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The Great Mind Challenge 2013


By: Team TGMS


The crime is the major concern of every citizen and police officers therefore there must be any solution provided to them for the better processing of the system. The proposed system helps the police officers and citizens to control the further crime. Maintaining the criminal information state wise, area wise or city wise so that there will be proper record of the crimes. The proposed system helps to maintain the communication between many people.

The purpose of this study is to develop a Law and order automation system to assist in the management of criminal records and ease/or control the process of making the records of crimes as well as criminals. The system offers functionalities to make a virtual police station that looks like real police station. It enables monitoring of the results and performance of the criminal activity such that relevant and measurable objectives can be checked. It provides management timely, confidential and secure reports that facilitates planning and decision making and hence improves service.

Product Description
The law and order automation application is providing the features of the dynamic web application as well as stand-alone application on the administrator side. The application will be used across the state by the citizen, the law enforcement bodies, private detective and cyber caf and hotel employees, It can be used to track the criminal , to gather the information about the crime or about criminal and missing person and to broadcast or communicate information. The citizen can register their complaints here which will ease out the process for the citizens and also for the police to maintain records as the status of the ease can be viewed as well as updated. The data required to be available is the districts of the state along with areas enclosed by them.

Scope of the system

Welcome Screen Screen to select the login windows for various users of the system. The screen also contains the information of the most wanted and the missing persons. Other information includes various laws acts and license information. Sign in Screen This window provides a form to input the username and password. For a new user a link is provided to access the registration page.

Virtual Police station The module helps the police officers to create virtual police station that will represent like a real police station that will help the officers as well as the citizens to manage the things automatically/ computerized. Police station will have areas of control which can be modified at later time. Complaint management When a complaint is made it undergoes various processes like FIR, Charge sheet, Property seizure, court disposal etc all these activities will be performed by virtual police station. Reporting The system is able to generate pre-defined reports such as Case diary, case study, criminal report of citizens/criminals, verification reports, criminal status report, warrants and property seizure, final case report.

Assumptions and Dependencies:

This application is to be used in a server so that the hospitals, admin and users can get the information. Every donor should have their user id and password. Administrator should have all the rights to remove or add anything. A user is expected to have internet connectivity to use this application.