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Examination technique

Task 1 Genetic screening

What are the pros and cons?

Nowin pairs, write a model answer the following question: What is genetic screening? Describe, using examples, the pros and cons of its uses. 8 marks

Task 2 Cell transport

Answer the following questions using precise scientific terminology and examples: Using examples, describe the main differences between passive and active transport 5 marks

Task 3
DNA structure
Think carefully about what exactly this question is asking for (i.e. use of command words). You may wish to use a diagram to illustrate your answer: Describe the main components of a mononucleotide and explain their importance in the semi conservative replication of DNA. 7 marks

Task 4 Genetics
Use concise scientific terminology to answer the following question: Define the term gene 2 marks

Task 5 Gene therapy

Answer this question using precise scientific terminology. Look carefully at the number of marks available: Describe gene therapy and distinguish between somatic and germ line therapy 7 marks

Task 6 Enzymes
Use precise scientific terminology to answer the following question: Describe the mechanisms of action and specificity of enzymes to explain their role as biological catalysts 6 marks