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The Journeys of

The Expansion of the
Prepared by Josue Reyes
Submitted to
Dr. Sajan Mathews

in partial fulfillment
of the requirements for the course

BI0606 Acts (Online)

The Conversion and
• Saul the Persecutor
– Acts 7:58-8:3
• Saul encounters Jesus
– Acts 9:1-9
• A new purpose for Saul
– Acts 9:10-16
• Saul is discipled
– Acts 9:17-19
• Saul begins preaching
– Acts 9:26-30
The Opposition
• in Damascus (Acts 9:23-25)
– Jews conspire to kill Saul
– Saul escapes in a basket
– Saul goes to Jerusalem
• in Jerusalem (Acts 9:26-30)
– Insecurity of the Apostles
– Grecian Jews plot to kill Saul
– The brothers send him to Tarsus
• Peace and Growth in the Church
(Acts 9:31)
Pre-Missionary Assignments
• Saul back in Antioch (Act 11:25-26)
– After 10 yrs Barnabas brings Saul back
to Antioch
– They teach and disciple for 1 yr
• Disaster relief (Acts 11:27-30; 12:25)
– Famine in Roman empire
– Antioch send gifts to Jerusalem
– They return to Antioch with
John Mark
1 Journey

• Saul and Barnabas commissioned in

Antioch (Acts 13:1-3)
• Saul, Barnabas and John Mark go to
Seleucia then to Cyprus; preaching from
Salamis to Paphos (Acts 13:4-12)
– Opposition by Elymas the magician (13:6-11)
– Paul calls him child of the devil and enemy to all
that is right
– Paul curses him and he becomes blind
– Sergus Paulus, the proconsul, believes
1 Journey… part 2
• Paul, Barnabas and John go to Perga; John
returns to Jerusalem (13:13)
• Paul and Barnabas go to Pisidian Antioch and
speak in the synagogue (13:14-43).
• Their success create jealousy among the Jews
• The Gentiles accept the Gospel with Joy (13:48-
• Jews, Gentiles, and rules chase them out and
they go to Iconium (13:50-52)
1 Journey… part 3
• Mix reception in Iconium (14:1-
– Threats of violence force Paul
and Barnabas and they go to
Listra, and Derbe
• Paul preaches in Lystra (14:8-
– Paul heals a cripple man (8-10)
– The people want to worship
them as gods (11-13)
– The crowd has a hard time
understanding them (14-18)
• Jews from Iconium come and
lead others into stoning Paul
– Paul is left for dead
– The next day Paul and Barnabas
The Returned Home
• Many converts in Derbe
– Spent the winter in
– Large number of
• The return to Lystra,
Iconium and
– There was growth
– They appointed elders
• They went to Perga to
preach than sailed from
First Furlough
• In Antioch (14:26-28)
– Reported their experience
– Stayed for about a year
– Paul writes the letter to the
• In Jerusalem (15:1-35)
– Controversy regarding the
circumcision (15:1-5)
– Apostles and Elders gather in
Jerusalem (15: 6-11)
– Paul and Barnabas give
testimony of the Gentile
– First official resolution and
letter (15:22-29)
• Return to Antioch (15:30-35)
2 nd
• Disagreement over John Mark (15:36-
– Paul want to go back an visit churches
– Barnabas wants to take John Mark
– Paul did not trust John Mark
– Barnabas take John Mark to Cyprus
– Paul take Silas to Syria and Cilicia
2 nd
Journey …Timothy
• Timothy joins the team
– Paul wants Timothy to
– Timothy is circumcise
because he is part Jew
and part Greek
• They pass along the
message given by the
Council in Jerusalem
2nd Journey… Call to

The Spirit says no to
preaching (16:6-8)
– No preaching Phrygia
and Galatia
– No entrance into Mysia
and Bithynia
• The Spirit gives a
new destination
– Vision of the
Macedonian Man in
2 nd
Journey… in Philipi
• Paul, Silas and Timothy in
Philipi (16:11-15)
– Travel to Philipi in Macedonia
– Lydia believes
• Opposition in Philipi (16:16-37)
– Demon possessed girl (16:16-21)
– Paul and Silas are beaten and
imprison (16:22-24)
– Paul and Silas respond by
worshiping God in jail and the
doors are opened (16:25-28)
– The jailer believes (16:29-34)
– Paul forces the leaders to come
and escort them out of prison
2nd Journey… in
• Paul Thessalonica
and Silas come to
Thessalonica through
Amphipolis and Apollonia
• Paul preaches in the
synagogue and many
believe (17:1-4)
• Opposition (17:5-10)
– Jealous Jews round up a
mob and go in search of
Paul and Silas
– They take Jason and other
brothers instead
– Paul and Silas have to
2 nd
Journey… in Berea
• Paul teaches in the
synagogue (17:10-12)
– People study the
scriptures to make sure
that Paul was telling the
– Many Jews and Greeks
• Opposition ( 17:13-15)
– Jews from Thessalonica
cause trouble in Bernea
– Paul is escorted to Athens
2 nd
Journey… in Athens
• Paul is heart broken
over the idols (17:16)
• Paul engages Jews and
Greeks in the
Synagogue an market
place (17:17)
• Paul teaches in the
Arepagus (17:18-34)
– Teaches about the
“unknown god”
– Uses the Greek poetry as
a point of contact
– Calls them to repent
2 nd
Journey… in Corinth
• Paul comes to Corinth to wait for Silas
and Timothy (18:1-5)
– Paul meets Aquila
– Works as a tentmaker and Teaches in the
– Once Silas and Timothy arrive Paul
dedicates himself to preaching
• Opposition (18:6-17)
– The Jews in the synagogue reject Paul
– Paul declares himself free from
responsibility of the lives of the Jews
– Paul goes to Titus Justus and establish a
– Paul warns new believers of persecution
– Paul is taken to court but the proconsul did
2 nd
Journey… in Corinth (2)
• Paul remain in Corinth for 18 months
(52-53 AD)
• He wrote the letters to the
Thessalonians during his stay
2 nd
Journey… in Ephesus
• Paul takes Priscilla and Aquila to
Ephesus (18:18-21)
– Paul leaves them in Ephesus and goes
to Antioch
– Priscilla and Aquila disciple Apollos
– Apollos is sent to Achaia
• Paul goes to Caesarea and Jerusalem
3 Journey… in Asia Minor

