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Automatic watering system using PIC

In the fast paced world human beings require everything to be automated. Our life style demands everything to be remote controlled. Apart from few things man has made his life automated. And why not? In the world of advance electronics, life of human beings should be simpler hence to make life simpler and convenient,hereby I was planning to make an automatic watering system. A model of controlling watering facilities to help millions of people. This model uses sensor technology with microcontroller to make a smart switching device.

Problem statement

No time to take care of plants. usually busy Do not know the exact requirements needed by plants Plant will idle when the festive season or return to the village


to develop a model system that will automatically water the plants when needed. System will be watering plants when getting directions from soil moisture sensors. To control the level of soil moisture and the amount of water directed against the plant. It will work when the soil moisture sensor detects moisture levels less than that set and the next watering performed. Save the use of water


- To ensure that the watering system will water the plant when the soil moisture sensor detects moisture levels less than the specified level. - Determine the level of soil moisture needed by plants such as 0-75% dry soil, 75-85% less soil moisture and 85-100% fully wetlands. - Designing the control logic that will determine where they pump timer to know when the pump must be turned on and for how long. - To design a circuit that can detect the weakness of the battery. Where are led and the buzzer will be turned on when the battery is reduced or weakened.

Block diagram






There are many methods of watering methods. Among these are:


of water manually - using a lot of manpower Automatic splash of water - use a plc system, requires a large space and high costs. Usually placed in large areas like farm @ large garden. Splash of water using solar energy - higher costs


Building mechanical models Humidity sensor Set the level of humidity Pump motor Programming and simulation Circuit assembly and soldering Test the effectiveness of the circuit

Mechanical structure of the model

List of item
Item Tank PIC16F877 LCD DISPLAY MOTOR PUMP JUMPER WIRE RUBBER TIUB BATTERY HUMIDITY SENSOR Quantity 1 ( 5 liter) 1 1 1 3 (DIFFERRENT COLOUR) 10 METER 1 (12V) 1 Cost RM 18.00 RM38.00 RM40.00 RM50.00 RM18.00