Kaikeyi Rama & Sugreeva Vs Angada Hanuman Vs Sita Kumbakarna Vs Vibheesana

Basic policy

No one is a stranger. Everyone is your own.