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Change at this level

involve major program that

affect both individuals and

Effective implementation
of change at the group
level can frequently
overcome resistance at
the individual level.

Is it have
in the group?

Repercussions: reflection, reaction Resistance: stability

Internal Causes
Forces Organizational silence
Falling effectiveness
Work force diversity
For Crisis
Technological change
Changing employee expectation
Managing ethical behavior
Change Government policies
Productivity improvements
Scarcity of resources
Cycle time reduction
Mergers and acquisitions

Diversity: variety Scarcity: famine Merger : fusion Acquisitions: universality

• Change Management is the
process, tools and techniques to
manage the people-side of change
processes, to achieve the required
outcomes, and to realize the change

Role of the management shifts from “autocrat” to “facilitator” .

Holger Nauheimer

train people in Change

The largest department of the organization was in the
process of implementing new analytical software
which would deeply change the way people work.
Management felt a strong resistance to the project and
they thought that change management training would
change attitudes of their staff. We went in and
conducted a round of discussions with different
stakeholders and we found out that at the heart of the
problem was not the software but the relationship
between the staff of that department with other
departments of the organization. Simply speaking,
people felt not valued. So, the goal of our project
shifted towards uplifting the self-esteem and
pride of the people in their craft .

implementing:service Uplifting :lift , raise Self-esteem :self-respect

Craft: occupation
How do you manage change?

Relapse : return
Change Management Iceberg of
Wilfried Krüger

Management of
Perceptions and

Power and
Stage of change system
Change management roles
Coalition : union, integration
Supervisors : viewer Advocate: protector, supporter Coach : teacher, tutor
actual : real ,factual Integrate : finish , fulfill
Expertise : competence
Change comes from awareness.

Change can not be managed, it can only be facilitated.

Don't struggle against change;

Learn to use it to your advantage.

Life itself is almost synonymous with the concept of change..

Reasonable people adapt themselves to the world.

Unreasonable people attempt to adapt the world to them.
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