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Agung Mahendra Habiburachman Muhamad Ibnu Fauzi Nurliyasari Rangga Tri Raeros Ria Agustriana Busra

Kopi Aroma an Old Legacy in a New World

Established by Mr. Tan Houw Started the business in coffee grinding and trading

Mr. Tan Houw had his only son, Mr. Widyapratama

Mr. Widyapratama received a legacy of Kopi Aroma



Indonesian Coffee Business

Big Coffee Processors in Indonesia

Opened first caf shop in Jakarta by 2002 Entered with affiliation with MAP Dominated coffee house and control all of its supply chain Fully operated using high tech state of art technologies

Producing instant coffee Focused on ground coffee




Brand for Nestles roasted beans products Have incomparable flavor

Kopi Aroma 2002

Shop Layout Products Arabica Robusta Weighted into 100gr, 250gr, 500 kg and 1 kg

Mr. Widyapratamas Opinion

Coffee business and entrepreneurial activities were not merely a way to earn many profits, it as a way to spread happiness and to find God blessing Kopi Aroma sell specialties coffee with special organic and natural treatments Man, Money, Machine, Market, Management, Material and Method must be balance in order to achieve a sustainable business with long lasting product life cycle

What would the new strategies be? How should he implement the new strategies? Would his personal entrepreneurial strategy really bring loyalty to Kopi Aroma future customer?

SWOT Analysis
STRENGTH Focus on maintaining 7M Good virtue and operational transparency to customer Sustainable business Affordable price Market leader in niche market High brand awareness Unique product WEAKNESS Never proposed for any loans or credits from any financial institutions There isnt much promotion for Kopi Aroma Limit product availability

SWOT Analysis
Loyal consumers who had been acquaintance to Kopi Aroma since almost early 70s New customers who were recommended to Kopi Aroma by previous customers Tourist attraction as his shop were known widely in the Netherlands Strong bonds with his coffee bean suppliers in the plantation

THREAT A plunge in international coffee prices in 2002 Several plantations had changed their product into corn Heavy pressure from other Indonesian and international coffee processors chain who tried to overtake his coffee plantations and markets

Focus on his specialties coffee with special organic and natural treatments

Make a coffee kiosk inside the coffee factory, so the customer can feel the coffee experience

Creating a coffee tour to sharing the knowledge about Kopi Aroma and make people knew the entire production and history about coffee aroma

Buy coffee plantation to expand his business