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Airplane is the most convenient and fastest means of transportation, though it is also the most expensive. Air travel can cover a long journey in less time, saving precious time and energy for you to enjoy the attractions in your destination.

History Of China Airlines

Since 1978, China airlines have witnessed a dramatic improvement every year. By the end of 2003, a total of 1,176 domestic and international airlines were operated in China. According to a landmark pact signed between China and the USA on June 18, 2004, the number of weekly flights between the two countries will increase nearly five times from the current limit of 54 weekly round trip flights to 249 within six years. The hub of China air travel is based in Beijing, with Beijing being the base for international travel.

Air China China Eastern Airlines Based in Beijing and mainly serve international routes as well as a few domestic routes.
Air China

China Eastern Airlines Based in Beijing and mainly serve internatio domestic routes.

Problem Facing In Marketing

1. The impact of the trade cycle and the current period of high oil prices on the demand for air travel. 2. The effect of current trends towards regulatory reform and the relaxation of Ownership and control rules on the structure of the international airline industry. 3. The continuing strong impact of Low Cost Carriers, and the strategic options open to so-called legacy airlines as they respond to the challenges facing them. 4. The setting up of new Business Class Only airlines.

A.Air China Subsidiary Companies

Air China runs in 4 different sections namely Airline Operations, Engineering Services, Airport Terminal Services and others such as Catering Services and other airline-related services. Air Chinas frequent flyer program is called Air China Companion which will offer travellers frequent flyers while flying with Air China flights or its partner airlines. Membership include both Gold and Platinum card members.

A.Problems Facing In Chinese Flights

People have to spend lot of money to travel. Stay time is longer than another flights. Just Chinese Food Available . They should provide according to customers demand. In December 2004, a passenger punched a stewardess and a dozen other passengers blocked the doors when the flight attendants in sited that oversize luggage to be checked in rather than jammed on the overhead compartments.

A.Improve Customer Satisfaction

1. We can arrange your China Flights in combination with your travel plan, ensuring that your flights to China are perfectly coordinated with your land arrangements. 2. This gives you the convenience of booking everything under one roof, and the peace of mind that your holiday is covered by the Travel Compensation Fund. 3. In addition, we will keep you up to date with any airline schedule changes that might occur before you go or whilst you are away. 4. We can offer you minimum stay in between reach your destination. 5. We can offer you that food according to the customers demand.

A.Marketing Goals
We have access to great airline deals and can search for the best possible connections and the goals.

(a)Segment targeted markets effectively.

(b)Create cost-effective marketing strategies.

A.Image & Budget In Market Of The China Airlines

In terms of infrastructure, China does not have budget terminals at major airports, which is usually vital to the success of low cost airlines satisfy needs of your target audience. Despite being the worlds fastest growing commercial aviation market, China is not a hot bed for low cost carriers. The controllable costs, namely human resources and management costs, only account for about 15% of their total costs. But to foreign airlines, such costs take up 40 to 50% of their total spending.

A.Aspects Of The Product Life Cycle

1.Product Development 2.Introduction 3.Growth


Product Life Cycle Graph

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