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For my Font cover I have used conventions that you would see in a typical Q magazine as I wanted to relate my styling design to one of their magazines. I have used the idea where you can see different images in his sunglasses and thats what I did in my magazine. The only difference between my front cover and Q magazines is the camera shot. I have used a medium long shot but Q have used a medium close- up, that would be one off my disadvantage when taking my picture, I should have done the same as then the audience could have clearly seen the extra images and the effect in the glasses. There are a lot of colours used on my front cover, I decided to go for a colourful background and then her clothes would be plain, so it wouldnt be too busy and over the top.

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As you can see, again I have used the conventions thats are used in the majority of magazines. Instead of Q as a frame, I decided to have a look at other music magazines which I then found NME which is another popular music magazine. What I liked about their page was the layout, so I then used that in my magazine. I have added another major story, I used this as the main image on my contents page making my magazine spread more interesting and extra which will intrigue the reader, instead of having another female artist which I already have on my front cover alternatively I used a boy group purely because I wanted to aim my magazine to a wider ranged audience. I also split my page up into three sections: features, seen and reviews which enables the audience to see what is in my magazine first.

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My main intention for my double page spread was to based my whole article on my artist, showing the audience/ reader the type of person she is. I used the design of having one full page of the artist, my artist has taken her glasses off and is looking at the article page, I thought this was a clever idea because my article is a question and answer. I decided to use the idea of having the artists initial first name letter behind the article because I like how Q did this, it made the double page more professional and creative looking also looking sophisticated. I also included little images of my artist which I saw on a blog on a app called instagram I really liked the idea because when I saw it on instagram it made me like the person even more, because it shows her personality, also making the article more exciting and a little crazy.