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Consists of different generation of workers with different, often conflicting values and attitudes to (Cascio 2008). 4 generation :

Traditionalist Baby boomers Generation X Generation Y

Older Employees & Baby Boomers

Born between 1946 and 1964 Loyal & hardworking They want details. They don't want you to tell them what to do, they just want the information to make decisions.

Generation X & Generation Y

Generation X Generation Y Born between 1982 2000. Better educated. Familiar to new technology. More creative. No problem in telling what they want. They like challenging work but balanced with having fun.

Born between 1965 1981.

High value of entrepreneurship. Tend to working for themselves & quick to capitalize on job opportunities elsewhere. Have the ability to keep learning & can increase their skill to highest level.

Innovative but disrecpectful, lazy & egocentric.

Age & Productivity

Older workers will be less productive as compared to the younger workers Can lower economic growth and decrease fiscal sustainability mental decline, physical decline, inability to cope with change, and performance speed and episodic memory will declines significantly before 50 years old and more thereafter

productivity decline for male workers aged 55 and more due to the consequences on standards of living (larger family size & other commitment)

Age, interrelations with training

not interested in training and development opportunities slow to learn or difficult to be train cost more than younger workers and are not worth employers As older people are reaching the retirement age, and due to the fact they are looking for substitute for leaving employees has made the older employees often to be left out.

Age,experience & learning

older workers have greater wealth of experience and reliability than younger workers companies will lose the skills and experience of middle-aged workers where they are forced to decide whether to force out middle-aged employees to secure productivity, or retain them to utilize the talents they have built up over many years High costs are often seen as the main disadvantage of older

Age,productivities & wages

wages can be determined based on productivity, seniority Both pension payments and health insurance often increase by age

Incentive could be in form of seniority, the longer the service the more will be the wages.

Learning, training & development practice

must be open to all employees The age limits must be removed for access to learning and training opportunities give opportunity to older employees to progress their career or change their job older employees can teach the knowledge, skill and experience to the younger employees

Flexible working arrangement

include flexibility of the working hours the places where the employee work the employees access to technology the professional development opportunities and mentors to help employees adjust to new ways of working

Waging strategies

set the wages rate based on the productivity and less element of seniority to maintain job security, they will disregard of their age to stay competitive and be more productive

Ergonomics strategies
science of designing the workplace and work tasks to improve productivity and safety designing a suitable environment for older workers will increase the safety and productivity of all workers the workplace can be designed and redesigned so that older workers have the ability and desire to adapt .

Warning symbol
Varying Comprehensibility Three different symbols for handle with care that vary in terms of comprehensibility (left to right, lower to higher comprehensibility).

Handle with care



Old employee should be given chance to receive training as well as young employee in order to improve their productivity.
Essential to have diversity training in organization to satisfy the needs of individuals to improve.

Experience Most valuable asset to the company operation it is a need to understand their need and desire. Older worker are more preferred on having job security and job flexibility rather than career track.

Should be taken care of their health as they are aging and their health status are not the same as young people.
Will make them more appreciated and this will hopefully will affect their employability. Wages Rate Should be based on the level of productivity and less seniority. All workers will compete in order to gain more incentive and increase their productivity.

Physical & Mental Abilities Employers can identify the hazards, then implement programs and modify the environment, processes and procedures to better support the needs of older employees. Older employees will perform their jobs productively and safely by reducing the performance gap.

Management of organisations should develop different HR models/approach that can foster compatibility and cooperation between different age groups.