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Customer Service


Why Customer Service

Customer Service is how we: Retain Customer Get to Know him Keep in touch with him Try to ensure that he get what he want from us in every aspect of dealing Check that he is getting what we promised

Customers Most Important Requirements

When he enquire about the product, give him advice promptly and courteously. Be timely and relevant in your contacts with him Make it easy for him to contact you. After the sale, dont pester him, but keep in touch

Trust him and live up to promises.

Ten Keys of Positive Customer Service

The Fresh and New Signal: Fresh and New are the positive signs to most customers. Take a good look at your facility or operation and identify what you can do to provide the strongest fresh and new signal to your customer. The Neat & Clean Test: Your service or product need not to be brand new to convey positive signals. Cleanliness is also very strong desire of the customer.

Ten Keys of Positive Customer Service

Efficiency: For many customers the time is of the essence. Fast response is an impression of efficiency. While it is important that staff display warm, friendly attitudes, pleasant faces are no substitute for efficiency. An efficient response, coupled with smile, will be the winning combination for pleasing the customer.

Ten Keys of Positive Customer Service

Reliability: The obvious place to start with reliability is ensuring that the customers perception is there and correct when he or she arrives. However this is certainly not where reliability should end. Reliability means that one staff member says it will be done in 15 minutes that work should be done in 10-12 minutes _____not 30-40 minutes. Reliability is a combination of all these factors that gives the guest a comfortable feelings that this place works

Ten Keys of Positive Customer Service

Acceptability: People like to be accepted. Does your operation convey acceptance or do your customers feel as though they are processed. Are they viewed as outsiders instead of guests? Does the word welcome still exist in the vocabulary of all your customer contact staff. Rude attitude, shabby appearance and so on can take a perfectly reliable operation and turn it into a very unacceptable environment for your customers.

Ten Keys of Positive Customer Service

Empathy: Not all of your customers arrive in a good mood. Be sure your staff are trained to deal with difficult guests and are capable to recognizing those who might have just been through a trying experience. Uniqueness: Because you so often hear the expression, They are all about the same, wouldnt offering some uniqueness make sense? It does not have to be totally different but you should have something that tells your customers. Offering customers something that can be identified with you will give your service a recognizable edge.

Ten Keys of Positive Customer Service

Class: Class has many definitions. One of the most applicable to the service industry is The ability to function with grace under pressure. The handling of an irritated customer by an experienced staff can be a demonstration. Class is also a feeling within the property that comes from the employees overall esprit de corps. Class is an attitude that a staff convey to customers when he offer any service. If you have a class, your customers will know it and react positively.

Ten Keys of Positive Customer Service

Beat-the-System Offer: Most of the people do not like the regimented environment, or what the system offers. One technique in obtaining positive customer reaction is to make sure that your customers at least one opportunity beat the system during their visits. The opportunity may be nothing more than a discount. Value: Value is a quality at a fair price. Over pricing, poor quality products, and inadequate service levels are ripoff signals that destroy the opportunity to offer the customer the strongest reason to be your customer ____ value.

Why Customers Leave

10% Prefer another product or service 10% Leave for reasons unrelated to the product or service such as relocation 15% Are dissatisfied with a particular product or service 65% Dont like the way they were treated

If You Dont Take Care of Your Customer,

Somebody Else Will.

Give The Customers A

Good Reason To Come Back

Its Not Customer Service

Its Customer Help

You Cant Be Number One By Doing

What Everybody Else Is Doing.

To Give Real Service, You Must Add Something Which Cannot Be Bought Or Measured With Money

And That Is Sincerity And Integrity

Quality Service Is A Matter Of Trust

Between the Company And The Customer

Service Is Not About Making Promises Or Grand Statements

It Is All About Keeping The Promise

The Customers Perception Of Good Or Bad Service

Is The Best Measure Of Your Success Or Failure.


Adnan A. Khan