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Presented By :

Prof. Neerja Madam.

Mayuri tamore

Presented to :

Ruchita raul

Different kinds of allowances sanctioned in Government service have beenexamined.


Fully taxable

Fully exempt


Fully Taxable
Dearness Allowance
City Compensotary Allowance Cost Of Living Allowance Overtime Allowance Servant / Tiffin / Lunch Allowance

Fully Exempted
. Foreign Allowance

Allowance From UNO


House Rent Allowance

1. Dearness Allowance
The Dearness Allowance paid to the employees is in the nature of compensation for erosion.

2. House Rent Allowance

HRA is the single largest element in the emolument structure which causes a gap between the take home emoluments of a Central Government employee and his counterpart in the State.

3. City Compensatory Allowance

City Compensatory Allowance (CCA) is intended to cover up the high cost of living in the cities.

4. Medical Benefits
Kerala Government Servants Medical Attendance Rules 1960 govern the entitlement of Government Employees and their families for medical benefits.

5. Special Allowance
Special Allowance was sanctioned based on the recommendations of the 1998 Pay Revision in lieu of certain items included in the Special Pay category.

6. Compensatory Allowance
Compensatory Allowance is an allowance to meet personal expenditure necessitated by the special circumstances in which the duty is performed.

7. Risk Allowances
Risk allowance is sanctioned to cover risks likely to be encountered by employees while they discharge their duties.

8. Non-practising Allowance
Non-Practising Allowance is allowed to certain categories of medical officers for devoting extra time for other Governmental responsibilities without concentrating on private practice.

9. Uniform Allowance
As per the existing rules, certain categories of employees are required to wear uniforms while on duty.

10. Project Allowance

Project Allowance is classified as compensatory allowance paid to the staffengaged in the execution of projects.

11. Commando Allowance

The Government sanctioned the formation of Commando Platoons vide G.O.62/2003/Home dated 14.3.2003.

12. Travelling Allowance

Travelling Allowance is an allowance granted to an officer for the maintenance of a conveyance.

13.Permanent Travelling Allowance

Permanent Travelling Allowance may be granted to any officer whose duties require him to travel extensively

14. Permanent Conveyance Allowance

Monthly Conveyance Allowance may be granted to an Officer who is required to travel extensively at or within a short distance from his headquarters.

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