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By: Christian Pridgen & Jamaica Dean

Fun Fact
Is Jamaica a English speaking nation ?

Jamaican Creole English

Christopher Columbus Settled by the Spanish Taino England seized the island The Federation of the West Indies in 1958 Full independence 1962

1970s International drug smuggling and money laundering, violent crime, drug trafficking, and poverty pose Rural and resort areas

Shottin Up De Place
Lord, pray for the youths, They are acting out of character and their behaviour is no longer cute, Dem shottin hup de place far no reason at all, causing innocent people fe tek de fall, The youth dem restless, angry and disenchanted, through dat dem a act violent and haunted, Jesus, tek dem under advisement and cure dem confusion, Save em from detention and persecution, De Youth dem have gone astray, and the future looks dim and gray, Lord, help us to help dem to stop shottin up de place. Amen

Chief of State Governor Head of government Cabinet

National Anthem and Flag

Jamaica, Land We Love http://www.youtu kGUha6RZqHQ https://www.cia.g ov/library/publicat ions/the-worldfactbook/geos/jm. htm Gold Green Black


Do Jamaicans smoke a lot of marijuana?

Most Jamaicans do not smoke marijuana

The possession and use of marijuana is illegal in Jamaica

90% Black 7% Multiracial 1% East Indian 2% other (White, Chinese, Latino, etc) English- multiple Creole dialects

Traditions Events
Reggae Sum fest Ocho Rios Jazz Fest Jamaica Beach fest Bob Marley's birthday Marley's birthday New Years Day Ash Wednesday Good Friday, Easter Labour Day Emancipation Day National Heroes Day Christmas Boxing Day Easter

Charismatic leaders
Gifts/ Called

Memorial services Church-balm yard


Anglican church= elite African Caribbean= middle class

Rastafarianism ______________________________________ Church services similar to black Americans Believe in afterlife Believe in magic and spirits

Afro-Caribbean Religio-political Movement Came into existence in the 1930s based on the teachings of Marcus Mosiah Garvey
Civil rights activist National hero


What two genres of music has their roots firmly rooted in Jamaica?

Reggae and Dancehall

Has many different forms including: reggae, ska, mento, and dancehall

Most Popular Artist Bob Marley Mavado Vybz Kartel Gyptian Alborosie Damian Marley Aidonia Denydue Chino McGregor

Dont Worry Be Happy- Bob Marley

Gyptian - Life rtists/profile/Gyptian Hold you =YKlCEUngHB0 Denyque rtists/profile/Denyque

a skirt a top and a headscarf that is made from calico

colorful that shows the spirit Jamaicans Beachwear colored shirts, shorts and added



Fun Fact

Jamaicans refer to almost every hot drink as.



Influences from
Spanish, British, East Indian, West African, Portuguese, Chinese, French and the Dutch

Out of Many, One People. Jamaican motto Famous for jerk

Ackee and saltfish Corned beef and cabbage Curry goat Escoveitch fish Jamaican patties Jerk chicken, pork, vegetarian, beef Oxtail with broad beans Saltfish with cabbage Steamed fish Rastafarian cusinine

1. Bobsled 2. Football (Soccer) 3. Rugby 4. Netball 5. Track and Field 6. Cricket


Usain Bolt
Instrumental in Track and Field popularity growth Usain Bolt 100 meter record-9.58 200 meter record-19.19 4x100 meter relay- 36.84

Famous Jamaicans


Famous Jamaicans (contd)

Asafa Powell- sprinter Claude Mckay- writer Courtney Walsh- cricketer Edna Manley- artist Edward Baugh- poet

Fun Fact

In efforts to be friendly, Jamaicans sometimes refer to strangers as

cous (which means cousin)

Parishes Kingston Montego Bay Negril Ocho Rios Port Antonio South Coast Sites Devon House Dunns River Fall


Jamaica is the first tropical island to have participated in a winter sport, the 1988 Winter Olympic Games When travelling with Jamaican public route taxis, babies do not sit in a car seat/carriage and will not be counted as one of the person/passenger. Despite the independence from Britain in 1962, Queen Elizabeth II is still considered Queen of Jamaica by tradition. Jamaica is the most country to have won Olympic and world medals, aside from the U.S Some Jamaican men refer to women as daughter or mommy regardless of their age. Jamaica was the first Caribbean country to launch a web site, in 1994.

More Fun Facts

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