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Recruitment, Hiring and Selection Practices at Shell Pakistan Limited

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To provide an Introduction to Shell Pakistan Pvt Ltd. To present to Job Analysis Process alongside its variants at Shell. To elaborate upon the Recruitment & Selection Process at Shell.

Company Overview

Global group of energy and petrochemicals companies Around 101,000 employees In more than 140 countries and territories 60 percent Royal Dutch Petroleum and 40 percent The Shell Transport
and Trading Company

Company Vision

To be the Top Performing and Most Admired Refinery in Asia

Company Mission

Creating a secure business environment Minimizing economic losses Safeguarding the groups integrity and reputations

Company Values

Shell sets high standards of performance and ethical behavior that

it applies internationally

Shell General Business Principles, Code of Conduct and Code of

Ethics helps Shell act according to its core values of :

Honesty Integrity Respect for people and employees

Company Objectives
To engage efficiently, responsibly and profitably in:

Oil Gas Chemicals Other selected businesses

Shell Pakistan Pvt Ltd

Named The Burma Shell Oil Distribution Company of Pakistan Shareholding was transferred to Pakistani investors In 1970 the name of changed to Pakistan Burma Shell (PBS)

Shell Pakistan Pvt Ltd

Company divided into 8 functional areas:

Retail Lubricants Aviation Operations Finance Corporate Human Resource Commercial Fuels

Job Analysis

Duties of each position are determined Characteristics of the people needed to fill each position
Provides information for:

Job Descriptions- a list of what the job entails Job Specification the kind of people needed for that job

Recruitment & Selection

Clarification of the scope and skill sets required Review of the Job Fact Sheet or Position Description Review of the compensation available to the position Analysis of the impact that the hiring will have on the

Recruitment & Selection

Recruitment involves the following steps

Selection Criteria

Education Experience Knowledge and Technical skills Problem-solving abilities Oral and written communication skills Personal Effectiveness Evidence of Team working abilities

Organizational Structure
Board Of Directors Regional Managers Territory Managers Franchise Heads
Service Heads (Petroleum, Oil Change, Convenience Stores etc)

Frontline Managers

Single Shell Outlet

Franchise Head

Service Heads (Petroleum, Oil Change, Convenience Stores etc)

Frontline Managers

Organizational Structure of Shell in Pakistan


Operation Support Manager

Territory Manager
Channel Offer Manager Pricing Pricing Manager Analyst Operations Excellence Manager Operations Excellence Manager Brand & CVP Manager Retail Marketing Implementer Lubes Category Manager Network Planner


National Sales Manager

Marketing Manager

Network Delivery Manager

Property coordinators
PMC Manager
FMC Manager

HSSE Manager
Finance Manager CNG Manager

HSSE Advisor Finance Advisors

Shell has following departments:

Petroleum: Filling petroleum in vehicles Gas: Filling gas in the vehicles according to their

Oil Change: Changing oil in vehicles Convenience Store: Providing snacks and other
things of basic stipulation to customers

Exploration and production: To extract the

petroleum and produce the fuel needed


Refining and marketing: To refine the extracted material and

make it fit for use and then its promotion

Trading and shipping: Trading it to different parts of the world

where Shell is working

Job Analysis

The methods which are used in collecting job analysis at SHELL


The interview: Structured and Un-Structured Questionnaires: Employees solve the fill out questionnaires to
describe their job related duties and responsibilities

Job Description
Job description information is collected conventionally at Shell:

Knowledge is gathered by asking the current employees to fill

out a questionnaire

They are asked to mention the job summary, responsibilities,


Standards of performance, working conditions and other basics

related to the occupation

Job Specification

Job specifications are determined through which certain

qualification and capabilities are permitted for entering the job

Keen weighting is placed upon the past experience; the employee

has gained by working in different organizations

Job Evaluation

Mostly higher weightage is given to jobs requiring greater skills or


After rating each job, the HR department of Shell awards the one
with highest rating, a higher rate of pay

Job evaluation is carried out through the method of points scheme

Recruitment & Selection

Shell Ltd mostly does not prefer Outsourcing The organization believes in recruiting staff internally Shell believes that it enhances the motivational level of all the
employees currently working in the organization

However, the HR department visits different universities on job

fairs and hire fresh graduates from there

Recruitment & Selection (Cont.)

Shell Limited has currently a very low employee turnover Shell adopts recruitment process as:
Entry level programs Experienced professionals Campus recruitment Rehiring

Determine which section to fill. If vacancy exists, then succession planning to fill vacancy.

The placement is advertised internally To approach employees the job is posted on bulletin boards and its
attributes such as:

Building A Pool Of Candidates

Qualifications Supervisor

Working schedule and pay rate are listed with it

External Candidates

The job is posted in all the leading newspapers including the

renowned names such as Dawn, The News and Jang

The ads are designed as per the significance of the required job For example for the Jobs of managerial post the ad size used are
7-inch height and 5.5 inch width

The job is also posted on shells job portal site or

External Candidates (Cont.)

University graduates are informed by sending in a representative

to the reputable university

Internships are also offered though which students are evaluated to

turn them into full time employees

Other sources include trade journals, employee referrals and walkins

Screening Out

CV is examined thoroughly and employee past experience,

interests, and qualifications are verified

A written test is conducted through which the applicant is

validated for the right occupation

An applicant scoring more in the respective test is validated for

that job

Final Interview

Candidates are interviewed through structured format in order to

corroborate their personality

Applicants are also asked situational questions Once they interview is over, applicants answers are evaluated by
comparing them with possible answers

Interviewer then makes his final selection and calls the candidate
to confirm his joining date


Information on employee benefits Personnel policies The daily routine Company organization and operations Safety measures and regulations Ethics at SHELL Visit of onsite Facility (if any)

Equal Employment Opportunity

Shells EEO policy is above factors: Race Religion Gender Creed Origin Demographics

Career Planning Intervention

Shells CPI process: Guided Counseling. Current Progress. Counseling Goals. Future Progression.

Shells 2011 Statistics

Shells 2011 Hires: 1,050 graduates. 4,500 experienced hires. 90 Nationalities. 18% of technical recruits were female. 25% of all HR recruits were female.

Shells Past Statistics

Performance Appraisal
PA Factors:

Personality Leadership Professional ability Staff work

Performance Appraisal (Cont.)

Graphical Scale Method: Quality (Accuracy, Thoroughness) Productivity (Efficiency) Job knowledge (practical &technical skills) Availability (punctuality)

Performance Appraisal (Cont.)

Salary Survey Job Classification Point Method Indirect Payments

HR Practical Design at Shell


The HRM policies of Shell are its strengths. Its incentive based policies are motivating. Mobile training units: Keeping staff up to date on most important issues of health safety
and environment.

SWOT (Cont.)

Little employee empowerment. Insufficient regional retail managers (8) in handling problems

New retrainable employees for digitization technology.

SWOT (Cont.)

Competitor improvement in technology signals competition in

Labor market.

Succession planning needs to be practiced effectively Start hiring some employees through private employment agencies An employee when terminated, should be provided severance pay When an employee is been terminated, he should go through a comprehensive