• Depart from Antioch (18:23)

• Visit believers in Galatia and Phyrgia
– Derbe
– Lystra
– Iconium
– Antioch
3 Journey… to Ephesus
• Paul returns to Ephesus (19:1-10)
– Teaches about the Holy Spirit
– Believers speak in tongues (19:6-
– Paul teaches in the synagogue
for 3 months and is rejected by
the Jews (19:8-9)
– For two year Paul taught in a
lecture hall (19:9-10)
• Miracles and Signs (19:11-20)
– God does miracles through Paul
– Others try to imitate Paul and
had some success
– Demons declare to know Jesus
and Paul, but not the copycats
and beats them (19:15-16)
– Wide respect for the name of
Jesus and repentance (19:17-
3 Journey… in Ephesus (2)
• Opposition (19:23-41)
– Idol makers blamed Paul for loss of revenue
– There was a city wide riot and the crowd took 2
of Paul’s travel companions to the theater
– Paul wants to face the crowd, but his friends
and disciples hold him back
– The authorities dismiss the crowd under treat
of charging them with rioting
• Paul writes the 1st letter to the Corinthians
while in Ephesus around 55 AD
3rd Journey… Macedonia &

Paul leaves for Macedonia
– Traveled through the area
giving exhortation
– Paul writes 2nd letter to the
Corinthians around 57 AD
• Paul in Greece (20:2-3)
– Short 3 month stay
– Plot against Paul changes
travel plans
– Paul’s disciples go to Troas,
but he sails from Philipi and
3rd Journey… in Toras and
• Miletus
Long service in Toras
– Long sermon
– Young man fall a sleeps
and out of the window
– Paul brings him back to
• On his way to Jerusalem
stops in Miletus (20:13-
– Warns and Encourages the
Elders from Ephesus
3 Journey… in Caesarea
• Travel from Miletus to Tyre
– Paul and his companions
spend 7 days with the
believers in Tyre
– They ask him not to go to
– When they times was over
Paul and his companions
continue to Jerusalem
• Travel to Caesarea (21:7-
– Agabus prophesy Paul's
– Paul declares that he is to
die in Jerusalem

Paul in Jerusalem
• Paul gives a report of the ministry
• Controversy of Paul’s ministry
– Paul is accused of teaching Jews to
abandon the law
– The brothers asking to purify himself I
the temple as testimony
– Paul follows the instruction
• Paul is arrested (21:27-36)
– Jews form Asia minor falsely accused
Paul of bringing a gentile into the
– A roman soldier rescue him from the
crowd and bound him
– With permission of the chief roman
captain Paul addresses the crowd
and shares his testimony
– The crowd becomes enrage and the
soldiers take Paul for further
Paul’s Trial
• Paul is brought before
Sanhedrin (23:1-11)
– Same group that tried Jesus
– Paul challenges Ananias
– Things very violent and Paul is
taken out by Roman soldiers
• Plot to kill Paul
– Jews vow to kill Paul
– Paul’s nephew hears and
warns Paul
– Paul is transported to
• Paul in Caesarea
– Paul defends himself before
– Felix delays action on the
Paul’s Trials…(2)
• Paul before Festus (25:1-12)
– Festus is asked to bring Paul
to Jerusalem
– This was to execute the plot
to kill him
– Festus gives the option to
Paul but he refuses
– He asks to be trial by Roman
• Paul before Festus and
Agrippa (25:13-32)
– Paul gives his testimony
– Paul hopes for the Salvation
of the king
– Paul is found innocent
– Paul is granted to present his
case before Caesar
Journey to Rome
• Paul sails to Rome (27:1-12)
– Paul is handed over to Julius the Centurion
– Luke and Aristarchus go with Paul
– Go from Sidon to Myra
– Changed of ship
– Difficulty sailing to Cnidus and then Crete
– Paul warns of sailing at this time
– The Centurion and captain do not listen
• The Storm (27:13-26)
– Calm winds turn into hurricane
– Food and cargo is thrown overboard
– Paul encourage them by telling them that the ship will be lost
but nobody will die
Journey to Rome (2)
• The Shipwreck (27:27-44
– 14 days of storm
– Paul encourage people to
prepare for the wreck
– Ship hit a sandbar
– Soldiers plan to kill all
– All 276 survive
• Winter in Malta (28:1-12)
– Warm welcome by the natives
– Paul is bit by a viper
– Paul heals the Governor's dad
– They bring their sick to Paul
– The islanders honor Paul and
his helpers
– 3 months later they leave for
Paul in Rome
• Arrival in Rome (28:13-16)
– Paul received by brothers
– Paul is allowed to rent a house and live
under Roman guards
• Paul preaches in Rome (28:17-31)
– 3 days after his arrival Paul gathers the
Jewish leadership of Rome
– The Jews do not know of Paul
– They meet with Paul to learn more
about the Way
– Paul presented the message as before
– Some believe, but the majority did not
– Paul refers to Isaiah to explain why the
Jews continue to reject the Gospel
– Paul declares that God’s Salvation has
now been sent to the Gentiles
– Paul preached from home for 2 years
• Paul wrote the letters to the
Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians,
and Philemon while in Rome.
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