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DirecTV and Satellite Radio

Direct Broadcast Satellite


Satellite Radio
Background Common Technology Competitors
XM SIRIUS WorldSpace

Direct Broadcast Satellite

Refers to either
Television Service Satellites which deliver service

Mini-dish systems
Parabolic Surface
Focuses incoming signals into Feed Horn Reflects outgoing signals into narrow beam
Main part Consists of Low Noise Blockdown Converter (LNB)

Typical System
Operates in upper Ku Band (12 GHz to 14 GHz)
C Band

Proprietary equipment needed

Encryption Smart Card

Fixed Satellite Service (FSS)

Operates in C-Band (3.4 GHz to 7 GHz)

Three geostationary satellites
Two more to be launched

18 x 20 in elliptical dish
5 LNBs High Definition

Access Cards
D2/P12 Current Issue Law suits
ISO-7186 Smart Card Device

MPEG-II Compression
270 Mbps down to 10 Mbps

Satellite DirecTV-1 DirecTV-2 DirecTV-1R DirecTV-4S DirecTV-5 DirecTV-6 DirecTV-7S DirecTV-8

Orbital slot 110.0 W 100.8 W 100.8 W 101.2 W 72.5 W 109.8 W 119.0 W 101.0 W

Launch date 17 December 1993 3 August 1994 10 October 1999 27 November 2001 7 May 2002 9 March 1997 4 May 2004 22 May 2005

Satellite type Hughes Electronics HS-601 Hughes Electronics HS-601 Hughes Electronics HS-601HP Hughes Electronics HS-601HP Space Systems/Loral LS-1300 Space Systems/Loral LS-1300 Space Systems/Loral LS-1300 Space Systems/Loral LS-1300

SPACEWAY-1 SPACEWAY-2 DirecTV-10, 11, 12

101.1 W
102.8 W 99.2 W TBD

13 October 2006
26 April 2005 16 November 2005 Est. 2007

Space Systems/Loral LS-1300

Boeing BSS-702 Boeing BSS-702 Boeing BSS-702

Digital Audio Radio Service (DARS)
Established in 1992 Operates in S-Band (2.3 GHz) 4 Second Delay

Main Competitors
North America
XM and Sirius

Europe, Middle East, Africa


Terrestrial Repeaters (Cell Towers)

Two geostationary satellites
XM Rhythm at 115 west XM Blues at 85 west
Replaced previous XM Rock and XM Roll

Third as a spare Uses 12.5 MHz of S band: 2332.5 to 2345.0 MHz GM, Honda

Three Medium Earth Orbit
Extremely Elliptical Path
At least one satellite for 14 hours per day.

Radiosat 1, Radiosat 2, Radiosat 3

Fourth as a spare

BMW, Daimler-Benz, VAG

Operates in L-Band (1.467 GHz to 1.492 GHz)

AfriStar, AsiaStar, AmeriStar

Direct Broadcast Satellite


Satellite Radio
XM, SIRIUS, WorldSpace
Background Technology