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Group Members

Saad Malik 10140 Nabeel Anwar Umar Mumtaz khan 10352 Saman khan Wasial Imran


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Speech Competition Between Universities Of Lahore


Overview of the Project We have intended to organize a speech competition among the universities of Lahore. Purpose of the Project Charter To provide an understanding of the project, the basis it is being conducted and its rationalization To establish early on in the project the general scope To establish the project manger and his or her authority level To define the responsibility of the project manger Identify the initial team

To arrange a speech competition among the top 10 universities of Lahore The competition will be of one week (5 days) For the awareness of current social and political affairs of last one decade. At the end of competition find 3 best debaters

Provide competitive environment among university students for professional grooming Creation of interactive speech forum at affordable price to students Opening doors to create opportunities for the development of human capital of the country Awareness of the current affairs to the public

Major Milestones
Arrangement and agreement with top 10 universities of Lahore Agreement with all the suppliers regarding arrangement of competition Selection of chief guests Number of students selected for the competition

Major Deliverables
Providing a platform of competition Free transportation and refreshment for students, universities representatives and guests. Security provided to the visitors Prizes to winners Sound system for speech competition Providing comfortable sitting area for visitors

The main problem will be the large number of visitors from local community and university students and staff. Time management will be another factor to administer. Another case which can cause difficulties will be rain and severe weather condition The sound system and IT

We have planned five day competition, to overcome the time management constraints Large sitting area will be provided for the competition to be conducted and triumph over the problem of public gathering We will use parachute tents and provide fans in tents Agreement with one of the best sound system providers is made

Business Need and Opportunity To create a goodwill and good reputation in the market.

Stakeholders Requirements
Opening of a New Store

Owners Project team Managers Employee Customers Suppliers Government Society

The store should be located in the main market and location should be attractive to customers. Attractive appearance of store Effective promotional campaign Maintain project in defined budget Make a project a profitable business

Project team
Provide resources for completion of project Appropriate working conditions Allowance of decision making in case of progressive elaboration

Managers should have authority to do their work Manager should be indulged in decision making All resources should be available to the managers to achieve the goals Every department should have a right to work independently but remain under the centralized top management Product and pricing strategy should be the responsibility of managers


Pleasant environment Economical prices Wide range of products in every category Sitting area for customers Home delivery should be provided Refunding on replacing or dissatisfaction Providing the facility of food area Store should be categorized according to product line and range Requirement for the parking area should be fulfilled Staff should be allocated for the guidance of customers around the store Debit/Credit card facility and ATM machines should be placed in stores Effective checkout procedures should be there to avoid congestion at counters Facilities of elevators and generators in case of electricity

Healthy and safe environment Pick and drop service for the staff members Admiration for good work Perquisites should be given to staff members according to their rank Retirement plan should be made in consultation with employee Providence of environment of professional development and career growth

Store should pay taxes properly Should discharge all statutory compliances File all the returns and legal evidences at the end of financial year Store should be involved in legal form of businesses

Providence of proper shelf placement for their products Good profit margin for their products Payment payback period must be definite Order recycle must be on time

Initiate special programs for the betterment of the society Properly dispose of waste of the store to keep environment clean Integrate social and environmental programs with business mission