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CEOs elevator pitch

biologically inspired intelligence

ai-one inc. 2012

Biologically Inspired Intelligence



ai-one inc. 2012

ai-one is Listening to the Data

gives you an answer to a
question, you did not know

that you have to ask.!

logic creativity

ai-one inc. 2012

Business Intelligence Made Smart

Content analytics
Sense making Knowledge visualization

Managing your business Decision support

Predictive analysis

Content processing

Data integration / migration Communication between any systems Intelligent integration of non-matching systems

ai-one inc. 2012

Todays Business Intelligence

To Complex, to Expensive


Rule sets, algorithms, statistics, various programs for data analyzing.

The various data bases are separate units and not integrated by means of generic migration or association. The intelligence depends on the talent of the programmer. No inherent concept patterns can be established.

ai-one inc. 2012

Smart Business Intelligence

Hybrid & Affordable
ai-one combines work in artificial intelligence, neural networks and conventional software. ai-one shows all inherent and innate concept patterns.


ai-one inc. 2012

Cool Vendor in Hybrid Technology

Extract of Gartners Cool Vendor Content Analytics Report:

Unlike prior artificial intelligence (AI) approaches ai-ones toolkits mimic how brains quickly detect patterns, find high-order co-occurrences, and identify latent relationships among data elements across systems.
In addition to machine learning technology, the company also provides reusable user interfaces into the mechanics and results of the machine learning process.

ai-one inc. 2012

Benefits of Hybrid Technology

Your benefits: Dont worry about structured- / un-strutured content & data Finding any pattern, - you did not know that they exist Comparing concepts rather than patterns Integrating data, patterns or profiles which did not fit so far Migrating content of different format or dimension

ai-one inc. 2012

Todays Information Needs

Any Information Any format
Relevant information for each individual user

No limitation in sense of data format or content

Any time
Any place

Status quo and perspective of any time

Immediate access Secure, easy and intuitive, human compatible access in a mutual dialog

Any person

ai-one inc. 2012

Vertical Markets [Selection]

Biometry: Forensics: Intelligent Services: Security: Fraud: Sociology: Data bases: Computing: Life Science: Pharmacy: Dermatology:

Pattern recognition Tracks, patterns, profiles Profiles, behavior, semantics Cryptography, compression Fraud, camouflage Behavior- & human profiles Analyses, data mining Intelligence in computing Pattern recognition Clinical tests, profiling Cosmetics, pattern recognition

ai-one inc. 2012

The Next Evolution Stage in ICT

recognizing the content understanding the meaning and generalizing its application deciding about its importance knowing what to do with this learned information
ai-one inc. 2012

Thank You!

ai-one inc.
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ai-one inc. 2012